Honey Glazed

Author: Cecilia

I sat down in the chair, and she carefully, slowly tied my hands behind me, so that I could not move, as she undressed, letting me watch. Julie had shown me all kinds of interesting and fun sexual games, but this one was new to me. She placed her clothes on a table nearby and stood there, nude, her full, lovely breasts capped in perked, interested nipples, light tan in color. Her auburn hair was bound in a bun, to keep it out of the way, for a reason that was about to become obvious to me. She gave me a long, appraising stare. Tied to the chair, I was already nude, my member starting to come fully to attention, as she drew closer. She took a bottle off the table, and then lowered herself to her knees in front of me. She squeezed the bottle, honey spreading over her hands. I swallowed softly. This was what she meant by having some ‘sticky fun’ with me?

She looked up into my eyes again, licking her lips, before bringing the honey to her mouth, and tasting it softly. She dipped her tongue in it as it warmed in her palm, and then, spread it slowly over my thick cock, already fully aroused from watching her tongue her palm like that, tasting the sweet natural confection. She reached down with her clean hand, and cradled my balls for a while, playing with me a bit until she was sure I was fully aroused. She then cupped her hand over the thick head of my shaft, letting the honey just pour down the sides and over the top of my tingling cock.

Even having warmed in her hand a bit, it was still a little cold. I inhaled a deep, shivering and broken breath, as Julie lowered her head, and started to slowly lick my twitching cock clean, getting every drop she could easily, before pulling my dick deep into her hot mouth, and sucking hard, her tongue sliding along the underside of my cock, back and forth, getting off all the taste of honey she could, and more. My pre cum was soon trickling against the back of her tongue, as she finally clicked her lips, letting go of my shaft, and leaning back again, getting the bottle of honey.

She poured it, so shocking cold, onto my shaft, and then lowered her head again, this time not licking, immediately started to suck the slick, sticky honey off my burning member. I felt a heavy pressure of lust settle into my chest, as I began to breath deeply, a bit faster. I would never be able to look at a bee the same way again. Finally, she pulled off my cock again, licking her lips, some honey still on her cheek, and she got up into my lap, as I sat confined to the chair. She took the honey, and spread it over her nipple, gasping at how cold it was, and apologizing to me, perhaps actually not realizing. I smiled and shook my head, as I felt her press my cock between her tight labia and my tummy, like a hot-dog in a bun. She rocked softly back and forth, spreading her wetness on my cock. That definitely got her going. She brought a nipple to my mouth, and I took my time, enjoying the sweet honey, as I sucked and licked it off first one pert tan nub of flesh, and then the other, wanting to feel myself inside her so badly now, burning all over with need.

After I had cleaned her nipples, Julie did something I was not ready for. She took the nozzle off the bottle, and just.. squeezed it between her breasts, sending that thick, sweet honey down her breasts, and down her tummy, slowly toward her sex. Before it reached, she moved her hand down, taking my cock in it, squeezing and massaging a little to get a good bead of pre cum on the tip, and stuffing it inside her. I felt that cold honey reach my pubic hair as she sat down heavily, and started grinding her hips, pulling herself tight against me.

The sound of it was as lewd and impossibly erotic as it could be. The smacking, slipping, sucking sound of her body against mine, as she slid back and forth, up and down over my now doubly honey-glazed cock filled the room, her own soft whimpers and moans of pleasure working slowly to exceed those noises though. I released a soft gasp, as she sped up, pushing me tight into my chair, as the honey trickled down my thighs.

Faster and harder she moved, as I felt the soft pull on any skin that was in contact with her. As we heated up, the honey became wetter, less sticky. She started to glide faster and hotter against me. The smell of honey and sex together was perhaps the most passionately sexual and alluring thing I had ever known, and to this day, I don’t think I will ever find anything close.
The excitement and pleasure quickly overcame me, and I grunted loudly, wanting to push down on Julie and make her stop, and just cum into her, but I couldn’t. I was tied up. I cried out with a loud shout of pleasure, as my thick seed jetted rapidly into her pulsing, bouncing sex. Her breasts slid up and down my chest, hotly coated in that now runny viscous nectar. She suddenly wailed with release, set off by the feeling of heat and wetness rising fast in ragged pulses into her tight sex. Her cunny snatched tight around me, sucking the last spurts of my pleasure from me, as she slowed down, grinding herself against me.

I lowered my head, shuddering, groaning, as the full sensuality and intensity of what we were doing slipping into tender afterglow, sweet honeyed kisses and her gentle, but sticky caress. It was absolutely amazing! She kept me tied up as she licked me all over, taking that honey, and by far she didn’t get all of it, but it felt so intimate and perfect, a memory that I guard and cherish.

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