Toy Story

Author: PicturePainter

These are the continuing fantasy adventures of my cyber wife Robyn and what she gets up to when I am away in business. Robyn is a 30s something gorgeous blonde and very busty babe.

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Toy Story (A tale or individual needs)

I was away on business in London for nine days. I was due to return and then Robyn and I were due to fly to Tunisia on holiday. She had been missing me and our regular sexual activities badly. Robyn is a very curvy blonde with 38DD breasts and an insatiable appetite for sex.

Robyn really was at a loss without me but decided to just try to concentrate on her work as a secretary. And the first few days she didn’t really think about it much but by the forth morning her body was starting to feel the familiar signs of sexual neglect. She awoke, alone in the bed feeling horny and frustrated and really didn’t think she would be able to face the day but knew she had to go to work so she would need to. Trying to push the sexual longing to the back of her mind she showered and dressed but as she sat on the bus on her way to work she knew in her mind that it would be a struggle to keep those horny thoughts at bay all day. In her strapless cream lace bra and panties, black stockings and heels she was wearing a green skirt, cream blouse and jacket.

And as she might have expected at work she seemed so distracted with pent up sexual frustration that she couldn’t seem to keep her mind on the simplest of tasks. She quickly realised that she would need to take care of herself and this was been even more apparent when her mobile phoned bleeped indicating a text message. She looked at it and read my message:

I miss you and your body, I want to taste you, to lick you to suck you and to fuck you……………………be a good girl while I’m away and see you in a few days. P

Robyn’s pussy started to moisten at my words and she knew that being a ‘good girl’ meant not have any other men while I was away but it didn’t mean she could not touch herself. At least that was how she justified it to herself and immediately her thoughts went from work to her favourite toys from the toy box under our bed. Watching the clock at work slowly ticking towards 5 pm, she passed the time thinking about all the naughty little toys she had, trying to decide which ones she would use to pleasure herself with first. Her pussy was wet just thinking about the various playthings she would have at her disposal and be totally free to use in my absence. But today was dragging and the clock was showing 1230!

My wife she couldn’t take it anymore. Slipping away to the ladies loo she decided she would have to give herself some stimulation to hold her over until she could get home to the safety of our house when she could get down to some serious playing. She had never masturbated at work before but desperate times now called for desperate measures. Locking herself into a stall, she gently eased her skirt down and sat on the toilet pan with her legs slightly parted. Sliding her panties to one side her clit was already semi swollen and she knew it wouldn’t take long before she had it fully engorged. Robyn had been masterbating from an early age and therefore had had years of practice and whilst she really wanted to take her time and get off slowly she knew she couldn’t afford the leisure of time at work. Instead she would have to settle for some fast and furious clit fingering instead!

Sliding a finger into her wet mouth she moved it down between her legs and quickly manipulated her clit with the finger, concentrating on trying to bring herself off as quickly as possible. As she applied the necessary rotation and pressure she could feel her nipples hardening, peeking out through the bra and blouse, clearly looking for some attention as well. Pulling her blouse open she released the clip on the front and her big beautiful natural 38D’s fell from their confining cups.

Pinching one hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger, then the other she began to twist and tug as she frantically played with her sopping pussy. Fingering her clit faster and faster her only desire to cum quickly and get it over with. Tugging harder on her nipples and rubbing her clit faster she began to feel the familiar tingling sensation in her pussy start to intensify encouraging her to work even harder until her pussy was on fire. She could feel her orgasm getting ready to break and was concentrating on nothing but the sensation of flicking her clit back and forth and the release that was about to wash over her. Finally the sensation reached its peak and then broke as her body trembled leaving her clit extremely sensitive and throbbing as she stifled a low moan. Finally regaining her breath and with the urges under control, for the time being at least, she gave myself a few moments to calm down before returning to her desk to carry on with her work.

The rest of the day went by a little slower than she would have liked but it finally came to an end and it was time to get home for some serious solo sex in the absence of me, her husband. She literally flew out the door and walked faster than she had ever done to the bus stop, which only got her there too early for the bus, leaving her with more time to wait. She was thinking about me all alone in London, and fantasizing about what I was going to be missing out on tonight. The bus ride was long and bumpy which was not the ideal situation for a horny girl in severe need. Every bump sent shockwaves through her pussy and it started to throb again as she thought about what she would like to do during the night to come.

