The FunHouse

Author: Michael Shuler

“Oh, I’m glad you stopped painting. This plastic is much better than paint,” Heather said as she draped the black plastic over Melanie’s white metal headboard. “Is everybody in the complex making a funhouse?”

“Yeah, as far as I know. They voted on it during the last homeowner’s meeting. It’s going to be like one big continuous funhouse. Plastic is great, I can tear it down when Halloween is over. I’m not sleeping in a black bedroom,” Melanie said as she stapled the plastic to the freshly painted wall. “There, how’s that?”

“What about the partition?” Heather pointed at the frosted glass windows.

“Nobody touches my authentic counterfeit Japanese partition.”

“Ugh, aren’t we bitchy today. Period?”

“No, dam it, I’m not having my period. Why does everybody keep asking me that?”

“I have no idea,” Heather said sarcastically. “Mel, my clothes are covered with paint. Got anything I can wear?”

“Strip and I’ll find out,” she said, tossing the stapler into a corner. “If I can find the dresser,” she said, pulling on plastic.”

Heather pulled off her white blouse, stepped out of her plaid schoolgirl outfit and her panties, since the paint had bled through onto them. She was used to being naked around Melanie, they shared clothes, tried on bathing suits togther, and slept over on a constant basis. It seemed that they were nude half the time.

Melanie crowed triumphantly, turned and stopped with a pile of clothing in her hand. She laughed at Heather.

“What?” Heather asked, looking down at herself.

“You look so damned sexy wearing nothing but those red boots, but you have paint all over your body.”

“I do?”

“Yes, but I have paint remover. Don’t move,” she said, disappearing. Heather waited, beginning to grow impatient. Finally Melanie reappeared naked, clopping loudly in her own black boots, and holding a can and a rag. “I’ll do the honors,” she smiled. She wet the rag and began dabbing at the spots of paint. Heather shivered beneath her touch, very aware of the nearness of Melanie’s face.

“I like your sexy boots,” Heather laughed.

“Thanks. I like yours too,” Melanie said, rubbing paint from Heather’s skin. Melanie sat back and nodded in approval. “There,” she said in satisfaction.

“Ow, hey, it’s burning,” Heather said, fanning her skin with a hand.

“Lotion,” Melanie yelled sprinting into the bathroom. She returned with a bottle of lotion, squirted some into her hand and began soothing Heather’s burning skin.

“Oh. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Heather seemed to melt against Melanie’s hand. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm touch of Melanie’s soft fingers. It was absolutely wonderful. She soon found herself swaying with the motion of the circulating hand. Her eyes flew open when Melanie’s hand touched her breasts, slathering them with the cool, soothing lotion.

“That… that feels good,” Heather said, licking her nervous lips.

“I like it too,” Melanie said with her face six inches from Heather’s. “You don’t mind being touched by another woman, do you?” Melanie asked coyly.

“Oh no,” Heather gushed, then turned red in embarassment.

“Your skin is so soft,” Melanie said quietly. “You want to know what really feels good?” Melanie asked.

“Y… Yes,” Heather said nervously. Melanie moved close. Heather’s eyes flew wide in alarm. Melanie took Heather into her arms and pulled her close. She began rubbing her body against the Heather’s own oily skin with a giggle of delight. She was right, it was pure heaven.

“Oh God,” Heather gasped explosively. Her entire body began warming with a voracious internal fire. She felt her pussy, ass, and breasts heating to an intolerable level.

“See, isn’t that wonderful?” Melanie asked. Heather opened her eyes and found her face inches from Melanie’s. She licked her lips then leaned forward and captured Melanie’s mouth in an urgent kiss. They were soon withering in each other’s arms.

“I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you,” Melanie said as she broke the kiss. “You were the most beautiful Freshman at UCLA. That was two long months ago,” Melanie said, kissing her again.

“I want to make love to you,” Heather said, a little surprised at her confession.

“Me too,” Melanie said, leaning Heather back on the bed. The black silk sheet was cool, at first, but it soon warmed up beneath Heather’s body.

