Water Works

Author: Jethro Maki

   I was in my late twenties about the time this story happened. It was wintertime, and I was pretty much out of going to do any park or other outdoor cruising from the cold, which was intense. I was horny though, and I was looking to get laid.

   I decided to go out to the local bar, which was a short cab ride away from my place. There was a lot of snow that year, so getting around on foot was not only unpleasant but also quite treacherous. The driver skidded along here and there on the way, but in the end we got to the bar in one piece.

   I wasn’t particularly busy that night, and so I hung out for a while just looking and the pool games, and wondering at the deft skills of the dominant player, a lesbian of long standing at the table, well respected by her peers and feared by her opponents.

   She was playing an older guy, in his late thirties, with a shaved head and a beard, who was of average height and powerfully built. He was getting soundly trounced by her clean, even breaks and smooth handling of the cue. As our eyes met a couple of times it became clear to me that he was less interested in the game than in getting it over with.

   My suspicions were confirmed a little later on when he missed a shot which was clear even to a novice player like myself, and which earned him a sour look from the conquering lesbian, who didn’t like to be bilked of her chance to shine. With a shake of her head she turned back to the game and sunk ball after ball until she had demolished him utterly.

   It was at this point that he came over to the bar and asked me if I wanted something to drink. He had so much absorbed my attention that I had left mine sitting empty for this last half hour and more. I said yes, and when he had ordered them from the attending waitron we moved on to a quieter part of the bar.

   His name was Paul, and he was from a town near to where I lived, but a comfortable distance of half an hour. He didn’t really come out that often, since he liked where he lived, but tonight the cold had brought him to it. The oblique reference to a cruising ground such as the one I stomped started to turn me on, since I knew that his town had one and had even cruised there myself at times.

   Our conversation grew more specific, and by the time another couple of rounds of drinks had passed he offered me a lift home. I thought that this might grow into something more interesting, and so we left the smoky bar and headed out to the street, walking carefully on the patches of ice that littered the sidewalk.

   A couple of times I just about hit the pavement on the treacherous surface, and it was kind of sexy to feel his strong frame against me as he reached for my arm. This was starting to get me rather hot, and by the time we had reached his car I had a hard cock in my pants and a readiness to do much for this evening’s entertainment.

   Paul was a pretty intense guy, who had drifted through the town where he lived after having done the same in a variety of other places. He had grown up in the east, and so this winter was nothing to him, and he scorned the snow and ice as he might some unsightly kinfolk.

   He had a hot way of talking, and I was really liking how I felt about him by the time we got to his place, an unpretentious wartime house in the outskirts of the small town half an hour outside mine.

   His driveway was short and wide, and there was another car there when we arrived. I was momentarily apprehensive of a roommate or other intrusion into what I hoped would be a hot session of assfucking, but Paul dismissed it as his own with a wave of his hand and some off color remarks about its carburetor.
   We went inside the house and had a couple of beers. Paul gave me a tour, which ended in a white painted room with rather non-descript furnishings, oddly impersonal and even clinical compared to the more warm and organic decor of the rest of the place.

   It was here that he asked me if I was into scenes of any kind. I could feel the warmth of the beer and the other drinks we had earlier in my cheeks, and I asked him to be more specific. He said he was into enemas, and that he loved to see a guy lie down and take a good-sized enema up his ass like a man.

   My cock started to get hard at this. I was, like most civilized gay men, familiar with those most necessary protocols which all bottoms must perform in order to prepare themselves for hot anal sex. On the other hand I had never even really had cause to mention it to anyone before, and had never experienced taking it from someone else in a sexual context.

   The novelty of this was turning me on, but I was still a little unsure about it. My apparent innocence was obviously an attraction to Paul, since I could tell he was getting hot by my reaction, and so I thought it might be wise and beneficial to play the virgin in this case. I let him persuade me for a few minutes, asking details about it and so on.

