My Real First Time

Author: Steph

It was the spring of ’99 and I was a senior in high school, just turned eight-teen. I was on the Volleyball team, physically fit and ready to take on the world.

We had just won our first game and after a pep talk from Coach Azzerelli, he sent us off to the showers. I had often found myself getting aroused when in the showers after practice while I watched the others showering. I would stare at them as I had my head under the stream of water, so it wasn’t obvious. OR so I thought. One of the chics on my team was rather hot, but never seemed to have a boy friend. There was a rumor going around that she was into girls and didn’t want anything to do with guys. I was at that awkward stage where I didn’t know what I liked.

I admit. I’ve had sex with a guy. Did I like it? Not really. I loved it when he fondled me, but when it came to actually cumming, it never happened. I just chalked it up to the fact that none of my friends who had sex with their boyfriends had come either. High School is frustrating enough, now this? So, here I am, looking at the chics on my team and wondering if I’m twisted for getting wet over their bodies.

That’s when Claire approached me. We were almost alone in the locker room. I had taken my sweet time again and she noticed. She waited for the last of the girls to leave the showers and looked right at me. “I noticed you checking me out, Sammy.” Oh my god, someone knew. I just about tripped over myself trying to come up with an excuse or something. She laughed, and raised her hand up to my shoulder. She saw the desperation in my face. “Calm down hon. I ain’t gonna say anything. I know you’ve heard the rumors about me.” I simply nodded. “They’re true, Sammy. I’m a lesbian.” Lesbian rolled off her tongue smoothly, and made me feel somewhat better. She took my hand in hers and brought her naked wet body closer to mine.

I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I wasn’t going to fight it. She pressed her lips against mine softy. Both of us were nervous and shaking slightly. The first kiss was awkward to say the least. She leaned back and told me to relax as her eyes smiled into mine. I looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as mine. I felt the twinge of excitement flutter through me again as she kissed me. Her lips were soft. I closed my eyes and she let her tongue slip from between her lips and into my mouth. She probed gently around my mouth and coaxed my nervousness out of me. Before I knew it our tongues were dancing and our bodies were pressed completely together.

She led me to the side of the showers where there were some benches behind cheap dark blue shower curtains, for the girls who were shy. She urged me to sit down on the bench. As I moved down she moved with me. She knelt in front of me as I sat on the bench. She reached up and turned on the shower, the warm water cascading down my body and splashing onto her chest.

I simply watched as she spread my legs apart and she scooted closer to me. I could feel her nipples rubbing against my inner thighs. God I was horny! She kissed her way down my neck and paused to suck on my breasts. Her mouth felt so good around my nipples. I moaned. “Shhhhh!” She giggled and returned her attention to my body. My heart was racing as she slowly moved closer and closer to my pussy. I could feel my clit throbbing in anticipation.

Finally she slipped her tongue in between my lips, lightly grazing my clit. I gasped. The waves of pleasure she sent through my body with that one move nearly made me cum right then. I had been waiting for this my whole teenage years! With her right hand she spread my lips and hair. She looked up at me and smiled as she lowered her face back to my pussy. As her tongue met my clit full bore I leaned back and closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe how good that felt. She flicked her tongue around my clit like a snake, and in and out of my tight hole.

I couldn’t hold on much longer. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her face deeper into my aching pussy. I was so close. And then she moaned. The explosion rocked my body. My entire body tensed up, my thighs squeezed tightly around her head as her tongue continued to fuck me. The moan that escaped my body filled the entire locker room and probably was heard in the gym. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as my back arched. My breathing came in gasps. Her tongue was relentless and didn’t stop. She kept me cumming, my body writhing in pleasure, her hands on my hips holding me firmly in place.

Once my body went limp she let my climax subside. She smiled up at me as she kissed her way back up my body, making sure to nibble and suck my breasts again. My body shuddered as I felt her tongue roll each nipple around in her mouth. It was one thing to bring your self to climax; it’s a completely different thing to have someone else do it. I was totally breathless as she brought her mouth to mine. I could smell myself on her, as she got closer. When she slipped her tongue in my mouth I tasted myself for the first time. I was sweet and light. I loved it. She deepened the kiss and I moved to kiss down her neck.

“What’s going on in here!?!” hollered our coach. “Let’s finish this another time Sammy, before coach blows his top.” We hurried to get dressed and made up some excuse about feminine problems. He pretty much left us alone.

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