First Photo Shoot

Author: TDF

   A few years ago I was unemployed and quickly going broke. While it would have been easy to find a job, finding a good job was very difficult, far more difficult than I had expected it to be. I was the owner of a brand new college degree and I worked damn hard the previous four years to get it. I had vowed that I would not return to a junky low-paying job again except in the extreme event that I needed it as an emergency stopgap to pay for food and shelter.

   I was damned close to needing food and shelter cash when I was reading the help-wanted ads in the local alternative newspaper one day and came across an ad for adult photography models. It promised a large amount of cash for attractive female models willing to pose nude for “hard-core adult” photographs. My phone was beside me on the couch, and on the spur of the moment I picked it up and called the number in the ad – if I had thought about it for a minute I would have never summoned the courage to call.

   I don’t know what I expected from a hard-core adult photographer on the phone, but I was a little surprised by John. He was very nice and well spoken while explaining to me what would be involved in the posing process. He told me that much would be expected of me, “full spread-leg spread pussy up-close nudity” first of all. He said that I would possibly be tied up in various ways and posed in various ways that would “make me look fuckable and wanting to be fucked.” He said I should further expect to be fucked by one of his male models, and to suck the dick of the same model. Using my fingers and a dildo on myself might also be involved. All for his camera, with the photographs to be published either online or in print.

   I was polite and asked him to let me consider the whole thing, but I hung up thinking “NO FREAKING WAY!” I didn’t think there was any possibility I could bring myself to fuck and suck a stranger for a camera no matter how much money I made. The whole thing did give me a kinky turn-on though, and I had my fingers in my pants very soon after that call for a little self excitement, fantasizing about sucking that stranger’s dick and letting him come on my face for the camera to capture. A money shot I think they call it.

   Over the next few days posing nude was very much on my mind, I couldn’t completely dismiss the idea because it did turn me on. Three days later my car broke down, it was the transmission and I couldn’t even begin to pay for it. I was 22 and broke, with my only assets being fairly large tits over a flat stomach and a decent ass. My only solid job offer was as an adult model. I called John and arranged to meet him.

   He offered to meet me for lunch and advised I bring a trusted friend along with me for support. I didn’t have a friend I trusted with this sort of information and I didn’t want to meet him in public so I arranged to visit his studio for a meeting that same evening.

   I took some time in getting dressed and ready to visit him. I let the phrase “fuckable and wanting to be fucked” guide me in both clothes and make-up. I wore heels of course, with tight jeans over black thong panties. I put on a push-up bra bought just for the occasion under a silk top with a plunging neckline to accentuate my breasts and I must say they looked great. For make-up, heavy and bright would describe it. When I looked in the mirror I had no doubt about the “wanting to be fucked” part, but I’d have to let someone else judge the “fuckable” part.

   His studio was an old, small storefront with a number but no other sign in front. When I knocked I was nervous as hell despite the three beers I had downed for courage beforehand. He let me in and ushered me to the back potion of the building. He was about 40, not bad looking, and he was looking me up and down very intently and from his smile I knew he liked what he saw. He had me sit down on a couch, went to get us both a beer, and sat down next to me. After a little idle chit chat and him feeling me out about how sure I was I wanted to do this he said for me to take off my shirt and bra and show him my tits.

   Damn that was weird. I hesitated a moment, realized this was what I was here for and took off my shirt and my bra and laid them aside. He said “Very nice, put them back on.” Puzzled a bit, I did so and he went to another part of the room and brought back a camera. “Now do it again,” he said “but stand over here and smile.”

   I had expected this to be a sort of job interview, get-to-know-you meeting but thought “What the Hell” and moved to a white backdrop he had indicated and took off my shirt and bra again. This time he snapped dozens of pictures while giving me directions like shoulders back, pout, one strap at a time and “give me a ‘I want to fuck you’ look.” I enjoyed this very much, even hamming it up a little. John had me at ease already.

   “Now let’s see the rest of your package” he told me. I came out of my heels and jeans, but he stopped me at the panties so he could get some shots of me in just those, and he had me put my heels back on for some panty and heels pics. He called me beautiful several times as he shot from different angles and fiddled with the lighting.

   Then he told me it was time for the pussy shots. I took off the panties, left on the heels, and I was loving the whole thing, the nervy sexual energy even had my hands trembling a little. I stood for a while, posing, and then he had me lay down with my head on a large pillow. He got between my legs and had me spread them wide and took some close-up pussy shots. He got every angle and leg position he could think of, and then had me spread my pussy with my hands and went through it all again.

   I even further turned on rolling around there nude, a sex object. He touched my pussy once when he was coaching me on spreading it for the camera and I almost came right then just from that touch. Next he had me masturbate, he could probably feel how ready I was, and I came in seconds. I was laying there with my heels pulled up almost to my ass, my legs spread as far as they would spread and coming down from an orgasm when I felt his tongue hit my clit.