Arriving at the house she fumbled at the door with her keys and on the third attempt was able to unlock the door. She quickly slipped inside and locked it quickly behind herself, finally relaxing and letting her feeling of excitement and pent up frustration come to the fore. She kicked off her shoes and hit the random button on the CD player. She pulled the curtain partially closed and dimmed the lights in the house before retiring to our bedroom, a glass of wine in her hand.

Flicking on the laptop she logged into a chat room as her usual ‘Busty Blonde UK’. Almost immediately boxes started to flash up on the screen as a selection of visitors to the room attempted to get her attention with such classic lines as;
‘Where in the UK?’
‘Want me to help you undress?’
‘How gig are your tits?’
‘You like black meat?’
Smiling she ignored them all. She was waiting for someone special to log in. She was waiting for me as ‘Cornish Pete’ to come online and if I didn’t then she would just have to play by herself.

Reaching below the bed my wife retrieved her toy box and placed it within easy reach on the coffee table. Then she got the full-length mirror positioning it so she would be able to watch as she pleasured herself. I knew that Robyn always loved to watch herself as she brought herself off aswell as watching us in the mirror as we fucked. And in both instances there was something about watching that really turned us both on and heightened the experience. She sipped her wine as she opened the toy box and gazed upon the small collection of toys that lay within, wondering which to begin with and which to leave for the big finale!

Standing up in front of the mirror she slowly began to undress. First undoing the buttons of her over-tight cream blouse one by one until it fell open displaying her beautiful huge breasts encased in the tight cream lace bra. Unzipping the skirt she let it fall to the floor at the same time shrugging off the blouse to leave her standing in only her overflowing bra, matching panties, hold up stockings and heels.

Very slowly and excitedly she ran her warm hands up and down her own body enjoying the feel of her soft skin and imagining they were my hands, gently caressing herself with just the tips of the fingers like I do so well. Eventually she began to caress and massage her magnificent breasts through the lacy fabric of the bra. This caused her over-sensitive nipples to rub against the material. With circular motions she teased her nipples until they were rock hard and straining against her bra practically begging to be released. Reaching up the front into her deep cleavage she unsnapped the bra and let it fall to her feet.

Robyn now admired her image as her big fat soft tits hung heavy, the nipples pink and standing at full attention as she lifted her arms above her head so her breasts would stand full and proud. She thought of how, I and many other men had enjoyed the sight and feel and touch of these magnificent beauties and how much she loved to have them touched and licked and kissed and of course fucked!

As she watched herself in the mirror she cupped one full breast in her hand and raised it up. She bent her head and gently circled the hard nub with her tongue before flicking the rigid tip. Feeling the exquisite sensation of her tongue sending electrical pulses through the nipple and breast, finally she sucked her excited nipple into her hot wet mouth and then began to suck harder and harder. This sensation and watching herself in the mirror was really starting to turn her on. Releasing the wet bud from her gorgeous full lips she repeated the same process on her other huge melon while her other hand tweaked and teased the nipple of the other breast. She was finding the image extremely hot and her pussy was responding by dampening the crotch of her panties as she moaned softly while sucking. She thought of me, her husband, and how I adored seeing her doing what she was doing now. That thought made her cunt even damper.

When both nipples were wet and slippery from her wet mouth and tongue she reached into the little toy box and pulled out a set of nipple clamps that were attached by a silver ball chain. This was my wife’s new toy that she couldn’t wait to show me when I arrived back home. She knew that I had never seen this particular toy wondered what I would think of it. Smiling at the thought, she grasped one hard nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged so that it was stretched to its limit and slipped the rubber tipped clamp around it and released the clamp. She literally gasped as the clamp squeezed her sensitive nipple applying the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. Doing the same to her other nipple she dropped her hands to see how it looked in the mirror.

Looking at herself in cream lace panties, black lace top hold ups and heels with her full tits hanging down, nipples so sensitive and erect and now each one clamped with the silver ball chain dangling down between them. Smiling she knew she looked fucking hot and she knew that I would love the sight that she was gazing at, if only I was there with her!

