A New Toy

Author: G.G.

You’re dressed in a beautiful navy blue suit and crisp white dress shirt as you arrive to pick me up. I’m in a short white cocktail dress and jeweled sandals to show off my new summer tan. We both look at each other admiring one another feeling that incredible attraction that always seems to ignite when we get close. We embrace and kiss gently as if we want to make this evening last and you know your kisses always take me over the edge.

Arriving at an upscale dimly lit restaurant we ask for a private table. We slide into a candle lit booth and order a bottle of wine. You tell the waiter to please keep our wine glasses filled but to give us as much privacy as possible because we have so much to get caught up on. The table is draped in a long table cloth and I slide next to you and kiss you. Your beautiful eyes search mine and I can see your passion matches my own. Being aware that we are in a public place we continue to sip our wine and I feel your hand sliding up my leg to my inner thigh. My sudden intake of breath brings a calming comment from you as you tell me to just relax no one can see us. Your hand moves closer to that tiny warm triangle at the end of my thigh and I hear you moan in appreciation as you realize I’ve not wearing any panties. Your fingers find my wetness and one finger slides easily into me as the waiter approaches to fill our wine glasses. The waiter is unaware or just ignoring the fact that your

hand is hidden under the tablecloth. As he continues to pour the wine you slide a second finger inside me, I just smile and try my best to stay composed. The waiter walks away as your fingers become more demanding and you thrust then deeply inside me then pull out and repeat this over and over. You see I’m about to cum so you kiss me deeply to muffle the sounds. How wonderful you feel and how erotic to experience such an enjoyable orgasm while people are meandering about.

You hand me a glass and I thank you for such a wonderful experience as my hand finds it way under the tablecloth to your bulging cock. Unzipping your slacks I pull your beautiful cock out and stroke it wishing I could slide under the table and taste you. Stroking you from one end to the other you grab my hand and tell me to wait that you have so much more in store for me later. Looking pleadingly into your eyes I ask if we can leave now. You smile and tell me after I finish my wine. I’m wanting to please you so much and you are very much aware of this but you still want to prolong our pleasure. We leave the restaurant and waiter is grinning at us from ear to ear and my cheeks start to blush.

As we settle inside the car I lean towards you and kiss you as I rub your cock through cloth of your slacks. Unzipping you again my head leans down so my mouth engulfs you with one long stroke. You are so hard and taste so good. I feel your hands in my hair pushing me down to take more of you, then you make me stop. We arrive back home and I feel you lifting my dress and unzipping your slacks at the same time. We are standing in front of a full length mirror and you turn me around and tell me to watch. You’re so handsome, still dressed in your suit with your beautiful cock pointing towards me, me still dressed in my white cocktail dress but it’s lifted over my hips so I’m completely exposed. You slide your cock inside me holding onto my hips with long slow deep thrusts.

I’m dripping wet and you pull out and I feel your tongue replacing your cock. I’m watching you in the mirror as you slide your warm wet tongue from my dripping wet pussy to my ass. Omg how can a woman control herself. I need to cum so badly and I explode as I feel your fingers side into me over and over again while you lick my tiny clit. We go into the bedroom undress and you lay back smiling at me knowing you’ve pleased me like no other. Taking my time I kiss you and bite each of your nipples gently pulling them with my teeth. Working my way down I lick your balls, ass and inner thighs taking my time savoring all of you. Sucking your cock into my warm wet demanding mouth I feel your cock twitching and growing harder.

I reach inside the night stand and pull out one of our new toys, a tiny anal plug and lubricate it and slowly ease it into your beautiful manly ass! I’m getting wet just thinking about this I want you so much. I have the plug settled as deeply inside you as possible and I kiss you deeply and tell you how much I care about you. I climb on top you and let you watch as I slide my dripping wet pussy down on you. I put a tiny vibrator on my clit and move grinding my pussy up and down on you until we both lose complete control and explode.

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