Restroom Romeo

Author: Goblin

I surveyed the bar as I walked in the door and stamped the snow from my feet. There was a large, noisy crowd that night because of the football game being shown on the big screen tv. I’m not a big football fan, but I’d learned that when you’re horny, you learn to put up with just about anything. I walked up to the bar, ordered a beer, and as the bartender turned to the cooler and set me up, I took another good look at the fifty or so people spread out amongst the tables and booths. It wouldn’t be hard to find what I was looking for. I’m partial to redheads. Not many around and not hard to spot.

My eyes fell on Jane almost right away. She had this hair the color of copper wire, a fiery red, and was sitting by herself in a booth across from the bar, drinking a cocktail and not watching the game. She was watching me. I gave her a wink and right away she turned away, not wanting me to know she’d been watching. I waited for a minute and smiled as she turned back. I nodded and she smiled back. I took that as my cue and grabbed my beer and bee-lined over to where she sat.

“Hi,” I said as I sat across from her in the booth. “I’m Mike.” As she introduced herself, I almost got lost checking her out. Up close, I could see her hair was even a darker red than I thought and her skin was the color of cream. Her emerald eyes sparkled, even in the dim light of the bar. I was in heaven.

After about an hour of getting to know each other and another drink apiece, I felt her foot brush up against my ankle. I made as not to notice and kept on talking. It could have been nothing more than an accident as she shifted her feet under the table, but then it happened again. I could feel her toes, clad in pantyhose, rubbing up and down my lower leg. She sat across from me with just this big, wide smile on her face and continued talking about her job at a clothing store in the mall as if nothing were happening. Something was happening in my pants, though. My cock began to swell a little bit at this show of interest.

She kept playing with me below the knee while we chatted and then I felt her toes run lightly up my inner thigh right to my crotch. Once there, she kneaded it with her toes and pressed down on it with the sole of her foot. My meat began pressing hard against my briefs and the zipper of my jeans as she kept this up. I couldn’t stand it. I could feel my dick leaking precum. She gave it one more squeeze with her toes and then slipped her foot away. “I need to powder my nose,” she said. I watched as she walked to the restroom at the back of the bar, my hand resting on the bulge being created by the boner she’d raised. About halfway there, she turned back to look, smiled, and nodded for me to follow.

I’m glad that the bar was dark and that the crowd had thinned out after the game, because the tent in my pants was embarassing. I weaved my way through the tables to the restrooms. They were in a short, narrow hallway. Just as I reached for the knob on the door to the ladies’ room, a guy came out of the men’s. I stepped back quickly to let him pass, trying to act as non-chalant as you can with your meat poking through your briefs. When I was sure that the coast was clear, I pushed open the door and stepped inside.

The moment I was through the door, Jane pushed me up against it and grabbed for my hardon through my pants. Our lips met and our tongues danced around each other as she squeezed and tugged on my cock. I let my hands slip round her waist and down to her ass, which was tight and firm. She stepped back for a moment and pulled her sweater off over her head to reveal two cream-colored tits, about the size of large grapefruit, with pale pink nipples the size of dimes and hard as stones. I buried my face in them, pulling her tight up against me with my hands back down onto her butt. I ground my crotch into her thigh as I nibbled and kissed my way around them, flicking the nipples with the tip of my tongue.

She slipped her hand down between us and unzipped the fly of my jeans, releasing some of the tension on my dick, and slipped them and my briefs halfway down my ass. My meat sprang out and slapped up against my stomach, engorged to it’s full seven-and-a-half inches. She slipped her soft, warm hand around it and began stroking it tight near the head, just able to close her hand around it’s thick shaft. I moved up her chest with my mouth, biting and kissing my way to her shoulders, tonguing her neck, and then back to her lips, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, where it met hers.

In the brighter light, her bright orange freckles really stood out against her pale skin. I wanted to play connect the dots with my tongue, but she had other ideas. She slid down to her knees in front of me, right at eye level with my purple monster, and took hold of my ass with her hands. She gave me a little glance, with those sparkling emerald eyes, and then flicked the head of my dick with the tip of her tongue. I felt a shudder run through my body, like an electric shock, as she ran it round the rim of my cockhead, then slowly along the underside down to my balls. She tickled and sucked on them, then ran it back up to the head and slipped it between her velvety lips.

I felt the roughness of her tongue as it rubbed up against the underside of my pole. Jane sucked hungrily at the head and gave it tender little bites with her front teeth and then poked the tip of her tongue into my pee-hole, sending me staggering back against the wall. That’s such a turn-on for me. I tangled my fingers into her shiny, curly red hair and braced myself against the wall as he began slowly bobbing her head up and down my penis. She paid lots of attention to the glans, running her tongue round it on every upstroke and jerking me with her hand. I could feel my balls tightening up against my body. But I didn’t want to shoot yet. I pulled her head away by her hair. She gave me this cute, pouty look and licked her lips. I could tell that she really loved sucking dick, but I wasn’t ready to cum. I wanted to see that fiery red hole of hers.