She stood posing before the mirror admiring her display of heavenly breast torture and reached down slowly running her hands over her belly until they were down between her legs. Parting them slightly she placed a finger on the damp fabric of her panties and pushing gently inwards as she teased her swollen clit through the fabric. She was breathing deeply, her breasts moving up and down as she did. She knew that she could take no more self-teasing and it was time for some real self satisfaction. Sliding her panties down over her stocking clad legs she removed them and lifted them up to her face. Still looking at her chained breasts she sniffed in deeply at the wet crotch of her panties, inhaling the musky scent of her dripping pussy before dropping them to the floor. And with every movement the clamps tugged on her nipples sending sensations of pleasure and arousal straight through her heavy udders and down into her hot dripping pussy.

Finally leaning back and positioning herself on the bed with her back against the pillows, she spread her legs wide adjusting herself until she had a perfect view in the mirror. She began by lightly running her finger tips down over her stocking-clad thighs and up to the laced tops before brushing them softly over her creamy thighs and closer to her honey pot.

With both hand either side of her pussy looking into the mirror she gently eased the pussy lips apart to expose her swollen clit. Smiling with a look of pure lust in her eyes she ran her fingers all around her excited clit before slipping a finger deep into her very wet pussy. Her hole seemed so hot and wet her finger slipped in easily but the feeling of arousal that she was now feeling just left her needing more. Inserting another finger in she started to manipulate her hand as she started to finger fuck herself. She widened her legs further with her feet on the bed and continued with the insertion of a third finger as her thumb brushed her engorged clit. Continuing to slide her fingers in and out of her hot hole, the feelings of arousal continued to build. She finally released her fingers from their hot wet captor with them now coated with her cunt juices. Looking directly at herself in the mirror she brought her fingers up to her face and deeply inhaled on the scent before flicking out a tentative tongue to taste her own cum.

Enjoying the taste of her own juices and gazing at the image in the mirror she wrapped her lips around her fingers, sucking and licking the wetness off. With her other hand she entwined a finger in the chain hanging between her breasts and tugged it gently feeling it pull on her nipples. The clamps attached tightened sending more shockwaves throughout her body. Squealing with delight she was now panting like a baby and took another large swig of wine before letting some dribble out of her mouth seductively down onto her breasts. She watched as it ran down through her deep cleavage and over her tummy down onto the swollen lips of her juicy pussy. She imagined my tongue licking at lapping at the wine.

As she lifted one breast to lick the wine off she knew this would have the desired effect again as it stretched the chain between the breast in her hand and the one that remained in place as the chain pulled tight and the nipples clamps tightened around her sensitive nipples once again giving her a gorgeous mix of pain and real pleasure. She repeated this with the other breast trying to tighten the chain as much as possible for maximum effect. She finally lay back breathing deeply for a moment just to catch her breath and glanced across at the laptop. ‘Cornish Pete’ was still not on and there were no others worth talking to.

Robyn rummaged through her toy box once again until she found some bottles of oil. Spreading her pussy lips she let a few cold drops drip out of one of the bottles down onto her engorged clit. She massaged it in with her fingertips smearing the oil on her fingers and hand in order to finger fuck herself properly.

Sitting back and gazing at the sight of herself in the mirror she slid three oily fingers in and out of her tight hole as her thumb massaged her clit. Once she was satisfied her pussy was sufficiently well oiled she went back to her little box of goodies and selected the next toy to be used. Initially she pulled out the large black 10” dildo but dropped it on the bed before picking up the pink rampant rabbit with the clit stimulator base. She smiled to herself as she ran her oily hands up and down the thick shaft of the toy. Turning it on low to begin with she gently slid it back and forth between her legs to get the feel of it before gently easing towards her tight little hole. She ran it seductively and teasingly up over her clit causing a sensation that made her body tremble in anticipation. Lying back against the pillows she closed her eyes and kept the rabbit in place against her clit fantasizing that it was me, her husband who was lapping at pussy urging her juices to flow before I slid my rock hard cock inside her.

