Sex n Bubbles

Author: Steph

I am fortunate. I have a great house, a high paying job and a sexy woman who loves me. My lover is absolutely to die for. She’s five foot eight; 145 pounds and a fiery redhead, not to mention stacked and has all the curves in the right places. She stays at home and operates her websites. They range from free sites to a cam site, featuring her of course.

I came home from work late one evening and she had cooked dinner. I felt absolutely awful that I missed it. I could tell she was upset as well. As I munched on the leftovers I thought of a way to repay her. The light bulb went off. “Baby, I’m going to be in the bathroom for a bit, my tummy isn’t feeling well.” All right, not romantic, but she won’t bother me in there either. I hurried into our room and made for the master bath.

I poured some vanilla scented bubble bath into our sunken garden tub. I was careful not to make too much noise, and eased the faucet open, first the hot water then the cold. I kept the bath water running at what sounded like the sink running. I didn’t want her getting any ideas. I searched for the lighter, gathered the candles in the bedroom, and brought them back to the bathroom. All right, 12 candles in all. If only I had some flowers. I remembered the roses I bought for her the other day, but they were in the dining room.

I peaked out of the bedroom and looked into the long hall. She wasn’t there. With any luck she was in her office. I made my way to the dining room and grabbed the vase. Once back in the bathroom I turned up the water. It wasn’t filling fast enough. I positioned all the candles around the tub and sprinkled the rose petals around the candles, on the floor and in the bubbly water. As soon as the water level was deep enough I turned off the flow and dimmed the lights.

“Baby?” I hollered down the hallway. “I need your help with something.” I knew she’d be right there, so I stripped down completely, poised myself among the lit candles, and rose petals. As she rounded the corner and saw me, she gasped. “Oh lover, is this for me?” I simply nodded. I got up from the perch along the tub and walked over to her, my breasts gently swayed with every step. I began to undress her as I placed a soft kiss against her cheek. “I’m so sorry I was late, baby. Can you forgive me?” She grinned a wicked little grin. “Only if you can prove that you’re sorry, lover.”

She drove me crazy when she did that. I felt my blood race through my body as I continued to undress her. Her wicked grin still in my head. Once she was naked I helped her into the warm bubbly water and followed right behind her. As the water slowly covered my body, the scent of the candles and rose petals filled the air. We sat facing each other. There was plenty of room in here for both of us to stretch out. I slid my foot up the inside of her calf slowly reaching higher to her thigh, finally reaching her wet bush and lightly wiggled my big toe against her lips.

I reached over to the side of the tub and grabbed the sponge. I had her turn her back to me while I added soap to the sponge. Once lathered and completely soapy, I let the sponge glide across her back leaving a trail of soap bubbles behind. She brought her arm up to hold her hair up off her neck. Slowly I worked the sponge along her back and neck making sure not to miss a spot and carefully guided the sponge along her side and around to her breasts.

I pressed my breasts against her soapy back as I worked the sponge around, over and in between her perfect tits with one hand and with the other I lightly rolled her nipple between my fingers. Her light moans were like music to my ears, begging me to go further. I let my free hand wander and found her mound. I slowly slipped my index finger in between her lips and heard her gasp. I grinned to myself as I continued further. I gently began to stroke her clit with my index finger as my middle finger found her tight hole. I quickly penetrated her. I felt her squeeze against my finger, her warm walls surrounding my finger. She reached back, laid her palm flat against my mound, and began to rub, her middle finger rubbing along the length of my clit.

I moaned lightly into her ear as I gently nibbled her neck and earlobe. It felt so good; our bodies pressed against each other, stroking each other’s clits. As I quickened the pace with my finger she increases hers. Before too long both of us were grinding against each other’s hands. Our moans blended together as we brought each other closer and closer to climaxing. The water in the tub splashed around as we grinded faster and rubbed harder, the floor was soaked.

She was the first to peak. I felt her body tense up and her pussy spasmed around my finger. She arched her back, pressing her shoulders back into my breasts as my fingers continued to work her clit. As her climax began to subside her fingers came alive again and began to stroke feverishly along my clit, rolling it in between her fingers. I leaned back against the slant of the tub and she quickly turned to face me, never once letting her fingers leave my throbbing clit. She plunged her middle finger deep into my hole and rubbed my entire clit with the heel of her palm.

I felt my climax build again. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply, our tongues mingling in my mouth, her breasts lightly rubbing against mine. She broke off our kiss and put her cheek to mine. She softly whispered, “I wanna hear you cum, lover. Cum for me.”

She knew that drove me nuts and she used it often. In and out of my hole went her middle finger; my swollen clit couldn’t take much more. My moans grew louder and more desperate as I reached my climax. My body shivered, causing the water to ripple, as my climax washed over my body. She slowed her pace as she worked me down from my high.

She leaned forward to kiss me again and giggled. “You can be late any time you want to lover. Especially if this is what I get in return!”

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