Supervisor Seduction

Author: Wave

When I was 20, I had a job as an intern at a local manufacturer. I felt mostly like a gopher, but I did learn some valuable things about manufacturing that would be to my benefit. My supervisor was a gorgeous woman who I guessed was probably about 30. She was a serious type of woman, very businesslike, but she really turned me on. She was single, but I would have never thought of asking her out, because I knew she would turn me down. Fantasizing about her was something I began to do on a regular basis, and I’ll admit that I masturbated dozens of times, all the while thinking of her.

One day, she told me that she was being transferred to another city and that my new supervisor was going to be Tim, another guy in our office. I hated to hear this, because I had really gotten quite attached to her. Not to mention that Tim was a royal class-A asshole, but that’s another story.

On her last day at the company, we threw a little party for her with cake and ice cream. Afterward, she packed up all her things from her Office and asked if I would help her load them all into her car. She had a rubber plant which would not fit into her little Grand Am, though, since the plant had grown enormous during the time she worked there. I told her that I would be glad to put it in the back of my pickup truck and follow her to her apartment.

When we got to her apartment and carried everything in, she asked me if I would like a beer. I said sure and she said to make myself comfortable, she wanted to change out of her work clothes. She came out wearing a pair of white denim shorts and very sheer yellow short sleeved top. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, since I could see her hard, pointed nipples through her top.

She must have caught me staring, because she said “what are you looking at?” I said “nothing,” and she replied “why not?” Confused, I said “excuse me?” Then she said “I put this top on hoping to get your attention and I was hoping you were looking at my tits.” I couldn’t even speak, I was so dumbfounded. She walked over to where I was sitting on the couch, climbed onto my lap, and peeled that top right off. She took my hands and moved them to her breasts. This was a woman in charge, and I certainly had no problem with that. I cupped her tits in my hands and just looked at them for a minute. Each was a perfect handful, with a nice, suckable, brown nipple. She then proceeded to list off exactly what was about to take place.

1. You are going to follow me into my bedroom.
2. You are going to strip naked and show me your cock, which will be hard.
3. You are going to help me out of my shorts.
4. I’m going to lie on the bed while you give me a back rub.
5. I will turn over and you will lick, suck, and nibble on my nipples.
6. You will lick my pussy and my clit, and fingerfuck me when I tell you to.
7. You will let me watch you stroke your cock, which will still be hard.
8. You will lay on the bed so that I can suck on your cock, which will be very hard.
9. You will fuck me doggy style until I cum.
10. You will cum on my tits, when I say.

“How does that sound?” She said. “Umm, good, I mean great, fantastic” I said. “Let’s go, then!” she said.

I was sure that I had everything she told me in my mind, and I was gladly going to do everything just as she had told me. When we got to the part where I strip naked, she inspected my cock and said, “nice and hard, just like I said.” Hard was an understatement, I don’t think I’d ever had a hard-on like this before!

She stood in front of me and commanded me to help her out of her shorts. I got down on my knees, unsnapped the top of her shorts, unzipped the fly, and slid her shorts down her legs to the floor. She stood before me, totally naked, and looking 500 times better than I ever imagined in my fantasies.

I sat there staring, and almost forgot about the back rub. She let me know, saying “I told you, I want a back rub.” I apologized, and, as she laid down on her stomach, I got the first good look at her nice, firm ass. She must have been tanning in the nude, because she was brown all over, no tan lines at all. It was hard to concentrate on rubbing her back when I had that fine ass right there. When I tried to move my hands down to her ass to cop a feel, she said “No you don’t, massage my back!” I wanted to get it right, so I continued on her back.

Before I could get a good feel of her ass, she turned over and said, “time to concentrate on my nipples.” Those beautiful nipples were standing at full attention, and she really responded to my licking and sucking. I was kneeling over her to the side, my hard as a rock cock bobbing over her leg. Every once in awhile, she’d reach down and give my cock a few strokes, sliding her hand over the head. That drove me crazy each time she did it, nearly making me shoot each time. But she seemed to know just when to stop.

It all seemed like a dream. Soon, I was licking her clit and pussy, which was dripping wet by now. My cock was throbbing against the bedspread as I did this. She said “finger fuck me while you lick my clit.” I did so, happily, and her pussy gripped my finger as I slid it in and out.

Then she said “now you lay down and stroke your cock for me.” She laid down next to me, with her face close to my cock, while I slowly slid my hand up and down my shaft. She said, “fondle your balls with your left hand,” so I did, while my right hand squeezed and stroked my precum-oozing cock. All the while, she told me how to stroke, when to go faster, when to go slower, when to stroke the shaft, and when to stroke the head. I glanced down and saw that she was furiously rubbing her clit while doing this.

Suddenly, she jumped up and straddled one of my legs. “Stop stroking, it’s time for me to suck your cock.” I stopped, and she slid her hot, wet mouth down on my throbbing dick. She would suck up and down hard for awhile, then she’d give my cock soft licks all the way from the head down to my balls and back. While she was doing that, she was also grinding her pussy into my leg in a circular motion, coating my leg with her pussy juice. This felt fantastic, and I fought the urge to cum. Her hard sucking was too much for me, though, and I cried “I’m gonna cum!”

She pulled her still-sucking mouth off my cock with a “pop” and started stroking my shaft. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before, I shot stream after stream of cum out all over my stomach, even up to my chest and shoulders. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” I said. She asked “can you stay hard?” and I said “you bet.” She licked a bit of the cum off of my stomach, and said “mmmm, good” with a wink. Using her fingers, she wiped up a bunch of my cum and spread it all over my cock. She then put my cock back in her mouth and began sucking it again, massaging my nuts as she did so. My cock was throbbing hard again with a minute or two, so she said “fuck me now.”

I slid my cock into her doggy style, as she requested. Her pussy was so juicy, so hot, it seemed to suck my cock in and out. Feeling more in control now, I began to pump her with various rhythms. Each time I changed the pace, she said “oooh yeah, just like that.” Her pussy continued to squeeze my cock, like it was milking it for some more cum. I continued fucking her for a long time, giving it to her as she moaned and moved to meet my thrusts. She arched her back and said “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I slid my cock into her as deep as I could and reached under her with one hand, squeezing one of her nipples. She began grinding against me and loudly moaning, jerking her body and clamping her pussy on my rod. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cock, begging it for more cum as she creamed all over it.

When she finally got her wits about her, she said “cum on my tits now” and turned over onto her back. I straddled her body and began stroking my cock, which seemed even harder than before. I was so drenched with her pussy juice, it dripped off my cock and made a squishing sound as I stroked. Soon, I was gushing another big load of cum, all over her beautiful tanned tits and nipples.

“Thanks for your help,” she said, and I took this to mean that she wanted me to go. I leaned toward her to give her a kiss and she turned away. She got up off the bed, started to dress, and she said “take care.” “Um, yeah, you too,” I said, and then I got dressed and left. Like I said, she was a take charge kind of woman, and that was alright with me.

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