Author: David Williams

She sat astride the stallion, a sleek and black and powerfully muscled beast. As he strode forward, she could feel his muscles working; feel the vibration of his movement as she spread her legs wider to make full contact of her shaved lips against him. She dug in her heels and made him canter around the yard through the mud, the muck splashing and dripping from him in a delicious way.

He was shaved bare as all her beasts were. His cock hanging down proudly, he was her powerful stud and his meat swung back and forth as he moved. She pet his shaved head and sweaty back as she ground her pussy against him, mixing her juices with his sweat. He shivered and she laughed out loud, she loved knowing he was getting aroused.

His tail was shoved firmly in his ass and was a beautifully long plume of jet black hair. After long training, he knew to shake it as he cantered, to be beautiful for her. His harness was of the finest black leather set with silver studs that seemed to almost burst with brilliance against his black skin.

She rubbed her cunt on him faster as he cantered around the yard. Passing the serving girl, she waved to her, the girl smiled and waved back, her big bare tits swinging as she did. She wore only her own harness, not a riding harness but a fucking one. She could be grabbed in any number of ways and held in any number of positions and fucked at Mistresses will. As she stood there waving, she was dripping the cum from the butler and pool boy down her legs. She was, in Mistresses opinion, one of the finest sluts around anywhere.

Mistress pulled the reigns hard and brought the stallion to a halt. A finally long hard grind and she kicked her heels in viciously as she had a climax on his back. Swinging a leg over him, she dismounted, leaving him covered in her sex. His cock was rock hard and hanging in perfect profile. She smiled. He was such a good horsey.

Walking over to Slut, she held out her hand for a towel and mopped her brow with it. The sun was amazingly hot today. “I need to be rubbed with oil.” She said and Slut jumped to action, running back into the barn and returning with a small bottle of perfumed body oil.

“May I Mistress?” Slut asked and Mistress nodded and held up her arms. Slut poured a small measure of the expensive oil into her hand and then recapped the bottle and began to massage Mistress’s body, coating her with the sensual liquid.

Her hands gliding over her breasts and belly, down her back and over her ass cheeks; Mistress smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the pampering. She also knew Stallion was watching, although he should be looking straight forward, she knew he was peeking. As the girl began to rub her lower abdomen, Mistress reached out and pushed Slut to her knees. Grabbing her hair she lifted one leg slightly to allow her access to her pussy.

suck my cunt.” She ordered and Slut obeyed immediately and with great enthusiasm.

Mistress didn’t let go of her hair, instead she steadied herself with it and began to grind on the girls face, rubbing her pussy up and down on her. She opened her eyes and saw Stallion watching and laughed at his twitching hard on. He was hung well, that was for certain. When she had obtained him, she had him measured and weighed. He was a whopping 11 inches and very thick with big, heavy balls full of sweet cum.

His whole body seemed to twitch as he watched Slut licking and sucking Mistress. She loved being watched. She began to moan and urge the girl on, whispering evil dirty things, nasty vile thoughts and threats if she didn’t give her a great orgasm. Slut sucked and licked and fingered her pussy, thrashing her head back and forth as though trying to slide herself deep into Mistresses cunt.

Screaming YES over and over, Mistress stepped forward and held Slut up by the hair as she leaned back. Her pussy was now over the girl and as she started to cum, all her juices dripped onto the girl and flowed over her. Mistress came lots and the girl had no chance to swallow all of it so it drizzled down her body and face as she made great slurping noises and tried to drink as much as she could.

Stallion’s cock had a single drop of precum at the hole. She could see it glisten in the sun. A single drop, he was that turned on that he was already dripping cum for her. Mistress laughed as she dismounted the girls face and left her therein the dirt, dripping with cum; she walked over to Stallion, her legs covered with oil, sweat and cum. sliding her fingers up and down her sloppy wet slit, she held them out to the beast to sniff and lick. He whinnied and suckled her fingers like teats, getting every drop of taste off them he could.

“Mmmm my little Stallion’s hungry aren’t you?” She purred at him and he tosses his bald head in agreement.

