He Loved My Ass

Author: Dan

He kissed me passionately for a few moments before pressing a condom into the palm of my hand. He shocked me by knelling in front of me, putting his moist lips against my growing erection. I could feel his breath on my cock through the thin layer of cloth of my Speedos. The warmth of his breath made my cock throb and jerk as I felt a drop of pre-cum forming and begin to slide from the eye of the head of my cock down my shaft…

With his firm but gentle hands Brian removed my blue Speedos making my cock slap back against my stomach when it was finally released from its holdings. Brian took my cock in his hand and gently applied the condom to my rigid tool. He immediately closed his mouth over my cock, his tongue teasing me and he succeeded in making my balls tingle from the sensational pleasures. I looked down admiring his succulent features as he nuzzled my gonads and sucked on my throbbing knob like a true professional.

With my heart racing and my cock throbbing I wanted to return the favour, but with his mouth suctioned over my private regions, I knew Brian was in a hurry, but I was persistent finally managing to drag him off my body. I had him stand before me… It took but only a second to slide his swimming trunks down over his hips to his ankles allowing me to look closely at the manhood I was about to enjoy.

Wow, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I came face to face with a monster cock. His cock was huge, his balls hung down between his legs. When I took his cock in my hands it was longer than two hands. With it in my hands I wondered what I had got myself into, but it was too late to back out. I was horny as hell and my cock was tingling in anticipation of what I was about to do. I licked my lips and began concentrating on sliding as much of the rubber protection as I could manage down over his cock. I looked at it admiring the beauty of such a fine organ before closing my mouth over the massive head.

I licked and licked as I lowered my hand down the shaft, my mouth followed taking as much of Brian’s organ down my throat as possible. I surprised myself when I buried my nose in his short and curly pubic hairs. I felt I was living in a dream for a moment, my mouth found his hairy balls suckling them with a deep passion.

Brian pulled me up off his cock and led me over to the bed, not a word was said as he pushed me back so I was comfortable, my cock standing tall and erect ready for the attention I was about to receive. Brian knelt over me, his legs straddling my head and as he leant forward his cock slipped into my mouth. His warm moist mouth sucked my cock deep down his throat at the same time. I found swallowing his thick shaft right down to the end of the condom was easier this way, my mouth was open and relaxed with this hot cock sucking session, but even with me taking as much as I could, there was still a few inches unattended so I wrapped my hand around his cock stroking him in order to give Brian’s massive cock full stimulation in our heated session.

We sucked for what seemed like an eternity giving each other thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable blowjobs along with cock pumping and some very nice ass play action. Brian stopped sucking long enough to ask me if I wanted to be fucked….

Now how could I turn down such an offer? My ideal position, I’m a natural bottom and I needed to feel Brian’s massive cock in my ass. I took my mouth from Brian’s cock and whispered… “Yeah Brian, I want you to fuck my ass!”

“Are you sure you can take my prick? Not many have allowed my thick cock anywhere near their puckered holes,” he said.

“Let’s try!! Come on I want to feel your big fucker in my tight hole and then we’ll find out, ok?”

Brian moved off the bed and grabbed the tube of lube. I rose to my hands and knees and really pleased with myself, I presented him with my tight puckered asshole. Not a word was spoken again as he lubed up my rectum, pushing one and then two slippery fingers deep inside me. The sensations were wonderful, shooting from my anus through to my balls, I couldn’t help moaning as my pleasure centers were throbbing with excitement… I wanted his cock now!!!

“Damn Brian, I need to feel your cock now… Fuck my ass now!” I demanded softly.

I could feel Brian move behind me, he pushed the massive rubbery head of his massive slick organ against my slightly open anus. I pushed back against the head, I could feely my ass being stretched wide, but I didn’t care, I wanted to be fucked so bad by Brian…

I took a couple of second’s breather, before pushing back against him again sinking several thick inches of his shaft on that first thrust. He held ever so still until I caught my breath and overcame the pain momentarily… the pain was incredible and it took me a few moments to overcome the few seconds of that pain knowing that the pleasure will follow… I talked myself into relaxing my muscles and the thought went through my mind… Hot damn he’s so BIG!!!

But on the other hand he was so gentle and waited until I gave him the ok to begin fucking me. Slowly he began feeding his cock in before withdrawing a little and then pushing it in further and further. Finally the full length of his massive cock slid slowly into me and his balls were banging against my ass.

Brian put his hands on my hips with his thumbs just touching my ass cheeks. He pulled me to him sinking the last few inched of his whopper with one quick thrust of his hips. He only paused for a moment and half lay over me kissing my back and neck. I could tell he was enjoying the feeling of my tight ass wrapped around his huge cock when he reach under me, his hand stroking my cock, the feeling was exquisite.

Ever so softly and slowly he gently pulled his hips back a little at a time, his thickness rubbed against my tightly stretched ass, the pleasure and pain was incredible. I was living in ecstasy and then I felt him slide back into me, fully, faster and harder. Without warning he withdrew quicker before sliding his cock in with force this time, the pleasure was mind-boggling. His hands gripped my ass slamming into my horny hot ass time and time again. The pleasure was too much.

It felt like his cock was buried deep inside me and my ass was on fire. I went crazy then, I needed to come… My balls were throbbing from the intense pleasure and I could feel Brian’s cock pulsating deep within my hot ass…I pushed back meeting his thrusts, my tight ass squeezing his thick piece of meat as he fucked me harder and harder. It was incredible two men grunting as one hot hunk sunk his cock into the asshole of the other over and over again, it worked, and his thrusting sent me over the top…

I felt my cream flood my condom adding to the sensations with my body throbbing as Brian buried his long thick prick deep in my bowels, hitting against my prostrate. I knew he was shooting his load with every thrust. His cock pulsated deep inside my rectum. Brian held my hips pulling me back roughly against his pelvis… every time his cock throbbed I felt another jolt of pleasure and the great satisfaction knowing he had a mind blowing orgasm because of me…

We lay together for a few moments enjoying the after glow… Brian’s limp cock slipped out of my ass, he rolled off me… I turned and faced him, Brian pulled me to him and we kissed tenderly as we stroked each other’s slick bodies….

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