Melanie leaned down and suckled on Heather’s firm, round breasts. They were different from Melanie’s. Melanie’s breasts were firm little cones, Heather’s were a perfect half grapefruit size. Melanie had always admired them. Now she was touching them.

“I’m burning up,” Heather whispered.

Melanie kissed her way down Heather’s stomach until she faced her cute little belly button pin. She licked it experimentally. Heather sprang up in alarm. It was one stimulation she had never felt before.
“Am I making you hot?,” Melanie asked, leaning over Heather’s open legs and spreading her delicate pussy lips. They were so beautiful. Heather’s pussy was not a huge, open gash as some women were, she had a small, girlish pussy which was attractive to both men and women.

“Oh yes,” Heather murmured.

“Beautiful,” Melanie whispered, fingering the rubbery flesh of Heather’s cunt.

This is what I’ve craved for so damned long,” Melanie whispered. “And now I’m touching it,” she said, looking up at Heather’s face.

“I wish you would touch it a little harder,” Heather complained.

Melanie gave her a brilliant smile. She looked down at Heather’s mound and concentrated on her small, delicate clit. She worried it with the tip of her finger, causing Heather to gasp and stiffen. Seeing lubricants glistening at the entrance to her vulva, she dipped her finger inside, then used the lubricant to slide her finger up and down in Heather’s sweet pussy. Heather whimpered and jerked as the finger stroked her sensitive mound. It was so fucking wonderful, Heather thought. In the black, plastic lined room she felt like she was in a surreal world, a world of passion, sex, and wonderful soft women.

Suddenly Melanie’s mouth fell on the sweet pussy beneath her fingers. The first exciting taste was pure heaven. She moaned as her mouth filled with the exotic flavor of Heather. She fluttered the tip of her tongue over Heather’s clit and watched her roll and jerk beneath the flickering appendage.

Lifting Heather’s left leg and crawling beneath it, Melanie pressed her mouth firmly over her quivering pussy and sucked urgently, while her tongue plunged up inside her. Her mouth immediately filled with Heather’s sweet juices. She swallowed gratefully, help the tiny lips open with her fingers and began dragging her tongue from the bottom of Heather’s pussy to the top. She enjoyed the many different folds and textures of flesh crossing her tongue before she pulled it free and started again. With her head constantly bobbing, she lapped at Heather’s pussy diligently, enjoying the flavor and moist heat of Heather’s quivering box, as much as the spectacle of her thrashing, jerking young body.

“Oh stop,” Heather said suddenly. “It’s too much. I don’t want to cum yet,” she said, panting for breath.
Melanie opened her pussy and allowed it too cool down a little, while she enjoyed looking at it. It was so beautiful.

“Ready?” Melanie asked anxiously.

“No, not yet,” she gasped.

“Mel, let me do you,” she pleaded.


“I want to make love to you. Please. I’ve never been with another woman before, I’m dying to see what it’s like,” she said nervously.

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” Melanie asked, her body shaking in restrained passion. This was the most exciting thing she’d done in a long time.

“I’ve had this fantasy, I’ve done it in my dreams,” Heather admitted in embarassment. “I’ve always told myself that I would never do it in real life, it was only a dream. But…”

“What do you want me to do?” Melanie insisted.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees,” Heather instructed her, getting her in just the right position. Melanie was soon resting on her knees, with her chin resting on the bed, against her hands. She waited anxiously, wishing that Heather would hurry. She wanted relief almost as much as she wanted to finish Heather. Heather’s taste and aroma were exactly what she had always dreamed they would be. Absolutely delicious. She wanted more. She stiffened as Heather’s finger slid into her upturned pussy. It was well lubricated. Melanie had been very excited by Heather. Her pussy was full of juice. She closed her eyes and moaned as the insistent finger probed deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Heather suddenly stopped. “I’m not sure I can do this,” she whispered, mostly to herself.

