In Howard's Bed

by SmartNSexyThing

After Jim fucked me over the couch with both of us coming he slapped my ass and said “Strip for me right here and go up and wait for me in your husband’s bed!”

As I began to take my outfit off, Jim said “No! I said STRIP for me, bitch. And be careful with the clothes because you’ve got to put them back on for tonight’s festivities, Crystal!”

So I began to dance for him, rubbing my tits against chest, then bending over in front of him, pulling first my stained G string down over my ass and then working the shirt down also until my bar ass was high in the air and my hands on the floor. “Smack” sounded as he slapped my other ass cheek.

Jim said “Now carefully put those on the back of the couch. You are not to change the underwear. I want it and you stained with my cum!”

“Now dance for me and play with those tits!”

So I danced there in the kitchen slowly working the top off a little at a time until my torso was bear and I was standing with only my stiletto heels on.

“Put the top by the rest of your clothes with your left hand and play with your tits with your right!”

I did as he said, smiling lasciviously as I rubbed and pinched my already erect nipples. Then, lifting both breasts, I slowly licked and sucked each of my own nipples. All this time his big cock was just hanging out of his pants, dripping on the kitchen floor, wet with my cum and his own.

“Alright, keep the heels on and make me a drink with your husband’s best Scotch while I watch you.”

Clicking across the kitchen floor, still caressing my own nipples I got out the 100 year old bottle of MacAllen that Howard so treasured.

“Before you open that I want to see you fuck yourself with it, wify!  Even it’s neck is bigger than Howard’s dick, isn’t it?”

“Ha!  Almost twice the size of Teeny Peeny!” I said facing Jim and pushing the top of the bottle up between my legs and into my gushing cunt.” “Oh, yes, this is SO much bigger than him but so much smaller than you, Jimmie!”

“Don’t get greedy, cunt. We have another hour of fun and games. Keep fucking your self!

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