Author: David Williams

She wore jingle bells on her ankles. I could hear her jingling through the house as she was looking for me. I looked up from my book and had to smile, hearing her enter one room after another. So quiet in her search, just the jingle of bells to give her away.

I could imagine her long brown hair swirling about her shoulders, expectant face peeking into each room looking for me. I had to grin to keep myself from calling out to her; she wasn’t even on the right floor. I could hear her moving room to room upstairs, looking, then moving on. I took my snifter of brandy and sipped the fiery liquid and waited for her.

I heard her feet on the stairs as she came down towards me. I knew just what she looked like walking down the steps, her lithe nude body with tight perky tits bouncing. Her sweet face looking all around. I had to chuckle as I heard her stop, the slight squeal of a bare foot spinning on the floor as she spun around deciding which way to go first.

I shifted my position and allowed my foot to tap the ground loudly. I heard her pause, try to figure out where the sound came from and then, realizing where I was, take off running. The bells jingled loudly as she ran down the hall to me. As she came running into the room, I had to laugh, the look of utter glee on her face was so precious.

“Daddy!” She yelled running over to me. “I couldn’t find you!”

“I was right here baby girl.” I said kissing her forehead.

“But. . .but. . .I wasn’t here so I couldn’t find you. I looked and looked.”

“But you did find me,” I said and she grinned.

“Yesh. I finds you here where you were.” She snuggled into me.

I allowed her to snuggle her face into my chest for a few minutes and then asked her, “Baby girl. . . .” She looked up at me, “Why were you looking for me?”

She grinned again, “Oh ya. I wanted to find you cause I was horny.” She nodded in agreement with her own statement.

“You were horny?” I asked and tried not to bust out laughing.

“Yesh. I was looking at the toys and thinking I was very horny and wanted to play but. . .I’m a good girl and didn’t.. . cause I’m a good girl.” She nodded, agreeing with herself again.

“Well, I see.” I smiled at her, she was so damn cute when she was in baby girl mode. She was a very unusual sub to be sure. At times she was the smoldering seductress, at times she was the pain slut, and then. . .at times . . . she was baby girl.

“Daddy!” She pouted and brought me back to the current moment. “I’s horny and you aren’t listening to me when I was telling you what a good girl I was.”

“Yes, I did and you were a good girl.” I assured her.

“Then how come you haven’t said I could go play cause good girls can play cause they are good girls!” She asked and even confused herself with that question. I had to laugh.

“Not nice laughing.” She pouted.
“Hmmm, maybe cause daddy wants to play too.” I said and smiled and she grinned from ear to ear and kissed me with a sloppy wet kiss and then hugged me.

“I be right back.” She said and jumped up and before I could stop her raced out of the room. Seconds later she reappeared and smiled and blushed, “I fergets to tell you to stay here so I can finds you again cause you know I couldn’t find you before I looked all over and I couldn’t.”

I laughed, “I’ll stay right here.” I assured her.

“Yesh.” She said grinning and raced from the room again.

I could hear her footfalls as she raced through the house and the ever present jingling of her bells. I could tell exactly where she was each second of her run. That was why I had put bells on her to start with, to keep track of her easier. I heard a crash as she dumped her toy box on the bed and vibrators and dildos and every type of sex toy lumped into a pile. Then her giggle as she found what she wanted, followed by her running feet and the sound of the bells returning.

She came back into the room at a full run, arms loaded with sex toys. I started laughing because it looked like she brought everything. There were dildos sticking out in all directions and anal beads barely held by the string and she had a big grin on her face.

“Did you bring everything?” I asked still laughing.

“No.” she said with a pouty look.

“Well, how can I use all of that on you at once?” I asked. She stared at everything and tried to figure out a way of doing it and then grinned and shrugged.

“Exactly. Now . . . baby girl. . .why don’t you pick one or two things to play with and we will use those and then we can use the rest another night?”

She grinned and nodded and her hair bounced all over as she did. She stared at the armload of toys intently and then walked to the coffee table and placed them all in a pile and stared some more before finally choosing.

She picked out a vibrating, inflatable butt plug and nipple clamps and held them up to me triumphantly. “These.” She said beaming with pride.

“Okay.” I had to laugh. The butt plug was something she at first hated and now was one of her favorites, especially when getting fucked hard at the same time. “Bring them here.” I told her and she did, flopping into my lap as she handed them to me.

“That one is to go . . . in. . .to go in. . .my. . .” She said pointing at the butt plug.

“Yes baby girl, I know where it goes.” I told her and she grinned. “And I know what these are for too.” I said picking up the nipple clamps and testing them out. She shivered and nuzzled against my neck.

I took her chin with one finger and lifted it to face me and kissed her. She had such wonderfully full lips that were so soft to kiss. She immediately perked up and began to kiss me back with a hunger. As we kissed she turned herself half way facing me so I could play with her nipples, pulling on them and pinching them until they were rock hard.

There was no need to speak; we knew each other that well. As I kissed down her neck and nibbled on her, she leaned back and purred in my ear and then giggled. I slid my arms under her and stood, lifting her up and carrying her with ease to the divan and setting her down. Our kissing never stopped; our mouths and tongue never lost touch.

I let my hands begin to slide over her body and explore her, playing with her perky B cup breasts and hard nipples. She moaned and arched her back into my touches and then groaned as I pulled on the nipples hard. I could smell she was wet and ready even now, she had been obviously thinking of this for a while before coming to find me.

As one hand slid over her belly and between her legs, she spread them as far as she could and allowed me to slide right into her pussy. She was so wet, it was like her lips sucked my fingers in hungrily. As I began to finger her she gasped and began to moan in my ear.

