Roadside Assistance

Author: Steph

“Are you ready to go?” I asked. “Yeah, just lemme grab a few other things and I’ll meet you at the car.” I picked up my bags and headed for the trunk. Ahh this weekend was going be great. We were off to see some friends from college. We hadn’t found time since graduation for all of us to get together until now. It had been almost two years. I couldn’t help but wonder if either of them had changed. I wondered if they would freak out once they found out that Stefanie and I weren’t just ‘good friends’. I never know how anyone will react when they see us together, two women holding hands, obviously in love. Oh well, she and I were happy and that’s all that mattered to me.

Stefanie rushed out of the house, trying to handle four bags and a cooler. “My God woman, whatcha packing so much for, it’s just a weekend stay.” “Well, ya never know what’s gonna happen and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.” She’d put our pillows and a blanket in the back seat earlier this morning. She was the epitome of a boy scout! I shoved her bags into the trunk and prayed it would close.

And we were off.

After a few hours of shifting through radio stations and reminiscing about the old times, the car lurched and felt like we lost power. She quickly pulled over and stopped the car. This couldn’t have come at a worse time. It had just gotten dark; we were about 150 miles from Mark and Tina, in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know a thing about cars and neither did Stefanie. She picked up the cell phone and shook her head. “The battery is dead babe.” We must have sat in silence for about five minutes when Stefanie looked over at me. “Well, might as well make the best of it.” Her grin was mischievous. She was up to something.

She brought her hand over to my thigh and began to rub it gently. Every time she touched me like that, my whole body tingled. She leaned over to me and slipped her tongue from her mouth, lightly tracing my lips. I let my tongue slide between my lips and meet hers. We teased each other, our tongues mingling outside of our mouths. Her hand left my thigh and went to my breast. As we deepened the kiss she began to lightly knead my breast, pinching my nipple through my bra and shirt.

She pulled away and looked at the back seat, then back at me and smiled again. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and hopped back into the back seat. Words were not needed to tell me what she wanted. She quickly followed. As soon as she was over the seat she went for my shirt. Before I knew it, it was over my head and on the floorboard. She leaned forward again and kissed me deeply as she wrapped her arms around me and removed my bra. As she did that I was busy with trying to get her shirt off.
Her kisses moved down my jaw line, down my neck and stopped at my exposed breasts. Her tongue swirled around my nipples and her teeth lightly grazed against my skin. I felt goose bumps rise all over my body.

In no time at all we were both naked, our bodies rubbing against each other, our hands exploring and wandering all over each other’s body. She started to move down my body, placing nibbles and kisses along my soft skin. We both realized at the same time that going down one at a time wasn’t feasible. She climbed back up my body and kissed me again. Her nipples rubbed against mine. Damn I was wet, and I wanted her! With a final kiss she pivoted on top of me. As she eased backwards, the scent of her wet pussy filled my nose and made my heart race with anticipation.

She lowered herself completely onto me, her pussy resting on my nose and mouth. I slipped my tongue from between my moistened lips and into hers. She moaned lightly as she felt my tongue slip between her lips. Her soft shaven slit rested against my lips as I began to work my tongue along the length of her clit. Just as I was about to lose myself in her taste and scent, she flicked her tongue along my swollen clit like a serpent. My moan filled the car. She began to lick with her tongue flattened against my clit, slow and steady. She drove me nuts! I tried to push my hips upwards but her weight kept me pinned against the seat. She however, had no trouble shoving her sweet pussy into my face. I returned my focus to her luscious pearl.

I lightly sucked her throbbing clit into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. She squealed in delight. I repeated. She pressed harder against my face. Her pussy completely covered my mouth and nose. Every time I breathed I smelled her and every time I moaned her pussy muffled my ecstasy.
I made my tongue as firm as I could and began to fuck her tight hole with it, like a little cock. Her moans grew more urgent and coaxed me onward. I kept losing myself in the pleasure of her tongue.

I quickened the pace along her clit. My tongue darted back and forth, up and down. I wanted to hear her cum, to feel her sweet juices flow into my mouth. My hands pulled her ass cheeks apart, as she pressed harder onto my face. Barely able to breathe I fucked her pussy with my tongue as I slipped in my finger. She was so tight, so wet, and so warm. I felt her squeeze around my finger, coating it with her slick juices. As her hips began to rock faster against my face, I slipped my finger out of her pussy and into her ass. She gasped and jerked, but squeezed tightly.

Her hips continued to rock, her pussy rubbing against my mouth as my tongue worked her clit. Then her body shuddered and her moans grew extremely loud. “Ohhhhh baby, that’s it! Right there!!” I felt her juices let loose and coat my face as she peaked. She sat up slightly, forcing her pussy into my mouth, and continued to grind against my face.

As her climax subsided she lowered herself back on to my body and returned her attention to my aching clit. Her tongue found it in no time and she quickly sucked it into her mouth. My breathing rapidly became more and more gaspy. I felt the familiar stirring deep within me as her tongue slid in and out of my pussy. Her scent was still strong in my nose, her pussy resting on my mouth. I slipped my tongue from my mouth and idly stroked her clit as she brought me closer and closer to my climax.

I rocked my hips against her tongue and grabbed her ass as I felt myself begin to cum. My moans were desperate as she slipped her middle finger into my pussy. I immediately squeezed her finger tightly. My climax washed over me and I held my breath. She didn’t slow her pace and quickly brought me to the top. I squeezed her ass as I passed over the top. Moans came with every breath. Her pace slowed as she let me down. As my climax subsided she pivoted again and kissed me deeply. Our juices mixed in each other’s mouths.

We both sat there for a moment, gathering our breath and regaining our senses. As we got dressed she looked at me and said, “Guess we better call Mark and Tina now, tell them we’re gonna be late.” And with that she started the car. The little vixen lied to me! She made it all up! I just laughed.

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