Rest Stop

Author: Steph

It was dark and we’d been driving for about four hours when she said she wanted to stretch her legs. We still had about another three hours to go and I didn’t need to be in until tomorrow so we weren’t in any hurry. I told her the next rest stop we came to I’d stop. About three more miles down the highway I pulled into a dimly lit rest stop and parked next to the small building that housed the bathrooms. She got out and walked around a bit before she headed into the women’s bathroom. I quickly picked up the trash we had accumulated throughout the trip and headed for the restrooms as well.

After I tossed the bag of trash into the garbage Karen came out and washed her hands, smiling at me through the dirty mirror. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist as I kissed the back of her neck. She moaned lightly which echoed in the small tiled bathroom. I got a naughty idea. No one was around but us; I could mess with her easily and have my way with her. As we walked back to the car I slid my hands up her body to her breasts. It was slightly chilly so her nipples were already hard and pressed against her thin t-shirt.

She turned around and embraced me as she pressed her soft lips against mine as we leaned against her side of the car. Our tongues roamed each other’s mouths. I slid my hands up her shirt and cupped her breasts. As our kissed continued I raised my arms up pulling her shirt up with them revealing her perfect tits. I leaned down and flicked my tongue around her nipples, teasing her with random touches as I lifted her shirt over her head. Between my attention and the chill in the air, her nipples couldn’t have gotten any harder. Her long brown hair fell to her chest and shoulders once the t-shirt was completely off.

I pressed my body against hers again and kissed her. I could feel her breasts pushing against mine. She leaned forward and began to kiss at my neck working her way up to my earlobe. “I want you baby.” She moaned into my ear and pulled my shirt over my head. Once my shirt was off I opened the car door and got in, laying the seat all the way back. She looked down at me and smiled. We were both only down to our sweat pants. She climbed over me as she got into the car, her breasts hanging inches from my face. She sat in the drivers seat and leaned it as far back as it would go. As she did so, she reached back into her bag and after a few seconds of rummaging she found her dildo.

“You came prepared I see.” “Well, if you got the job I wanted to celebrate.” “And what if I don’t?” “We’re still gonna have some fun Katie,” she said with a smirk, “Now we’ve gotta do something about those sweat pants though baby.” She started tugging at the waist but couldn’t get them past my hips until I lifted my ass from the seat. Before I knew it she had worked my pants down my legs and off my feet. I moved to take off hers but she told me she had something in mind for me.

I quivered at the thought. She’s always been a little vixen and I don’t know why that surprised me as much as it did. She slid the pink marbleized silicone cock over my shoulder and down to my chest, circling my hard nipples. She let the cool shaft graze over the tips of my nipples as she carefully and slowly moved the dildo down my body. As she reached my mound she turned her hand so the head of the fake cock rested right at the tip of my slit. She smiled at me as she pressed it against my lips, easily penetrating them and touching my clit.

Waves of anticipation roared through my body and I felt myself grow intensely wet. She slid the dildo further down making sure my lips were surrounding the sides of the shaft and began to tease my hole. She pulled the cock up then pushed it back down, each time letting the dildo enter deeper into my pussy. She looked into my eyes as she worked the cock around my pussy, teasing me with it. The seductive look in her eyes told me she wasn’t going to stop until I came.

I closed my eyes as I felt the cock penetrate me fully. It completely filled my tight pussy and I squeezed around it. She brought her other hand over and let her fingers to start a slow steady rhythm along my swollen clit as she began to fuck my pussy with the fake cock.

My entire body rocked with the flow of the cock, causing the car to rock as well. My breathing had sped up and my moans grew louder as she pumped the dildo in and out of my pussy. She placed a finger on either side of my clit and began to wiggle them. I was totally consumed in the pleasure she was giving me. I rocked my hips, fondled my own breasts, rolling my nipples between my fingers causing my climax to build.

As my body writhed in the seat she read the signs and increased her movements. She pumped the cock in and out faster and stroked my throbbing clit harder with her fingers. I had gotten so loud I couldn’t hear her light moans anymore. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body until my orgasm reached its peak. I held my breath as it washed over me, my back arched and I pressed firmly against her hands. My entire body quivered as she slowly brought me down, easing her strokes until she was sure I was finished.

As she leaned forward to kiss me she carefully removed the dildo from my wetness, wrapped it in the towel, and placed it back in the bag. After I caught my breath I brought the seat back up and pulled on my sweats and t-shirt. She’d already dressed watched me as I did. Our eyes met and she giggled, “That was for good luck.” “I don’t need any luck when you’re around. But I do think you’ll need to drive. I can’t feel my legs.” I handed her the keys and we were off.

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