“Oh Daddy . . . see how wet it is for you? All for you Daddy.” I began sucking her sensitive nipples and she lost the ability to continue to speak coherently. She arched her back more and bit her lip as her body began to quiver.

I fingered her faster and deeper, the palm of my hand spanking her swollen clit as I did. The wet sloppy smacking sound resonated through the room along with the jingle of her bells as she grabbed and pulled her legs wide open for me. Her wetness splattered as I fingered her harder and faster until she screamed for me and came on my hand.

I allowed her to cool down for a few seconds. slowly withdrawing my fingers and stopping the suction on her nipple. As her body clenched and then relaxed I waited, felt her muscles ripple and quiver. Then she took a deep breath and shook and her orgasm came full force. That was when I bit her nipple hard and slid my fingers back into her all the way and wiggled them. She cried out and grabbed me and held me to her tightly as she came.

“Daddy. . . ” she whispered to me, “ooooooo. . . Daddy. . . ” She shook and tried to speak. I waited and kissed her neck and whispered soothing words.

As she drifted and relaxed, I took my fingers out of her and took the nipple clamps in my wet hands. Opening the clover clamps, I applied both at once and then tugged them. She screamed and her eyes shot open as her body convulsed into another orgasm. She arched her back and writhed in agony/ecstacy as I gently tugged on the nipple clamps, moaning just gutteral oooo sounds as she shook.

I let the clamps go slack and allowed her to calm again and then stood and went back to the pile of toys. Looking through it I quickly located the bottle of lubricant and took it and returned to her. I had placed her so that her ass was hanging just slightly off the divan, with her legs spread it presented the perfect angle to enter her sweet little hole.

Opening the bottle I squeezed out a glop of lube and allowed it to heat on my fingers for a moment before gently teasing her asshole with it, slowly greasing her up, allowing one finger to slip into her and rub the slippery liquid inside as well. She moaned and pulled her legs open as wide as she could for me. I finished applying that bit of lube to her asshole and took up the butt plug and the bottle and squirted about 4 times the amount all over that, making sure it was well lubed for her ass.

“You ready baby girl? Gonna take it sweet for Daddy?” I asked her in hushed tones.

She nodded. “For you Daddy.”

“I know baby girl.” I pressed the tip of the butt plug against her asshole. “For me baby girl.” I wiggled it back and forth and slowly began to work it into her. She groaned and moaned and bit her lip as the thick part pressed into her tight little hole. She let out a squeal as her asshole finally swallowed it and then I let her adjust, slowly her asshole relaxed and so did she.

Her breathing returned to near normal and she grinned as she adjusted to the big piece of rubber in her ass. I reached up and began to pull gently on her nipple clamps again and she moaned and smiled back at me. Grinning at her, I turned on the butt plug, the engine giving out a low dull buzz as it shook to life. She gasped and her eyes shot back open and she could only say “Ooooo” over and over again.

I laughed and took the inflation pump and turned the valve closed and gave it a half pump. It wasn’t enough air to really make it that much bigger but she noticed it. I gave it a full pump and she moaned. After four more pumps her ass was stuffed full and the vibrations shook all the way through her soul. She was shaking and biting her lip.
I gave it several more pumps and she was stretched and stuffed full. She was trying to talk but unable to, she just made little noises and nodded yes again and again. I pulled on the nipple clamps and she cried out and arched her back. I smiled, I loved it when she was unable to do anything but quiver and cum for me but, I wanted to push her over the edge.

Leaning close to her ear I started to whisper. “Baby girl. . . I want you to be such a good girl for me now. Daddy wants you to do something for him. . .you want to don’t you?” I asked and she nodded again and again.

“Good girl . . . then Daddy wants you to. . .” I let my words trail off and jerked the nipple clamps hard. “You are listening aren’t you?” I asked and she nodded again and whimpered.

“Good.” I said as my free hand slipped down her body and between her legs. I positioned my hand against her pussy and then whispered in her ear.

“Baby girl. . .Daddy wants. . .” I pressed my thumb against her lips and slid it between them, “you to. . . ” I slid my thumb into her pussy until my hand was pressed into her slit. “I want you to suck my thumb baby girl. . .suck Daddy’s thumb good for him.”

That was enough, she screamed and her pussy clenched vise like to my thumb as she started to cum. She cried out and thrashed around and her pussy got a death grip on my thumb, sucking it hard into her. She looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Cum for Daddy baby girl. Cum now!” I ordered her and she cried out again and arched her back as she began to shake all over almost violently.

As she came I let her pussy suck on my thumb but I turned off the vibrator and let the air out of her. As the butt plug shrunk she slowly relaxed. I slid my thumb out of her and then undid the nipple clamps and she curled into a fetal position in my arms, shaking and unable to speak.

I held her for long minutes as she just shook and quivered all over. Not stroking her, just holding her, since any touch right now was almost painful to her she was so over sensitized. She snuggled against me and moaned in my ear. I kissed her and whispered soothing words to her and told her what a good girl she was. Each time I said good girl she pushed harder into me.

The only sound was her breathing and her bells, jingling slightly as she quivered. I held her until her body relaxed and she came back to her senses. I kissed her cheeks and she smiled at me and cooed her pleasure at my attention.

When she finally had recovered I slid the butt plug out and she was finally able to close her legs fully. She curled up against me and I kissed her and asked her if she wanted water. She nodded and I told her I’d be right back and left to get some.
No sooner had I gone to the kitchen and gotten a glass down then I heard the sound of bells jingling. I stopped and listened and heard them up on the second floor. I waited and listened and she was running around up there. I laughed and waited, sure enough, moments later I heard her voice calling out.


“What?” I called back.

“You come find me now!” She said and giggled.

I shook my head and laughed and listened to the bells jingle as she raced around to find a hiding place. It was going to be a long night I guess.

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