Get down on your knees

Author: Goblin

He was spending some of his nights cruising porn sites on the internet and I knew it. It didn’t really bother me all that much, our marriage was strong, and our sex life was vanilla-flavored but strong as well. I didn’t worry about him meeting someone and running away from home, even though that sort of story is so common now. We were too strong and happy together, we meshed well, our differences making us stronger as a pair.

Then one day I looked into the history file of the browser on our home computer trying to find a website I had visited the day before. He makes a practice of deleting this information each time he uses the browser but for some reason he hadn’t done that this time. Having a little time to kill, I decided to follow where he had been, see what sort of stuff he was seeking out.
I was really surprised, maybe even stunned. I expected big tits, blow-jobs, gang bangs, close-up shots of the spread pussies of the barely-legal teenage girl that was my image of what internet porn was all about. What I found was dominant women and their men, or better their property.

I’m no virginal little girl, and I’ve seen and heard about domination and submission, bondage, S and M. I’d just never seen the hardcore sites. Women treating their men like slaves, turning them into houseboys, whipping posts and human dildos. And this apparently as a lifestyle, not as some once a month bedroom game with play whips and chains which I have done and enjoyed.

One story told of a woman who kept her business executive husband in a male chastity device. This was a plastic cage thing that locked on behind his balls and kept him from being able to even touch his dick. Its construction made it possible for it to be worn in public without its being seen. And when I say locked-on, I mean that literally. The thing was locked in place with a small brass lock, or with a special plastic one for airline travel. She told gleefully about the repeated marital indiscretions that had led to her putting her husband’s dick under lock and key, with the only key being held by her. She said that within a week he was like a whipped puppy, willing to do anything to please her. Not being able to masturbate daily, and the realization that it was impossible without her permission drove him crazy. And he was neutered in the workplace and the bars, restaurants and business trips that his business dealings required.

And she is a hard-nosed key holder, a cheated-on woman who had been on the verge of divorce. She requires him to do all of the household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, nearly everything, with when or even whether he will be allowed an orgasm again riding on him doing these chores well. He has become an expert on oral sex, massage, foot-rubs, and in wielding a dildo exactly to her pleasure. She especially enjoyed having his face in her pussy, there where his dick longed to be, but his dick being out-of-service. If he were especially good through the week, she would allow him to masturbate but always while she watched. On special occasions only would he be allowed actual sex with her.

Diabolical. As if she had been divorced but gained the revenge that so many women dream about doing to their ex-husband. A terrific turn-on for me too, that power, owning his dick.
Another common theme was cuckolds or hot wives. There seems to be about a million sites, half of which my husband had visited, that are dedicated to men who enjoy the knowledge that their wife is fucking other men and/or women. This was kind of a surprise to me. A man and his wife having sex with another woman, sure, that seems sometimes like the universal male fantasy. But a man sharing his wife or willingly giving her to another man seems like the ultimate male anti-fantasy and sexual no-no to me. But there it was, complete with message boards filled with men wishing and whining about how they want their wives to fuck other men. Some want to watch her get laid. Some want to wait at home wondering about her out fucking her date. Many said they enjoy going down on her and tasting the other man’s tracks as soon as possible after she has sex with him. Some long wistfully for their wife to bring home her lover, fuck him in their bed, allow him (the husband) to serve drinks, and “force” him to suck the lover’s dick.

Maybe the turn-on is that this is the ultimate male no-no. The humiliation involved. That others find your wife sexy enough to desire and pursue her.

The websites he was surfing were all about women in complete charge in life and in the bedroom. Women who can say “Drop that TV remote and eat my pussy,” who expect that just that be done, and who can remind him about the dishes he needs to wash as soon as she is satisfied. Whew. What a turn-on. I want to be one of those women.

The only trouble being that it is a little awkward to just announce to your husband that you now own his ass and he better get down on his knees and lick your clit like it was the object of his worship. What if he had just been browsing these sites in bemusement? We had played with domination, but that was only play.

I took a bath that evening and in my robe I waited for him to come home. He was in the middle of telling me a story from his day when I interrupted him by saying “get down on your knees and lick my clit like it was the object of your worship.” He was momentarily stunned, but when I opened my robe and spread my legs he dug in with gusto. I had an orgasm like a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane. And if he would just play along, his sexual fate was sealed.

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