Lil Squirt

Author: Cecilia

It all started innocently enough. They met in high school, did the normal dating thing, and only went past first or maybe second base a couple of times. The last six months had been grueling for her and Michael, they had both chosen to go to different schools but still had plenty of time on the phone and the computer. It wasn’t the same and she was really looking forward to feeling his body close to her again.

Chrissie went through her normal routine of getting ready with a few added steps. She took a long bubble bath, making sure to put in triple the amount of that skin softening stuff that her mother used. She figured the more she added, the softer her skin would be for Michael. As she dressed in front of the mirror she couldn’t help but smile. At the tender age of eighteen she had the desired hourglass shape that she so desperately wanted for as long as she could remember. Her perky tits were slightly more than a handful and looked as of they were begging to be handled.

She added some perfume to her softened skin, did her hair and headed off to the living room to wait for Michael. After suffering through twenty minutes of being picked on by her older brother, Michael finally arrived and she was saved. Dashing out the door she threw herself into his arms kissing him feverishly, she could feel the excitement begin to well inside her.

The two of the jumped around into his car, Chrissie couldn’t get in fast enough and wished he would only drive faster, she wanted to get to thier spot by the lake as quickly as possible. She looked at him while he drove, the strange feeling of him being combined with the old familiar scent of his little sedan brought back the flush of memories from the summer before. She thought back to that first evening they parked up by the lake. Her mind continued to relive the experience as she reached over and took his hand, he turned and just smiled at her.

By the time they made their way up the winding rode to the lake she had relived that first night in her mind a dozen times and her body seemed to remember it just as well. Her breath had begun to increase, heaving slowly, causing her firm tits to stretch against the tight cotton of her tank top. Michael definitely noticed her increased arousal. He too felt it.

As soon as they got to ‘their’ spot, he quickly parked the car and wasted no time grabbing the quilted blanket from the trunk of his car. Chrissie felt the tingles in her tummy increase. It was the same blanket from last summer. Hand in hand they walked down to the spot under the big oak. Michael scanned the ground for any rocks or large sticks that might infringe on their perfect night. Once he was sure it was clear, he laid out the blanket. As he stood back up, Chrissie grabbed him, pressed her ripe body against his and locked him into a deep frantic kiss.

He felt the stir starting deep within him and could feel his cock starting to come to life. His moved his hands to the bottom of her pink tank top and quickly lifted up. She raised her arms and broke off their kiss long enough to let him pull off her top. As soon as it passed her face they joined again. His hands went to her bra strap in the back and with a slight flick of his wrist she felt the heaviness of her breasts as they were released from their confines. She had already begun to take off his t-shirt, had it off of him and on the ground in the blink of an eye and was already working on his pants by the time he tossed her bra to the ground. They both undid the other’s pants and then as if marching to some unheard song, they worked them off with their legs, leaving them both in just panties and boxers.

Chrissie looked down and grinned as she noticed Michael’s visible excitement. Grabbing his cock through the thin material of his boxers, she gave it a few strokes to let it know she planned on taking care of it that night. She stepped back so that Michael could look at her fully and with a sly grin on her face, she slid her thumbs into the waist band of her panties, tugging at it teasingly and then ever so slowly pulling them down past her hips. She paused as she felt the band touch the top of her mound and reveled in the look on Michael’s face. She was hairless this time. He licked his lips in anticipation and watched as she pushed her white cotton panties down her smooth thighs and let them fall to the ground before stepping out of them.

After removing his boxers he returned to her, their bodies pressing together once again. His cock begged to be surrounded by her as it pressed into her belly button. As they kissed feverishly, their lust intensified once their naked bodies were finally together again. He worked their bodies down to the blanket slowly, holding Chrissie’s slender frame firmly against his.

As they got to the ground he immediately started to kiss and nibble his way down her body, stopping shortly to roll his tongue over her already hardened nipples. His desire to taste her was almost more than he could bare and the fact that she was shaven made his ache for it even more.

She writhed underneath him as he was obviously making his way down to taste her. She’d never had this before and was almost bursting with the anticipation of it all. Her breathing was already deep and heavy, her fingers entwined into his hair, her arms pressing her tits together and upward.

He gave a few exploratory licks before diving straight in. Chrissie gasped. It was more intense than she would ever have imagined. Her body was immediately consumed in ecstasy. Her moans were with almost every breath. As Michael rolled his tongue right across her sensitive, swollen clit, it caused her to jerk. So intense was the pleasure. Almost too much.

Chrissie’s chest was rising and falling faster and faster as Michael worked his tongue in and out of her soaking wet pussy, over and around her swollen throbbing clit. Then all of the sudden she held her breath, he remembered this being her sign for a pending climax, so he didn’t let up, despite the sharp pains in his tongue, he wanted her to cum for him, he wanted to taste it.

Chrissie’s body started to shudder as her orgasm wracked her body. To her it felt like it was coming all the way from her toes. The most intense one she’s ever had and there was no stopping it. As she peaked, she felt herself explode. It had never been that powerful before. She looked down and could see just enough to watch as she came all over Michael. Her juices coated him and the blanket completely, and what didn’t splash onto him, shot out at least two feet down the blanket. At first she horrified, but the feeling quickly over took her again, and even though Michael had replaced his tongue with his fingers, her climax was still full force. He continued to work her past her peak without saying a word.

Once he noticed her body start to limber back up he slowed his dripping fingers and eased her down. After a few moments Chrissie regained her senses and sat up. When she looked at Michael she saw he was covered in her juice, dripping from his face, down his chest, onto his thighs and the blanket around them. Everything was totally soaked and wreaked of sex, including her own legs. Their eyes met and the grin that covered Michael’s face as he licked his lips again let Chrissie know, he’d do it again.

Michael grabbed her hand, helped her up and led her to the lake for a refreshing swim before doing it all over again.

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