I told her to stand up and take off her slacks. She obeyed, unbuttoning the top and slowly unzipping, teasing me, then taking her sweet time to slide it and her panties down over her hips. I could tell she worked out, as she turned around to give me a good look. She had a firm stomach and her clear, milky skin was tight over her bell-shaped hips. When she was facing me again, I could see the glint of light off the juices dripping from her snatch into the wirey brush of copper she had down there. She had it trimmed so that there was no bikini line. That floored me, because I couldn’t figure out why someone with skin as light as hers would need that. She would burn so easily. I found out later that she worked as a dancer on her nights off from the clothing store.

I ran my fingertips down her body as I leaned in and massaged and licked her breasts with my other hand. When they reached her quim, it felt wet and warm. I took my hand and held it up in front of her as I licked the juices from my fingers. This seemed to turn her on, because she grabbed my cock and stroked it some more, slowly, and holding it tight near the head. She began pulling on it, urging me closer to her steaming hole, so I slipped my arms around her and walked her back up against the far wall.. I kind of hunched down, so it would be easier for her to guide me in, and slipped my hands down to cup her butt. I swung my hips forward as she directed my member to her pussy. I felt the damp as the head brushed over her fuzzy patch. She rubbed it round the lips of her vagina, wetting it up with her juice. I could feel the quiver in her body as if an electric shock had run through it.

Then, I felt the opening and thrust forward. It was tight, but she was so wet, my thick meat just slid in. I drove in to the hilt, until I could feel her pussy juices against my bristling patch of pubes. I could feel the rough bristles of the stubble where she shaved, rough against my skin. I stood up, erect, and slid my hands down the back of her thighs as I did it, lifting her off the floor so the full weight of her petite body hung off my rod. She wrapped her legs round my hips and squeezed hard, as if she wanted to pull me deeper. I began to slowly grind my hips into her, with her up against the wall. She was just so tight, it was like my cock had been clamped in a vise as she worked the muscles of the wall of her twat, squeezing and kneading.

I began sliding my dick in and out of her, slowly at first. She gave out a little whimper and looked me directly in the eyes. Those deep, green eyes of hers. I pulled out, almost all the way, and then drove home hard. She gave out a moan and her head rolled back to the side, her eyes close. I began nibbling and licking her neck and shoulder as I picked up the pace, thrusting hard and fast into her mound of pleasure. I wasn’t too worried about the noise, as the sounds of the tv and what remained of the crowd were loud enough to be heard through the door. I figured that would give us some cover.

I could feel the pre-cum flowing freely, helping to lube up her hot, tight hole as I began thrusting faster and harder. My hands squeezing tightly on her ass cheeks, and my knuckles getting slammed against the wall behind her. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the scent of her perfume, the feeling of her breasts smashed up against my chest. She began bucking back with every stroke I took into her cunt. Her moans became louder and she began to squirm and squeeze me so tightly with her legs, I could barely breath. And still, I kept at it, hard enough to hear my thighs slap against her and I could feel my balls as they got all slick and wet from what seemed like a river of her juice.

I let loose of her ass and braced her up against the wall as I ran my fingers through those curly, copper locks on her head. I could feel my cock swell and throb inside her the way it always does for me right before I’m about to shoot my load. I wanted to slow down, but couldn’t control myself. I guess it was the excitement of being in a place where we could get caught or maybe just wanting to have this vixen, but I began to feel my cum boiling up from my balls. My hips moved like they had a mind of their own and my dick was like a piston, going faster and faster until I blew my load of jizz, all sticky and hot. My legs almost buckled and with every thrust, I could feel more cum squirting into her. She began to let out this moan, it was almost like a siren, as it got louder and louder. I put my lips over hers and gave her a deep wet kiss to silence her. Something this loud wouldn’t be covered up by the noise from outside. She bit down hard on my lip, giving me a sharp jolt of pain as she came to orgasm. I stopped thrusting, feeling her body shake in the throes of her getting off at my hands and I could feel the hot goo of my load begin to run back along the length of my fuckstick as I left it inside her and it began to get soft again. I’d never had a fuck so exciting or that made me shoot so much. Between the two of us, there must have been a gallon of our fluids mixing together and coating our flesh where our bodies met. I tilted my head back so that I could get a good look at her. Her eyes were glazed over, still off somewhere in the distance in that place where a woman goes when you know you’ve sent her to ecstasy.

After a few moment, I felt her legs loosen up round my waist, so I pulled out. We were a mess. I let her down so she could clean up. Her hair was so mussed, and her makeup, that we just broke out laughing. Actually, we were lucky that we finished when we did, because I’d forgotten to lock the door and this grouchy old bag walked in as we were getting ready to leave and gave us the evil eye. I made a date with Jane for the next weekend, as we both were a little worn out and had to work the next day and we’ve been seeing each other ever since. Needless to say, I’ve found the redhead of my dreams.

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