Alien Seduction

Author: Steph

Tom was sitting on his porch, drinking a beer, when he saw the strange lights in the sky. They seemed to be in a circle and they blinked blue, yellow and red. They didn’t look like any plane he’d ever seen before. He headed off into his cornfield to get a better look. Walking between the long, straight rows of prime Iowa corn he kept one eye on the sky. It was still there and, if anything, the circle seemed to be getting bigger. Whatever it was seemed to be coming closer to the ground. A white light began glowing in the center. Darned, if it didn’t look some kind of flying saucer, Tom thought. He saw a thick beam of white light and then his world went black.

When he woke up he was lying on a table in a white room. Several ceiling to floor length mirrors reflected back the sterile white. The only thing breaking up the color scheme was his mostly tanned naked body on the table. Staring into one of the mirrors he could see the tan lines from his tee shirt. His legs weren’t as tanned as his arms. He’d been working the farm since he was a boy and, even in his mid thirties, his body was well muscled and his belly was flat. Two things seemed out of place though. He had a small red rash on the right side of his neck and a solid erection sticking out from his brown pubes. For some reason he was horny as hell.

Suddenly he realized that one of the white panels that made up the room was glowing green. He didn’t know why he knew that he was supposed to touch the panel, only that he knew that was what he had to do next. He felt a light vibration through his fingers and watched in amazement as the panel faded away revealing another room. This room was softly lit with a pink glow, a gigantic bed took up most of the floor space. Lying on the massive bed was a small, pretty oriental woman. She was completely naked. A few fingers of her right hand were pressed against her black pubic hair. The other hand was cupping one of her small, firm looking breasts. Tom guessed from her smooth slender body and pretty face that she was in her early twenties. Her lovely almond shaped eyes were staring at his erection and she was smiling a shy smile.

He moved closer to the bed and tried introducing himself.

“My name is Tom,” he said in a quiet voice, hoping he wouldn’t scare her.

She shook her head. Her short black hair tumbling around her lovely face.

“Tom,” he said pointing to his chest.

“Liu,” she said pointing in between her cute, brown nippled breasts. She began to lightly rub her pussy. Tom was now close enough to see that, she too, had a little red circular rash on her neck. Her sparkling slanted eyes were looking at him with lust. His hard cock was throbbing in response. He’d heard about that Viagra stuff and figured somebody or something must have given him and Liu a dose of something like that. When Liu spread out her arms and legs there was no doubt what she wanted him to do. His hard dick and tingling balls informed him that really didn’t have any other choice.

Tom climbed into the gigantic bed and Liu wrapped her slender arms and legs around him. Her body smelled spicy. Her skin felt silky and warm against his. Her little erect nipples were pushing into his chest and she was nibbling gently on his ear lobe. He could feel her pussy hairs brushing against his balls as she ground her crotch up against his. He knew there was no way he was going to be able to resist this horny little oriental woman and, frankly, he didn’t want to resist her. His mouth closed over about half of one of her small breasts, he flicked her nipple with his tongue. She groaned against his ear and moved more vigorously against his groin. His big callused left hand moved down to her tiny butt. He was able to hold the whole thing in one hand. It felt wonderfully smooth and warm squirming against his palm. Liu whispered a few words in a language he didn’t understand while he kneaded her sweet little ass.

Her hand moved down between their bodies. She firmly gripped his hard cock and repeated the words. Tom looked into her cute face and shook his head, trying to let her know he didn’t understand what she was saying. She gave him the universal female look of exasperation and began jerking his excited cock, moving it closer and closer to her pussy until he could finally feel her moist heat in the sensitive head of his dick.

“Oh,” he finally realized, “fuck. You want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck,” she repeated with a smile.

“Anything to please a lady,” Tom murmured as she guided his hard rod into her steaming cunt. She was tight. Tom moved cautiously, afraid he was going to hurt this small but lusty girl. Liu was nowhere near as cautious. Her little hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed him down inside her until his cock was buried to the hilt in her sweet, moist warmth. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she moaned with pleasure. She began moving under him, Tom rested most of his weight on his knees and picked up her fantastic fucking rhythm, his hand still holding her gyrating ass, his balls swaying beneath the motion of their thrusting groins. As stimulated as they both were, it was a fast and furious fuck. Liu was crying out a series of incoherent words, her little body thrust itself up against him with surprising strength again and again, pushing him to greater heights of incredible lust. Tom began fucking her tight cunt harder and faster, holding her in his hand as his hips bucked and rocked against her pumping groin. Their bodies were slick with sweat. Liu’s smooth oriental body was flushed. She dug her fingernails into Tom’s ass, screaming in passion as her orgasm washed over her body. Tom felt her ass quivering in his hand and her pussy wrap tight around his deeply buried white cock. The powerful sensation in his balls burst into a fireball of lust, he shot wads and wads of hot sperm into her thirsty pussy. Their groins twitched together as orgasmic aftershocks rippled through their joined bodies.

Behind the one way mirror, a group of beings with large heads and small bodies watched with fascination and satisfaction. Their breeding program seemed to be proceeding quite nicely.

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