Shopping Trip

Author: LOVELY

Few days later I wanted to go on my own little shopping spree and spend some money on myself like us ladies do so I took myself off up the town and into my favorite boutique and enjoyed a few hours looking at all the new clothes, shoes and undies. I love nice underwear and I know how much it turns Paul on when I dress up for him in silk and lace especially silky slips, stockings and suspenders and lacy panties so I had a good look at what was on offer in the shop. It quite turns me on the feel of soft silk against my body and I love to wear lacy panties with a smooth silky bottom part that way I can feel the smoothness on my pert arse and the rough lace over my pussy especially when I have just shaved and I am ultra smooth between my legs. I looked through the rails of lingerie and I am always drawn to white and pastel shades I feel more feminine in these colors. Occasionally I will buy black or red if I am feeling tarty or in a seductive mood and I want a good fucking session with Paul.

Now I know that not many girls wear slips either the half type or full slips but I do like them and so does Paul so if I see any new styles I always get one as there not that expensive and the ones that are lavished with lace around the bottom and split up the thy are really sexy especially if I am wearing a split skirt and it can be seen when I walk or sit down and my skirt falls open to reveal all this lovely lace. I do like to show off in public and love to get admiring glances from the guys and for some reason I get a bigger buzz if I see another girl looking at me I look at them in approval so why shouldn’t I enjoy the attention. Right okay I have selected some new undies to try on nice virgin white lacy bra matching deep suspender belt with the old fashioned wide suspenders and metal clasps three each side so I can wear my fashioned stockings which make my legs look so long especially my seamed ones. I went for French knickers to compliment the set lavishly trimmed with lace especially in that all important area that covers my pussy and silky everywhere else. I was already wearing stockings and I have plenty at home so I didn’t need another pair.

Now I looked through the rail of slips and found two I liked, one quite long to go with my longer split skirts and dresses and a shorter one just above the knee that was trimmed with about 5 inches of lace that would just reveal my stocking tops and suspenders if my skirt rode up a little I chose white to go with my other undies. So try on time now, I spoke to one of the assistants to direct me to the communal changing room and off I went. I was in the changing room and just slipping out of my dress when the assistant I spoke to earlier came in to see if she could help in any way. Pleasant lady about late thirties attractive with a good figure and lovely legs. I was struggling with the zip of my dress and she helped me unzip. I slipped out of my dress and unclipped my bra and in the mirror I saw the assistant watching me and judging by her facial expressions she was enjoying the show. I slowly let my bra straps slip down my shoulders and turned towards her and let my bra slip off my breasts to reveal my erect nipples. Mmmm nice figure madam the assistant spluttered I told her to sit down and enjoy as I caressed my breasts and teased my nipples even harder and cupped and lifted my breasts so she could see I love to be caressed in this area.

My head started to race a little and I was getting very turned on and couldn’t really believe I was the floor show for another complete stranger and another woman at that. I came over close to her and lifted her hand to my breast and let her stroke me, quickly her other hand slid over my belly and she was heading towards my sex. Teasingly I pushed her away and spun round and bent right over in front of her face so she could get a full view of my arse in my tight full bottomed panties. I put my hand between my legs and stroked my self, as I rubbed my hand over my cunt I could feel I was soaking and my panties where glistening with my cum. I eased backwards to my audience and in a husky voice told her to take them down for me. She reached for the waist band of my panties and slowly slid them down over my arse cheeks and then she spun me round so she could ease the front down. In one quick movement she had my panties down to my knees and she just stared in admiration at my silky smooth shaved pussy.

Her hand expertly caressed my belly and slowly slid down to my sex and she teased my now very erect clit. There am I stood in this changing room with my panties down to my knees and my legs spreading as wide as I can get them with my panties on and I have this complete stranger giving me so much pleasure I am shaking with sexual desire. As her hot wet mouth covered my cunt and her soft tongue explored my cunt lips I grabbed her head and forced it so hard against my sex she new I was going to explode in her face and she made it happen for me. Wow did I cum she held my cunt lips open wide as her tongue flicked at my clit and I was spurting, the more she licked the more I shot my load all over her sexy mouth and I could hear her moaning which made it more pleasurable knowing she was getting as much out of this encounter as I was. She held my orgasm for as long as it was pleasurable and it came to the point I was so alive I couldn’t take any more and eased her head away from my sex. She looked up at me and I could see my hot clear spunk dripping from her mouth and I leant forward and passionately kissed her and we enjoyed the sweet taste of my love juice together.

God she was an expert lover in female to female satisfaction and the more we kissed the more I wanted from her. Her hands where all over me, at my breasts, squeezing my arse cheeks, at my dripping quivering cunt and I didn’t want her to stop. She eased me away and cleaned her lips and then reached for my new undies. She unclipped my suspender belt and slowly unclipped my stockings. The new crisp white suspender was slid in place and fastened I could feel her hot breath against my skin as she dressed me and my sexual desires where building again I wanted her now but she was the master of tease and self control and I knew on this occasion she was having her fun at my expense and pleasure. With my new suspender belt in place she made me step into the French knickers and she slowly slid them up my stocking clad legs and into place over my pert arse and covering my extremely hot and horny cunt. Next the bra slid into place and fastened she adjusted my breasts to give me the maximum cleavage to show off my assets. Rolling the slip in her hands she slid it over my head and down my body and then she stroked all my silky new undies into place and gently teasing me in all the right places as she did this.

She lead me to the changing room mirror and asked me if I approved as she stood behind me and admired my body in all this fresh white silk and lace lingerie. She came in close and nuzzled my ear and whispered “I think madam looks very inviting in her new lingerie” and feeling her hot breath again I nearly creamed in my new knickers. I will leave you now to make your mind up on your new purchase. Well I just leant against the wall and regained my composure and just remembered that experience. I slipped on my dress and left the new undies on and quickly put my others into the shopping bag as time was moving on and I had to get home for Paul. I went to the cash desk to pay for my new lingerie and the assistant rung up the payment and then handed me the receipt, smiled and wished me a good day. As I walked from the shop I looked at the cost of my purchases and then turned over the receipt and she had written her details down, Danielle, call me some time and her phone number, I looked back and smiled at her and thought yes most definitely.

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