Author: Dan

The house was on an isolated back road about 2 hours from the city. When we arrived, the only light that glowed was the one above the front door and I felt nervous and exhilarated as we climbed the stairs. My escort knocked and we waited in the feeble illumination for someone to admit us. As the door opened I was stricken with a sharp jabbing fear but it quickly passed as the man who had answered our knock smiled pleasantly and reached out for my hand and kissed it.

“Hello” he said, “Everybody is here and all is ready for our precious little virgin.”

His words steeled me with confidence bringing me back to a complete and determined acceptance of the situation. I smiled back at our host and told him I was excited and more than ready for what was to take place. He led us through the house until we reached a room where 5 men stood dressed only in loincloths and my eyes scanned their oiled muscular bodies that glowed wickedly in the candlelight.

My escort left my side and two half naked women approached and began to undress me. They looked at me lovingly as they disrobed me and one of them placed a garland of deep red roses with spiky thorns around my throat. I was shivering with apprehension and my virgin pussy was wet and impassioned with haunting anticipation. The women led me over to the large oblong table in the middle of the room and I stepped up onto it standing naked and still while the men’s eyes roamed over every part of my body. I turned around slowly to face the host as I had been instructed to do by the women.

He told me to sit on the edge of the table and then he began to examine my flesh and all its secret crevices. His hands were like whispers on my breasts as he brushed the nipples lightly making them stand out hard and erect, until they were in full bloom. He gently pushed me onto my back so he could spread my legs and he began to appraise my genitals.

He had to make sure I was a virgin because if I had been lying I would not have been welcome in this house. As he pulled my cunt lips apart my clitoris tingled with wanton desire and I hoped he would touch it, even if only just once. He pressed his thumb up against it gently and I felt a rush of heat as it swelled with blood and I ground myself hard up against the sweet pressure. He looked at me with his dark hooded eyes and then he slowly inserted one of his long thick fingers inside my hot wet cunt.

I was trembling noticeably and a thin layer of sweat exuded from my skin as goose bumps popped up all over me making me tingle and writhe slightly in a flurry of quiet passion. The host extracted his finger and it was slimy and wet with my juices and he put it in his mouth to taste the peppery nectar and then he declared, “Our virgin is ready to be deflowered!”

The women appeared again and they helped me lay down, and one of them placed a white satin pillow under my head and the other slid a slightly larger one under my hips. They stood behind me and each held one of my arms restraining me and my body was stretched and tensed for the impending abuse that was to shatter my sexual innocence.

The men moved over closer now and they made a circle around me. They each sported a large swelling underneath the cloth that barely covered their maleness and some of them touched themselves crudely with deep lust in their intense eyes. The host came forward then and held a burning candle above my belly and praised the Gods of Sex in a loud compelling voice.

The wax dripped from the stem and it burned and sizzled on my hot skin making me squirm and whimper quietly. The women tugged on my arms and whispered to me to be still. The host bent down and kissed my mouth with tenderness I did not expect and then he moved away again.

One of the men waiting patiently in the circle around me stepped forward and fell to his knees and began to lick my pussy slowly with his soft wet tongue. Another came to me and we engaged in a deep passionate kiss as I began to feel hands and fingers and slippery warm flesh touching my breasts my belly my thighs and my feet.

The man that lapped at my sodden pussy stood and declared that he would take my virginity and that he would do it now! Two others came to stand beside him and each took one of my long silky legs and held them wide apart and as high as they could stretch them. All of the men including the host gathered around him and dropped their loin cloths exposing enormous throbbing penis’s some of which dribbled clear sticky liquid as they pulled on them groaning and whispering to each other.

I watched the man who was to perform this monstrous ritual on my repressed chastity and when our eyes locked he entered me and in one hard deep thrust he broke through the membrane of my hymen and a shocking startling pain shot through my entire body.

I screamed in my wretched agony and then he began to fuck me in earnest as if possessed by demons. The pain stopped abruptly when he pulled out his big spent cock and I saw that it was red and stained with my blood. When the next man entered me seconds later my pussy throbbed around the giant thing he stabbed me with sending me into raptures of painful intense sexual pleasure and I thrust my hips at him in an urgent frantic way.

He was sweating and his body shone with oil and when he pulled himself out of me he squirted his semen all over my quivering belly and my jutting pubic mound. It was hot and tinged with red and just before he left me he bent down and licked some of it up with his tongue. The women let go of my arms and as the third man mounted me they went to the first man and while one kissed his mouth tenderly the other knelt and performed fellatio on his still rigid blood spattered penis. Each of the men took their turn in my debauchery and led me on an exquisite carnal path of no return.

It wasn’t until the host himself embedded his enormous fleshy organ inside me that I felt my orgasm rising up from the depths of the depravity that had lay hidden inside me until now. I reached up and put my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the table and I wrapped my legs tightly around his hips. He thrust me down viciously onto his huge pulsating weapon and it was then as a gush of warm sticky blood streamed wetly from my vagina that a crescendo of hot sudden contractions burst deep inside me and left me trembling and twitching in uncontrollable spasms of sheer ecstasy. Everyone gathered together around us and we all kissed and fondled each other until we were lost in a frenzied orgy of uninhibited depraved lust.

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