The Substitute

Author: blondehoney5670

I received a call late last night asking me if I could fill for the day teaching a class over at the high school. I immediately said, “ yes.” I could really use the money right know.

I arrived at the school about 40 minutes early and the principal greeted me and then gave me a tour around the school. He brought me to a door marked private, and informed me this was for special employees and I was to stay out. This made me very curious as to what was behind that door.

The morning started off well and in between classes I saw a lot of traffic going in and out of the door marked private. This made my curiosity grow even stronger. Now I knew I wanted to see what was behind that door, why not, I am staff here at least for the day.

I could hardly wait until lunch time and in the meanwhile I just had to find a way in there, since I didn’t have a key.

It was finally time to release the class for lunch. I decided I would just walk right behind the next person that goes in and just act like I belong in there. If I get caught and get fired, it’s not like I will be out much. And being a nosy female, my curiosity is getting the better of me.

I saw a woman approaching the door and I immediately got behind her, she turned around and smiled at me as she said “hello.” For a moment I felt a chill run up my spine as I felt she was undressing me with her eyes. I thought maybe it was just my nerves, I kept telling myself. She put her key into the door and slowly opened it. I inched my way into the room, once in I could not believe my eyes! Every table in the room had someone on it being fucked, sucked or licked, and some all of the above. The room smelled of sweat and sex and moans could be heard from every direction. My face felt flush and I could not believe my eyes. Over in the corner was the principal getting his cock sucked by a petite blonde while another male was eating her pussy. To my surprise I started to get excited as I felt my clit start to throb and my pussy getting wet. The woman I followed in, turned to me and said “ you must be new here.” I told her “ this is my first day here.” She asked me if I would like a personal tour and I nodded yes. She grabbed my hand and we walked through the tables watching and listening to all the pleasure. She said this is where they all gathered to release stress from their dailey lives.

We walked to an empty table in the middle of the room and she asked me if I wanted her to show me some stress relief and I said yes without any hesitation, much to my surprise, but all this sex going on around me was making me very aroused.

She placed a gentle kiss on my lips and started to unbutton my blouse. I started to stop her and then I felt another set of hands grab mine. I looked up to see another female, wearing nothing but a smile. The woman kissing me said, “ by the way my name is Tina and this is Laura, what is yours?”

“ Kim” I replied as Laura told me to just relax and enjoy the ride. I started kissing Tina back welcoming her tongue in my mouth. Laura began to suck my nipples causing them to be rock hard. They laid me back onto the table and Tina continued to kiss me passionately as Laura began to kiss and lick down my flat belly sliding her tongue into my naval. I could not stand the wait any longer and I grabbed Laura’s head placing her face between my legs and into my waiting wet pussy. I pushed her mouth into my clean shaven mound as I moaned and begged for her to eat my throbbing wet pussy. She instantly began to lick and suck my clit causing me to scream and beg for more.

Tina pulled away from my mouth and crawled over me resting her own wetness right in m6y face. I began to suck Tina’s wet pussy and fuck her hole with my tongue savoring every drop of her sweet nectar.

I grabbed Laura’s head again forcing her face harder onto my pussy as I came and squirted my juices into her waiting mouth. Tina began to grind her muff faster and harder onto my waiting mouth as she groaned loudly and I felt my mouth fill with her sweet cum as I sucked harder and swallowed every drop.

I suddenly felt someone else near me, as I looked down I saw the principal standing there stroking his dick. Before I new it he plowed his big cock into my dripping wet cunt. Slamming it in and out of my pussy hard and fast. It didn’t take long for me to feel the the wave of another orgasm as it shot through my body. He felt my pussy cumming all over him and this sent him to his own climax but he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck every last drop. Which I eagerly did as his hot sticky cum exploded deep into my throat. I almost could not swallow all of his juice.

Just as the principal pulled out someone flipped me over and stuck his cock in my ass, as I started to scream another cock was shoved into my mouth. Tina started licking and sucking my clit and that sent my body into a pure numbness as the greatest feeling of pleasure took over. I started sucking the cock in my mouth hard and hungrily as I gently played with his balls and then it all happened at once, first the cock in my mouth shot load after load of hot cum into my mouth almost drowning me. That sent me into the biggest orgasm ever as I blew the biggest nut of my life into Tina’s waiting mouth as she sucked vigorously on my pussy. As my pussy convulsed and gushed Tina sucked harder as my juices splashed all over her face. This caused the cock in my ass to shoot his load deep into my ass hole as I felt his cum drip out of my hole on every stroke as he pumped the last of his load into me.

We all rested for awhile and I just laid there with a smile and a cock on my face, thinking how happy I was to have been so nosy that day. Just then the principal came up and asked if I could fill in again tomorrow???

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