Faster and faster she rubbed her little battery-operated friend until her clit became overly sensitive. Eyes still closed and nipples still out on stalks in their holding clamps and thinking of my hard cock, she slowly inserted the rabbit into her pussy. She felt it go inside and immediately slid it all the way in. The clit stimulator on the side just touched her clit and vibrated gently against it. She gasped again and pulling the toy almost all the way out she teased her hole with just the very tip.

Turning it gently she increased the vibration speed all the way up to high and reinserting the toy inside herself she started to thrust it in and out of her pussy. The tip of it just was hitting her G-Spot and the clit stimulator touched her clit more frequently. Opening her eyes she watched in the mirror as she slid the vibrator in and out of her hot wet fanny, the view increasing her excitement even further. As she continued to thrust the little toy into herself she ground her hips and pussy down onto it allowing the stimulation to sit directly against her clit for longer periods which was driving her wild.

As she fucked her pussy harder and faster she reached across the bed and lifted the black cock shaped jelly dildo. It was just the right size! Watching herself in the mirror she ran the tip of the dildo cock across her lips enjoying the feel of a cock even if it wasn’t real. Pulling the rabbit in and out of her pussy while she sucked and licked the dildo was an awesome sight as she watched herself being fucked by herself in the mirror.

Slowing down she removed the rabbit and replaced it with a slightly smaller thinner pink machine with a bent head. She flicked it onto full speed and ran the head all over her pussy lips teasing her hole with it. She knew the best way to get the right effect and turning around she got onto her knees on the bed. Gyrating against the vibrator head she let it continue to stimulate her cunt but did not slip it in right away.

Instead she teased her pussy, wanting the pleasure to go on and on for ages, knowing that once she inserted her favourite toy there would be no going back and the feeling that she would experience would push her right over the edge. Rubbing it back and forth against her soaking pussy lips she looked into the mirror watching as her huge dangling breasts hung low with the chain swaying as she moved.

And finally she allowed the head of the toy to slip inside and almost immediately it hit her G-Spot with series of vibrations. This almost put her over the edge but she continued to fuck herself in this manner, allowing it to slide out to stimulate her clit before plunging back inside. The chain to her nipple clamps swayed and applied more pressure on the hardened nipples as her heavy breasts hung low as she rode the vibrator faster, and with more urgency. She could feel the tension inside start to build and knew if she kept it up she would be squirting her juices all over the bed. But she wanted these feelings of sheer pleasure to last for longer so she slowed the pace down again.

Moving, she sat back down on the bed spreading her legs and began to fuck herself again slowly with her pink toy. Picking up the black dildo again she pretended once again that it was my cock and running her tongue up and down the shaft she flicked it with her tongue across the head before engulfing the thick rubber cock into her hot mouth. Watching herself in the mirror she slid the dildo in and out of her mouth softly moaning around the fake cock. The thoughts of my cock and her own actions were making her even hornier. Taking more into her mouth then pushing it in as deep as she could she almost gagged before releasing it and sliding it back in until the helmet shaped tip was touching the roof of her mouth. Manipulating the vibrator in with the bent head reaching her G-Spot again she immediately felt the tension that had abated start to build up again.

Releasing the dildo from her gorgeous wet mouth and smiling to herself she left the vibrator in her tight hole clamping it in place with her pussy muscles tightened around the shaft. The feelings she had built up with her own actions and the images in the mirror had put her on the edge now. Finishing her glass of wine she decided it was time. She couldn’t wait any longer to please herself to the climax. She knew that it was time that she would have to let herself cum. And what a cum this would be!

Placing a hand around the end of the vibrator and another on the chain between the clamps on her nipples she gently pulled the chain out to the front which pulled her nipples out further. This in turn caused the clamps to become tighter creating an exquisite feeling of that pleasure/pain mix that felt so good to her. Whilst doing this she started to plunge the curved headed vibrator into her dripping pussy faster and faster, thrusting the toy in and out of her wet hole with it plunging against her G- Spot on each entry.