“Do it,” Melanie hissed, “do what you want. This is your chance, if you don’t do it you will always hate yourself. I’ll never tell,” Melanie rolled over and looked back at Heather. “Whatever we do here, stays here. NOBODY finds out. Ok?”

“Yes,” Heather said in a shuddering voice.

She dropped her mouth and began licking diligently. With a loud moan she nuzzled against Melanie’s sweet pussy, while her thumb and fingers stimulated her hard little clit. She could feel the stiff little member against her thumb. She rotated it gently. Melanie cried out, bucking against her hand and mouth.

“My God that feels so good,” Melanie cried. “I can feel you all the way down to my toes!”

Heather said nothing, trying to get up enough nerve to do what she really wanted to do. Melanie’s pussy tasted delicious, the aroma was enticing, and the heat heavenly against her face, but that was not what she really wanted to do. Was she horny enough to try, she wondered apprehensively.

Suddenly she raised up and looked down at Melanie’s upturned ass. With a moan of restrained passion she placed her tongue against Melanie’s asshole, tasting it’s mustiness, smelling it’s forbidden aroma. Her tongue pressed hard, fluttering against the puckered little ring. With her ass upturned as it was, Melanie’s ass was not clamped shut as it usually would have been. It opened to her insistent pressure. Now Heather found herself inside. With her fingers stimulating Melanie’s pussy, her tongue probed the depths of her asshole.

Melanie grunted like an animal. She had never felt a reaming before. She loved it. It started a fire where there was normally none. The fire blended with that of her pussy, enjoying the touch of Heather’s long fingers.

“Oh fuck!” Melanie gasped. Her body began shaking violently. “Oh fuck!” she screamed again. Her ass began slapping back against Heather’s face and hand. Heather transferred her tongue to Melanie’s sweet pussy, sucking the juices from her folds of flesh first, then licking her clit with the tip of her fluttering tongue.

“Oh, oh, ah, ah ahhhh…” Melanie cried out loudly enough to be heard throughout the apartment complex.

She screamed again and shuddered even more violently as a second orgasm tore through her body before the first ended. Crying again and again, she jerked against Heather’s mouth until she was finally threw herself forward to avoid Heather’s wicked tongue. She lay whimpering, massaging her own breasts as her body calmed. Heather kissed the soft skin on Melanie’s nicley tanned ass. She caressed it lovingly as she watched Melanie quiver and sigh.

“It was wonderful,” Heather said with a shy smile. “I’m glad I tried it.”

Melanie rolled over on her back and pulled Heather into a tight embrace. She kissed her lovingly, before releasing Heather and climbing to her knees. She slid off the bed and rolled Heather over on her back.

“I’m going to eat you like you’ve never been eaten before,” Melanie threatened. “Any GIRL who would ream my ass like you did, deserves everything I can give her,” Melanie said as she pressed a finger into Heather’s steamy pussy.

“I’m ready,” Heather shivered in esquisite excitement. She believed she could still taste Melanie on her lips. It was the most sensual thing she have ever done. As good as her dream, only far more exciting. She hissed as Melanie began flicking her tongue over her clit, while her finger gently pumped in and out.

Her legs quivered involuntarily. Her inner thighs jiggled with the movement of her legs. Melanie leaned down and tasted Heather’s pussy again, then sucked insistently. In a moment she returned to licking Heather’s clit. Heather gave out little cries of passion. She mashed her breasts in her hands and threw here head back, enjoying every little flick and tickle of Melanie’s tongue.

“Oh yes!” Heather screamed in wild abandon. She humped her pussy against Melanie’s mouth, mashing it over and over in the throes of wild passion.

Melanie rode out the assault on her mouth, watching Heather’s face as the orgasm made her once beautiful face into a mask of passion twisted wrinkles. Melanie stopped licking when she sensed that Heather’s pussy was too sensitive. She gently wiggled her finger inside of Heather, waiting for the sweet young blonde to recover. Finally Heather sat up and looked down at Melanie with a delighted smile on her face. “Gee, this really is a fun house,” Heather laughed.

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