Surf, Sun, Sand, Sweat & Sex

Author: Christopher Pierce

The sun was hot that day.

But not as hot as the sight of Shaun Riley in his Speedo. That chiseled
physique, that sun-kissed skin, those strong, muscular arms and legs – and
did I mention his handsome face, gorgeous hair, winning smile and killer

I wanted him so badly.

But that was nothing new, every guy in town wanted Shaun. But you’d
never know it from hanging out with him. He had a disarming humility that
made him totally irresistible. He acted like he was just one of the guys,
as if he was nothing special, which of course he was.

I hadn’t expected to see him that day.

A few of my friends and I had decided to hit the local gay beach that
Saturday, hoping to catch some rays and maybe some glimpses of sexy
man-meat in the sand and surf. It being the second weekend of July, that
seemed a safe bet.

So there we were, three late twenty-something gay men, sitting on our
towels on a sandy beach with the waves crashing on the shore and the sun
blazing above us. All we talked about, of course, was sex.

“Man,” Peter said, looking at the dozens of other sunbathing men around
us, “if we can’t get laid here then we can’t get laid.” His voice was
deep and rich, like the chocolate brown color of his skin.

“If I don’t have sex soon I’ll settle for a three-way with you two,”
Jimmy said, winking one of his perfect blue eyes and running a hand
through his short blond hair.

They were kidding, of course. Both Peter and Jimmy are hot enough to
score whenever they want. They just like to complain about sex because
bantering makes them feel like they’re on some new gay sitcom. But
despite what Jimmy said, the three of us were just buddies, not even
fuck-buddies, just friends, no sex.

“Let’s go see what we can find,” Peter said, standing up. Jimmy jumped
to his feet too.
“Coming?” he asked me.
“No,” I said, “I’ll just stay here and enjoy the view.”
“He just wants to be a wallflower,” Peter said, playfully kicking some
sand at me.

“We’ll see you later, then,” Jimmy said, and they started walking down to
the water’s edge.
“I wonder if Shaun’s here today…” I heard Peter say as the two of them
drifted out of earshot. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked

So many men…and none of them were cruising me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been called hot by more than a few guys, but
with so much choice beef on display that day, I guess men like me were a
dime a dozen.

Oh well, I thought, I’m here to work on my tan, so I better get to it. I
was laying back down on my towel when I realized I probably needed more
tanning oil on me. I pulled a tube out of my bag and squeezed some into
my palm. I rubbed the oil onto my shoulders and arms, and was trying to
reach that unreachable spot in the middle of my back when the sun was
blocked from my view.

I looked up and saw the silhouette of a man, tall and muscular, looking
down at me. Backlit as he was, shadows obscured his face. I couldn’t
really see him but there was no doubt he had a great body.

“Need some help?” he asked.
“Sure!” I said, maybe a little too quickly. “That’d be great.” The man
stepped forward, and as he walked around behind me his crotch was
tantalizingly close to my face. It was quick look, but I saw enough of a
bulge to know his swimming suit was as filled out as the rest of his body.
I wondered what would happen if I yanked his shorts down and started
sucking his cock right then and there?

But he was already behind me, kneeling down with his knees popping. I
started to turn around so I could see his face, but he stopped me with a
hand on my shoulder.

“Face front,” he said, “just stay where you are.”
I obeyed him.

Loving the feeling of him touching me, I heard the sound of the oil tube
being squirting. His hand left my shoulder and there was the noise of the
man rubbing his hands together. Then both of his palms were on my
shoulders, and it felt fantastic. The man with the bulge in his shorts
massaged the tanning oil into my back, into all the places I couldn’t

I closed my eyes, since I couldn’t see him anyway, and I just enjoyed the
sensations — his strong fingers kneading the muscles of my back, the
strong scent of the oil, the strong sound of the waves crashing on the
beach…and the strong feeling of my cock getting hard between my legs.
“Mmmm…” I murmured.

“Yeah…” the man whispered in my ear.

Oh shit, I thought – I’ve got a fucking boner from a total stranger rubbing oil into me at the beach! I looked down at my shorts, where it was painfully obvious I was aroused – my stiff dick straining against the thin fabric of my swimming suit. I hoped the man behind me couldn’t see it. I wondered what he would do if he did.

I got my answer a second later when the man with the bulge in his shorts
worked his hands from my shoulder blades to the small of my back to my
waist, and started rubbing and massaging the place right above my swimming suit’s waistband, the little indentation right above where my ass crack started.

To my own surprise, I pushed my ass back a little bit. The man got the
hint and slipped his fingers into my suit, feeling down toward my ass. It
felt so good, his warm strong fingers smooth with the tanning oil. I
glanced around slowly, but no one was paying any attention to us.

It was wild and somehow really sexy – even though we were surrounded by
men, it was like we were alone. The man behind me stuck his hand deeper
into my suit and massaged my ass crack, rubbing his fingers up and down
it. Then he slipped one finger into my asshole. I inhaled quickly, in
surprise an excitement, as he gently worked my hole. It was wonderful to
be felt that way, and I must have made some noise of pleasure because the
man chuckled softly and whispered “That’s it…” in my ear.

I felt myself shifting my weight slowly forward, leaning down onto my
bent knees, lifting my ass up to give him better access. I heard him
exhale in satisfaction as I exposed my hole to him. His fingers slipped
in and out of me, their warmth and strength intoxicating.

“It feels so fucking good,” I said dreamily.
“Then keep going,” the man whispered.
“Hmmm…?” I murmured, not understanding.

“Keep going forward,” he said into my ear, “Go down on your stomach – let
me do what we both want me to do…”

“Oh…” I moaned in disbelief as I leaned forward, reaching with my hands
to the towel beneath me, settling my torso down on its rough yet smooth
surface. I felt the man behind me stand up to make room for my legs as I
straightened them out. When I was completely stretched out on my towel, I
felt a delicious weight descend on me – the man was laying down on top of

And he had taken his swimming suit off! His naked cock – big from the
feel of it – nestled itself between my butt cheeks. It felt different,
too, a little slidy and slippery – then I realized – he’d put a condom on.
“But everyone will see…” I protested half-heartedly.

“I’ll put a towel over us,” the man said, “but no one cares.” The edges
of a towel tickled my sides as he draped it over us.

I squirmed my butt around, loving the sensation of the big dick sliding
up and down my ass-crack.

“That feels awesome…” he whispered.
“Yeah,” I answered, “make it feel even better, man! Do me, put it in me,

“You ready?” he asked, his voice breathless with excitement. I thrust my
butt backwards in response, and I heard the man take a deep breath.
“Then ready or not, here I come!” he said, and he pushed his big cock
into my asshole. All the air rushed out of me as my body thrilled to the
welcome invasion of the hot dick that was pushing itself deep inside me.
“Ohhhh…” we both groaned together.

Now we were alone, I realized – despite the people around us, this man
and I were sharing something so special, so intimate, that nothing could
intrude, no one could interrupt us.

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