And suddenly, it happened! My wife knew it would and she couldn’t wait. Her body tightened and electric pulses seemed to send shock waves all around her whole being. She let out an involuntary scream as her body was covered in goose pimples! Her clamped nipples throbbed and her hot pussy almost exploded as she felt the dam inside her tight hole begin to burst. Watching her pussy intently in the mirror she pulled the vibrator out and watched in amazement as her juices started to squirt out of her hole with such force it splashed across the bed with droplets of her nectar. And the feeling continued for ages, wave after wave and splash after splash as she squirted out.

Robyn’s nipples in their clamps were now causing more pain than pleasure so she released them from their captors and gently lifted each reddened nipple to kiss it. She gently lapped with her wet tongue at each before releasing them both to let them hang free. Spreading her legs wide she lifted the black rubber dildo cock and began rubbing the head against her dripping hole before slowly inserting it wishing it was my thick cock instead of just the rubber toy.

She watched in the mirror as the rubber dick disappeared inside, slowly and gently, inch by inch, filling her sodden pussy canal to perfection. Holding one hand on the end of the toy she started to slide it out and then back in fucking herself slowly at first. She was enjoying the feel of her pussy being violated and filled up with this imitation cock and continued to slide the dildo in and out clenching her cunt muscles around it on every upward stroke to intensify the feelings. She built up the momentum a little at a time until she was fucking herself like the cock-starved woman she was. Pounding her pussy mercilessly she slid the black rubber cock in and out of her soaked cunt at a furious pace.

The entire time she was fantasizing that it was my cock invading her hot cunt and bringing her to another squirting orgasm. She could feel the tension start to build again as she fucked herself and knew she would be cumming again in no time. Trying so hard to keep the frantic rhythm going she could tell she was on the verge of cumming again and this felt like it would be even bigger climax than earlier.

She watched as the cock slid in and out by her own sweet hand and relished the feeling of the rubber monster filling her up to the brim each time it plunged up into her tight wet tunnel. At the last possible minute she pulled the dildo out and watched again as she squirted all over the place writhing around on the bed. And as soon as her juices stopped flowing she drove the dildo excitedly back into her pussy and continued where she had left off fucking herself hard and fast and it didn’t take long before she felt the need to cum again.

But this time she kept fucking herself with the thick black dick until another orgasm shot through her body making her nipples stand on end as every nerve ending in her body seemed to explode all at once. And she felt herself squirt her hot juices all over the hot rubber toy still embedded inside her. She pulled the dripping toy out of herself and felt her juices run down the crack of her arse soaking into the already drenched bedding and dripping off the dildo.

Greedily she wrapped her lips around the cum-covered dildo and proceeded to suck it clean as she continued to lightly tease her red swollen clit with her fingers bringing the solo sex show to an end. Laying back and closing her eyes she imagined what I, her husband would have made of what she had just done to herself. She had certainly been pleasuring her own beautiful body in every way possible. She continued to enjoy the pulsating and throbbing feeling deep inside her pussy that was finally satisfied for the time being. It was definitely a good session but she still hoped I would hurry home and service her in the way only I could with my tongue and lips and hands and body and cock.

Glancing over at the laptop dreamily she saw that ‘Cornish-Pete’ had come online. Excitedly she sat up and clicked the box to reply to my greeting.
“Hey Baby”
“Hi Sugar, you been up to anything nice while I am away?”
Robyn giggled, “Well, I have just been playing with my toy box, darling.”

Sitting in the hotel room in front of my laptop, I tapped out a reply.
“I know you have, Robyn!”
“What?………………….! How?”
“Look over at the wardrobe!” I typed
Her eyes follow my guidance,
“At the gap on the left”
“See the small red light?”
“Oh! Yes!”
“That’s a webcam I set up before I left so I wouldn’t miss you too much!”
“Oh, fuck!”
“But I have just seen the most beautiful erotic and fucking sexy show I have ever experienced, Robyn, with you playing with your toys!” I Paused “And like you I have been playing solo and cum 3 times during your show, baby!”

I watched through the webcam as my wife Robyn, rolled about on the bed laughing and pointing up at the camera before blowing me a kiss and licking her lips seductively. “Miss you!” She mouthed to the camera.

I smiled as I looked down at my naked body with my hard cock, balls, tummy and chest all covered in thick white sticky cum.

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