Bride’s Black Wedding Gift

Author: Seduced2Cheat

Mrs. White beamed triumphantly as she fixed her daughter’s hair in the mirror. Katelyn White was gorgeous, her long blonde tresses gathered elegantly on top of her head, looking the picture of youthful purity in her white satin wedding gown. Tears of joy came to Mrs. White’s eyes as she pictured her daughter walking down the aisle with John Barton.

John Barton, only son and heir to Louis Barton, was one of the most eligible bachelors in the county. Plus, he was strikingly handsome, even giving old Mrs. White’s heart a little flutter when he smiled. She had been so proud when Katelyn had announced their engagement. Her old heart had nearly burst!

Many times she and Mr. White had been close to despair over their daughter’s future. Especially when Katelyn had brought home that young black boy. What was his name?

Derek. Mrs. White shivered just thinking of the large black man. How many times had she begged her daughter to stop seeing him? She had lost count. Just when she had given up all hope, Katelyn had broken up with Derek and met John. It was a testament to John’s strong character that he would marry Katelyn, even after the scandal she had caused.

Now, here she was, helping her daughter prepare for the most important day of her life. She wanted to cry she was so happy, but she knew she had to be strong. After all, there was a wedding to take care of and the day was far from over.

Just as Mrs. White was putting the final touches to Katelyn’s hair, there was a loud knock on the dressing room door.

“Who could that be?” Mrs. White scampered over to the door, her daughter strangely quiet.

Mrs. White felt her stomach plummet when she saw Derek standing there, glaring down at her. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt that contrasted sharply against his chocolate skin. The frumpy matron gulped air and Derek smiled.

“Hello, Mrs. White. I’ve come to see the bride.”

“You…you…”Mrs. White spluttered, momentarily unable to form a coherent sentence. “You shouldn’t be here!”

“Really?” Derek adopted a look of mock embarrassment. “Well, I’m so sorry. I thought I was invited.”

Mrs. White’s face was slowly turning an unseemly shade of red, when she felt her daughter’s steady hand on her shoulder.

“Mother. It’s OK. I asked Derek to come.”

Mrs. White’s eyes opened wide.

“Please. Let Derek and I talk and then he’ll go.”

Mrs. White felt light headed as her daughter pushed her firmly into the hall and shut the door behind her and her black ex-boyfriend.

Katelyn turned angrily as soon as the door was closed.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought you said I was invited?”

Derek smirked and Katelyn felt anger flush her body.

“I just said that so my mother wouldn’t make a scene. Now tell me what you want.”

Derek eyed the beautiful blonde in the perfect white wedding dress. He couldn’t believe this was the same hot little blonde piece of ass he’d been fucking just a couple of months ago. She looked so prim and proper, about to become Mrs. John Barton. He wanted to prove to himself, and to her, that she was the same girl he had taken time and again.

“Derek! Don’t!”

The glittering engagement ring flashed brightly as she fought against Derek’s huge arms. He pulled her into a tight hug, looking lustfully down at the young bride.

Come on, Katelyn! I just want to give you a wedding present.”

Derek’s lips covered Katelyn’s and she moaned softly. Her thoughts were confused as her pussy hummed with remembered lust. Derek’s huge black hands roamed over the beautiful wedding dress and she began to submit to his advances.

Derek pulled his mouth away, looking down at the young beauty. Her face was flushed, her lips parted expectantly, waiting for another kiss. Derek laughed.

“See, I knew you wanted it, bitch! You always want my big cock. The only reason you’re marrying John Fucking Barton is to make your mama happy!”

Katelyn opened her eyes and, as if just realizing what was happening, began to struggle again.
“That’s not true! I’m marrying John because I love him!”

“You can’t deny what we had, baby!”

“All we had was sex! We didn’t have anything else. John’s good to me. He gives me all that I need!”

“No, bitch! I’ve got what you need!”

Derek grabbed the young bride’s hand and placed it over the bulge in his jeans. He was hard and he rubbed her hand over the entire length.

“You remember this don’t you, baby?”

Katelyn gulped.

“I’d forgotten how big it was!”

“John Fucking Barton can’t give you what I got, can he?”

Katelyn said nothing, her face burning with shame, her body burning with something else. She couldn’t believe she was standing there, in her wedding dress, rubbing Derek’s’ cock through the fabric of his jeans. Still, she couldn’t deny the reality of the intense heat that was flooding into her body.

She loved John. He could give her everything she wanted. But, as she felt that huge cock, she realized that he could not give her everything she needed.


Derek ignored her pleas, sensing the submission in her voice. He whirled the bride around and pushed her down over the dressing table. Katelyn watched in the mirror, helpless with desire as the huge black stud peeled off his shirt, revealing a sculpted chest and arms. She heard the zipper on his jeans, then felt his hands pull up on the lacy hem of her dress.

“Please…” she pleaded again. “Don’t do this…”

Derek yanked her panties violently down over her ass and rubbed the thick head of his cock against Katelyn’s pussy, sliding the slick head up and down her juicy slit. She was already wet, and from the way she was moaning, Derek knew the young bride was ready for a good, hard fucking.

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