   He was entirely convincing, I have to say, and had I not been disposed to participate, I think his arguments might have turned me to his point of view. He explained that he had a gurney; with stirrups (at which my eyebrows and genitals both shot skywards) and that he would just wheel it into the room, and administer the enema while I was laying on it.

   I thought that was pretty hot, and so when he asked me for a third time to take off my clothes I complied right there. He really did have a gurney, and so I climbed up on it, my hard on standing erect in front of me. It was covered with white cloth, and had some stirrups at the end, of the same shiny chromium piping as the rails of which it was made.

   He asked me to lift my hips up, and he put a small square cloth underneath me, which was startlingly professional. He caressed my ass for a few minutes, and then started to take off his own clothes. He was pretty well built, and had a fairly hairy body with broad shoulders and a large chest.

   He stopped at a white jock strap inside which his hard cock strained to get out to no avail. He walked out of the room into an adjoining bathroom and the sound of a running tap was heard. A couple minutes later he came out with a red bag and a long white tube with some clinical lubricant in his other hand.

   He walked over to me, and gently lifted one of my legs up and bent it, so that my ass was maximally exposed. He inserted the tip attached to the end of the tube, and released a clamp. His other hand reached underneath me, first to my hard cock, and then to my stomach, where he kept it.

   I felt warm liquid flow inside me, and I looked up at him. Our eyes met, and with a thrill in my heart I saw the lust on his face. This was truly hot. I wondered how much water there was in the bag, but said nothing as I continued to feel my insides filling.

   It was strangely calming to take it this way, far different that any experience with enemas I had ever had before. At length the flow of liquid stopped, and the tube was taken out. I lay there for a minute or two, wondering what would be next, and before long his cock was in my face. I was sucking his penis, which was a pretty good size, when the first of the cramps hit me.

   I wanted to evacuate this accumulation from within me, but then his restraining hand lay on my back, his other encouraging me to suck his penis with increasing force and pressure. The urge to get rid of the liquid became stronger, and I tried again to get up, but again he held me down.

   After a few minutes of this, he let me up and wordlessly walked with me to the bathroom. It wasn’t easy to walk with all that water in me, and a few drops came out of my ass on the way. At the door he stopped me, and put his fingers against my ass with a sigh as he felt the wetness there.

   I closed the door and experienced a merciful release from the pressure as the liquid gushed out of me. I was so relieved, and as I stood up the door opened and Paul appeared, asking if I was ready for more. This was turning me on now that I had a better idea of what to expect, and so I agreed to let him give me another enema.

   I lay down on the gurney and again he filled my ass with liquid, though this time I was sucking his hot cock the whole time. He played with my ass more during this experience, and used both hands to spread and keep it open for the tip of the tube to go into me.

   Much the same conclusion to this afterwards, as I continued to be held down, sucking his cock continually. All the while feeling the cramps within me grow as I longed to eject the liquid inside my ass. What was really appealing to me about this whole situation was that I had relinquished such a great measure of my body and my dignity to this person, who was getting off on the idea of inserting himself into such private parts of me.

   Paul gave me two more enemas after that, and then told me to roll over and put my feet in the stirrups of the gurney, and then took out a dildo and fucked me with it for a few minutes. It felt so good in my ass, which was warm and relaxed.

   He told me to jerk myself off as he fucked me with it, and I did so, coming in a very short time. He was standing at my feet, and jerked himself off as he watched the dildo slide in and out of my ass. This was an extremely hot experience for me, and I longed for more.
   Paul came in a pretty short time, as this had been so exciting for both of us. His come flew out of his swollen cock and some of it made it was far up as my stomach, where it felt warm and comforting, as it rolled in drops down the side of my torso.

   I decided it would be worth hanging out for a while to see if we could do another session, but it happened that Paul had to work in the morning, and so he got dressed and drove me home. I had a hard on again before we were in the car, and on the way we agreed to get together in a few days.

   I went back to my apartment and jerked off a few times thinking about what had happened. Never had I imagined that such a thing could be so hot, and I couldn’t wait to see him again.

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