Turning to Slut, who was still dutifully kneeling in the dirt, dripping with her cum she reached back and grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her around and led her on hands and knees in front of Stallion. Pushing her down into the mud, she lifted her ass and spread her legs so her cunt was in perfect mounting position. “Stay,” she commanded and walked over to the box of items near the gate, returning seconds later with two long wooden stakes and a buggy whip.

She placed the stakes through two metal loops on Slut’s harness and pushed them into the ground, pinning her in place. Stepping back she took three quick test snaps with the whip and smiled at the evil hiss and pop it made. Aiming one at the girls ass, she snapped her ass cheek with just a kiss, but a bright red angry mark appeared almost instantly and the girl squealed in pain. Oh, how she loved that sound.

Turning back to Stallion who was by now, ravenous to say the least. His cock was twitching and bouncing in excitement. “Mount her.” She commanded and snapped him just above the shoulder blade. His muscles twitched but he made no noise. He did however move forward and straddle the helpless Slut. His cock was hard enough and Slut was sloppy wet enough that he thrust in without trouble. His long, black cock vanished into her pink soft cunt.

Mistress waited and as he began to slowly slide in and out she growled in frustration. “Is that how I taught you to fuck?” The whip hissed and snapped across his ass cheeks several times, the black skin raising up into deep purple welts. “I said fuck her!” She snapped him again and again.

His fucking picked up in pace slightly; he began to fuck the girl full deep strokes. She squealed each time the full eleven inches was buried in her, but she could take it. She was, after all, a slut. Still, Mistress wanted more. This was pussy boy shit.

Grabbing his pony tail butt plug she pulled on it and lifted his cock until only the head was in the girl and then pushed hard until he slammed back into her. She pulled him back out and then pounded it back into the girl faster and faster, again and again. Stallion groaned in pain as the big plug pulled at his asshole each time she lifted him up and pushed him back down.

“That’s fucking. That is what you are to do. Don’t give me that pussy boy bull shit again. That is not how I trained you. Now, fuck for me!” She began to lash full blows across his ass for emphasis. He winced in pain, but fucked the girl harder and deeper. Mistress felt her pussy dripping juices down her leg as she whipped Stallions beautiful black ass again and again, more and ore savagely.

Motivated by pain, he fucked Slut as hard as he could, slamming his huge horse cock into her so hard and fast, she couldn’t even breathe. “You like it? You like being fucked in the mud like the little slut you are?” Mistress asked her and she nodded and gasped for air.

“I knew you would. Now fuck her good and fill her sweet lil cunny up.” She snapped Stallion again across the ass and he grunted and pounded the girl’s pussy hard. “Good boy. Goooood boy . . . now that makes me proud of you.” Mistress called to him and he threw his head back and began to moan as he got close to cumming.

“Yes! Come on my big black stud. Fuck her little pussy good. Fill her for me. Fill her for me!” Mistress dug her long nails into his back as he fucked, dragging them across his flesh and leaving great scratches across his back. He closed his eyes and exhaled a huge breath, slamming his cock into Slut and then holding it deep in her. Then he pulled half out and slammed back in again. Mistress watched Slut’s eyes roll in her head as she felt the huge load of cum pumped into her. He did another few half pumps to empty his balls and then slid off the girl.

Mistress stroked his sweating ebony skin and he leaned into her. He was such a good steed. Reaching down, she pulled out the stakes pinning Slut in the mud. “Get up.” She told the girl. Slut stood and made a wet, sloppy slurping noise as the air escaped her pussy. A large glob of cum squished out her pussy and mixed with the mud running down her legs. Mistress smiled, yes, she loved seeing Slut well fucked.

“Take him and hose him down.” She ordered Slut. Looking between his legs, his cock was still impressive even half hard. “Make sure to suck his cock clean and water him well. He earned it.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Slut replied and took hold of Stallions reigns and began to lead him to the back of the barn.

“And bring me the pretty golden maned one next; I want to play with my new lil pony boy.” She called after Slut and grinned, thinking of the evil things in store for him. Leaning against the fence, she closed her eyes and felt the sun baking her nude body. Absently she played with her pussy, keeping it soaking wet for the next pony. God, she loved horses.

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