You know I make you wanna scream!

Author: Brompton_Cocktail

I woke up this morning to the usual blaring of my
alarm clock, and the sound of the neighbor’s car
radio. Sitting up from my comfy twin sized bed with
the cammo sheets, I rubbed the back of my head with a
soft yawn. Looking at my alarm clock I sighed as I
ripped the warm covers off my half naked body, slowly
I got up my large DD 34 breasts bounced in my small
black bra as I rose to my feet. Stretching I scratched
my head and walked to my bedroom door pulling it open
I slipped out and went down the hall way, petting my
cat on my way to the bathroom. Once I got there I
closed the bathroom door and locked it so no one
bothered me. Looking at myself in the mirror, I went
to the shower starting the water so I could get ready
for school. Once I got the water just right, I started
to shed my clothes my hands going behind my back,
slowly unhooking my black bra with the pick lacing
that I slept in. Pulling it off my arms I dropped it
to the floor my large DD breasts jiggling out into
freedom, my slim stomach and curvy sides were
reflected back to me in the mirror. Placing my hands
on my wide hips I began to tug down my shorts bending
over as I did so, a pink thong was starting so show as
I slowly tugged down those shorts. My tight virgin ass
and pink, throbbing, hairless pussy was exposed to me
in the mirror, biting my bottom lip I stood up
straight again as I kicked off my shorts and panties.
Opening the curtain I slipped into the shower sitting
down on the floor as I did so letting the warm water
wash over my little body, letting out a sigh of relief
my legs slowly spread apart as my hand traveled down
my slim belly to my throbbing little cunt. Rubbing one
of my long pale fingers against the sensitive pink,
wanting flesh of my clit I shivered with delight,
goose bumps coating my skin as I began to rub harder
and faster. So I began to pinch and pull at my
throbbing, pink ,wanting, clit gasping I shut my eyes,
as a finger pushed inside of my cunt. Biting my bottom
lip as I pushed another slowly inside my nipples
hardening as I shivered from the pleasure, wiggling
them around inside myself I moaned out to someone.
Begging M.. to go harder and faster, as my fingers
began to pound my little pussy, rapidly thrusting in
and out of my hairless, pink, extremely tight pussy.
Reaching up with my free hand I grasped my tit in my
hand squeezing it as my fingers furiously fucked my
cunt, soon I began to pinch my nipple with my thumb
and my index finger as my head went back moaning out
M. Shadows, as the tips of my little fingers plowed
into my G-spot.

Tensing up I shivered as I began to cum biting down as
hard as I could on my bottom lip, my fingers still
wiggling inside me as my cum coated over then huffing
I slowly began to catch my breath. Every time I finger
fucked myself I thought of M. Shadows the singer of my
favorite band Avenged Sevenfold. But afterworlds I
always felt bad because I didn’t think of my
girlfriend, sighing I pulled my fingers out slowly as
I turned off the water and climbed out of the shower,
quickly drying off with my Avenged Sevenfold towel.
Wrapping my towel around my slim curvy was it I walked
out into the hall way and dug in the dryer for
clothes, finding what I wanted to wear I went back in
the bathroom and got dressed. Sighing I heard the door
bell ring slipping on my shoes and grabbing my bag I
went down the stairs and answered it.

It was Aylessa my girlfriend of 2 months now she was
so perfect DD 40 tits long blonde hair, green eyes
that matched my blue ones. A tight bald pussy and a
great ass she was my perfect woman I blinked as she
held out an envelope to me. “Happy 18th Birthday
baby!!” she said and I reached out for the envelope
“Oh fuck I forgot it was even my birthday today!!!” I
shouted as I smiled at her looking down at the
envelope in my hand I looked back up at her and let
her inside. “Can I open it?” I asked she shook her
head and laughed as she got closer to me. “Not till
later baby!” she said as she leaned in kissing me
deeply, kissing back I grinned as I slipped my tongue
into her mouth swirling it around hers as I felt up
her sides,my hands early grabbing her huge tits and
giving them a firm squeeze crumpling up that envelope
as I did so, pulling back I nipped her bottom lip and
smiled as I broke the kiss. “Can I open it now?” I
asked with a wicked grin on my full lips my lip ring
leaning to the right as I laughed.

“Baby your so mean…” Aylessa said with a cute pout
on her face.. “But I guess you can open now!” nodding
I opened up the envelope and pulled out what was
inside. They were a pair of tickets to see Avenged
Sevenfold at the Argaon Ball room tonight! Looking up
at her squealed with joy as I tackled her down onto
the couch kissing her repeatedly. “You are fucking
amazing!!! Thank you so much hun!” I was ecstatic she
got me tickets, kissing down her neck my hand snuck
down and softly rubbed at her crotch. Hearing her moan
I bit down on her neck softly grinding my crotch
against her thigh, pulling back I sat on top of her
laughing as I kissed her cheek. “So why don’t we skip
school today?” I asked her with a big grin “Mmm baby
that would be great” she said as she set her hands on
my thighs, nodding I took out my cell phone from my
pocket and called myself in. Laying down ontop of my
girl I smiled and laughed as I nuzzled against her
tits nipping one. “So when do you wanna leave..?” I
asked her as I looked up “Ummm…around 3? It will
take us an hour to get there..” She said as she petted
my head.”Sure, 4 sounds good…we got time to kill..”

To be continued

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