   He knew what he was doing and I was very grateful and squirmed and squealed into another orgasm in less than a minute. “Couldn’t help myself” he said grinning as he got up and moved away. When he returned with a blindfold which he placed on me without comment. I could hear his camera clicking away and followed his directions.

   Next he grabbed my feet and spread out my legs and made me pretty much helpless. He took pictures for a few minutes and then laid down on top of me. He was naked and I could feel his hard dick. I initially pushed him back with my handcuffed hands a little but he stopped me and whispered “I’m going to fuck you now, unless you say no. This is not a part of the photo shoot, if you say no, I’ll stop.” I didn’t say no and he fucked me hard, slamming his dick home with all the force he had. After he came he laid on top of me for a minute, not moving, spent.

   Just then a knock came on the door in front and he pulled out of me. I hit my orgasm when he pulled out and it was exquisite. I was blindfolded and spread-eagled on the floor of a man I had just met and the alarm I felt at someone knocking at the door heightened my pleasure. I couldn’t believe it turned me on but it did and I was a little beyond turning back.

   I heard approaching voices and John and two new men entered the room. My initial instinct told me to be shocked and scream for help, yell let me up! But I was so sexually sated and at the same time turned-on and ravenous for more sex that I didn’t object. John introduced them as fellow models. I said pleased to meet you to both of them, and much to my surprise, and I hope theirs also, I couldn’t see their reactions, I said “Now one of you get down here and fuck me, right now.”

   The emotions I felt were staggering. I learned I am a natural subject for bondage. I learned I am capable of nearly complete sexual abandon. If they had stalled for five minutes and left me there on the floor alone, I would have been crying and begging them to fuck me.

   They were immediately game and in no time I felt a new man mounting me. The male adult-model business attracts young muscular men with big to huge cocks. I had never felt anything like the monster dick that barged its way into me. I squealed again, it hurt and I nearly called out for him to stop but he went in and began pumping away. I thought I would be split in two, and that damn dick nearly reached my eyeballs, but I went on. My clit hadn’t signed on for this but it was being ravished, raked, rocked and worked to the fullest. I had one long orgasm in waves as he worked me and he shot a huge load of cum not into me but onto my stomach – the camera clicking away and catching his load in flight.

   I was spent, stunned, thoroughly fucked. I laid there motionless not even hearing the conversation around me. I needed a beer and a break and John let me up and undid the blindfold. After a bathroom break to clean up and a pull or two from a cold beer my eyes uncrossed and I looked over the two models.

   The one who had fucked me, judging by his lack of any clothing except boxer shorts, was white, about 30, and tall and beautiful. The other, about 25, was a black guy, also beautiful, big and tall. I joked that I had never fucked a man sight unseen but I liked his dick’s personality.

   Next up was the dick sucking. I sucked off the black guy with great gusto, and let him come on my face. John said there was a huge market for white woman/black guy pictures. Next the white guy, who also came on my face. We got some shots with both dicks in my face while the come was still on it.

   After cleaning the come off of myself for the second time, it was time to take a fuck from the black guy. He was a little smaller than the white guy but still large. He took me dog style, making me want to howl at the moon which I actually did. He took quite a while, pulling out when he was finished and shooting his cum onto my ass. He moved away and I just laid there. I was nude, soaked with cum, a little drunk and I had been fucked like never before. John kept clicking away for a bit and then declared the shoot a huge success.

   Once again I was off to the bathroom and cleaning off the cum. “You are a cum-soaked whore,” I said to myself in the bathroom mirror, relishing the term, “a dick-sucking gang-fucking cum-soaked whore.” I hopped into the shower this trip and washed off completely. There were no towels when I got out so I went back to the photo-shoot room nude and wet and happy.

   All of the men were now fully clothed. My clothes were there but I got myself a beer and sat on the couch naked, explaining I would drip dry. It was incredibly erotic to me sitting there with three clothed men, all of whom I had sucked their dicks in the last few hours.

   After three beers and a load of sex-business talk and idle beer chatter I went to the white guy, still naked, and pulled out that huge cock. I wanted to fondle it, look at it, wrap my hands around it, confirm its size, suck it and fuck it again. In the end I wound up sucking him off again. The other guys clamored for their turns and I sucked them off again. It was an incredibly emotional and erotic experience again, sucking that line of dicks, nude and on my knees.

   In the long run John had to ask me to put my clothes on. I had futher realized I was a natural submissive. I wanted to stay in that room naked having sex with all comers for a week. I wanted to suck every dick in the world and when they weren’t using me they could throw me in a corner until I was wanted again. But John got me dressed, and too drunk by then to drive myself, they took me home.

   I woke the next morning to a terrible hangover and a great wave of panic and shame. But then, as well as now, I could not deny my love of being gang-banged, my love of monster cocks, and my deep sexually-submissive tendencies and my love of being tied up and fucked. John, better than his word, sent me twice as much as promised. As I look back now on the whole event, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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