Screwing My Boyfriend’s Brother

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My boyfriend Ted started out as a good guy, but eventually took me for granted.

He cared more about drinking and hanging out with the guys than about spending any time with me, plus he was very controlling of everything I ever did. I’d been planning to leave him for months, and I chose the day that he would be at a football game as the day that I would pack my bags and leave.



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On this particular day as I was packing up my car, my boyfriend’s brother Jim happened to stop by to see if he could borrow our lawnmower, because his had broken down. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was moving out.

He didn’t seem very surprised and said “I wondered how long you would put up with him, you deserve much better.” Jim was single and better looking than his brother, and I had always wished I had met him before I met Ted, but I knew that if I even looked at Jim the wrong way, Ted would have flown off the handle. I secretly fantasized about fucking him, but knew Ted would kill me if I did.

Then it dawned on me that I could get the ultimate revenge on Ted by fucking his brother, and the whole idea of it really gave me a thrill. Ted deserved it, that’s for sure. I’d caught him cheating on me more than once, which was what made me decide I’d had enough of him.



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I said “you know Jim, you’ve always been so nice to me, and to be honest with you, I’ve always wished I had met you before I met Ted.” Jim said “oh, man, I’ve thought the same thing a million times.” Then he came over and gave me a kiss and before you knew it we were kissing and groping each other.

I could feel Jim get hard right away and by the feel of it, he had a real good sized cock. I unzipped his pants and unleashed his hard huge cock and it was long and thick, so much better than Ted’s. I was thinking, “what in the hell was I doing with Ted, when I could have had Jim?”



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I stroked Jim’s big cock while he fumbled with the buttons on my blouse and he was moaning the whole time and saying “I can’t believe this is going to happen, I’ve fantasized about this so many times.” He got my blouse off and saw that I did not have a bra on my C cup tits and said “holy shit, they’re better than I imagined!”

He started to bury his face between them and then suck each nipple as if it were an expensive chocolate he wanted to savor. My wet pussy got juicier by the minute as he did this. After a minute or two, I asked him if he would like to have his big, fat cock sucked. “Oh yeah, OH YEAH” he said.



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I told him to sit at the edge of the bed and I knelt on my knees and took that fabulous cock into my hands and then into my mouth. It was so big, I could only get about half way down on it, but he wasn’t complaining.

I got plenty of saliva on that large cock so that I could suck it and then really stroke it nice in between sucks. I had never had the opportunity to suck a cock quite so long and wide, and doing it was making my pussy dripping wet with anticipation of being fucked by it.



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Jim was so appreciative of my cock sucking that he was moaning uncontrollably, saying he’d never been sucked so good, and telling me that he was going to fuck me so nice.

I said “fuck me now!”

And he said, “don’t you worry, I’ll fuck you soon enough, but I want to taste that little pussy of yours first.” That was fine with me!



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He laid me down, spread my legs wide open, and went right in with his tongue and probed as deeply into my tight pussy as he could. Then, he swirled his tongue all around my clit and pussy, occasionally giving me little flickering licks on the inside of my thighs.

He explored my hairy pussy with his tongue and fingers for a long time, licking all the way down to my ass and back up to my clit, then pushing his middle finger deep up inside me. I quickly came all over his finger and tongue.



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He then stood up, pulled me by the legs until my ass was at the edge of the bed and he took that fantastic cock and slid just the head inside me. I squirmed and said “put it all in!”

And he said, “oh no, I’m not going to rush this.” I had not been fucked properly in so long I was like a nymphomaniac.

I said “how can you be so patient” and he said “honey, I jerked off right before I came over here, because I knew seeing you would get me hard.” This whole thing was like a dream, I couldn’t believe it.

By this time I didn’t even care about getting revenge on Ted, I just wanted Jim to fuck me long and hard.



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He finally slid the whole thing in and I had never felt so filled up before, it was glorious. He started out with very slow, long strokes. I propped myself up so that I could watch his mammoth cock slide in and out of me.

It really turned me on, seeing his cock coated with my pussy juice. I told him that when he got ready to cum that I wanted to watch, and he assured me that would be no problem.

He started pumping me faster and I could see that we were both going to climax very soon. I came first, bucking wildly with that fat cock inside me.



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Soon after, he started moaning and shaking. He pulled his big cock out of me and stroked the head of it. He jerked and shot huge streams of cum all over me.

We collapsed into each others’ arms and laid there for awhile, both of us just saying “wow!”

I moved to another town and never saw either Jim or Ted again. I don’t know if Ted ever found out that I’d fucked Jim or not. Either way, it was the best going away present I ever got.

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