The Pool Party

Author: CyberAge

Sheri decided she needed to throw a singles party. She called her friend Candy and they set it up. They must have invited 100 people. Only about a dozen guys showed up as none of the girls they had invited would come. All the girls knew how Sheri and Candy were around guys and decided not to compete. The day of the party Candy and Sheri were feeling kind of impish so they both wore very short frilly skirts and cutoff tee shirts.

They busied themselves serving the guests drinks and snacks as they arrived. They put on quite a show as they served the refreshments. Each time they leaned down to serve someone a guy across the room would get a good look at their panties and their tits hanging down under the cutoffs. Of course neither of them had bothered to wear a bra so the guys were given the full treatment. They also had guys putting their hands under their skirts as they worked. One guy even got his finger under Candy’s panties and rubbed her clit for a moment until Candy moved on. Another guy came up behind Sheri as she was bending over, put both hands under cutoffs and cupped both tits for a moment.

“Hey Sheri, nice tits” hollered Greg.

“I like Candy’s ass” remarked Dave.

After they had served the refreshments the girls went into the kitchen for a strategy session.

“What are we going to do with 12 guys?” she asked.

“I don’t know about you but I plan on getting well fucked” replied Candy.

“I know that and so do I. What I meant was I think we should give them a little entertainment first.”

“Well I guess you could jump in the pool with your clothes on and when they rescue you…….”

“That’s a great idea”, exclaimed Sheri, only I think we both ought to fall in.”

“Well if you say so.” replied Candy.

The girls came back out with another drink tray each. As they got near the pool Sheri appeared to trip. It looked as though Candy tried to catch her but they both fell head over heels into the pool. In mid air both girls were upside down so all the guys could see every bit of their panties and asses. The guys rushed to the pool side to help them out. Greg got there first and helped Sheri out. Her clothes were clinging to her body outlining every curve. Dave helped Candy out and someone got a several towels to dry the girls off. As the girls were getting dried off the guys were helping themselves to their charms. One guy took Sheri’s top off so he could dry her upper body. He couldn’t resist playing with her tits as well. Another guy started drying Candy’s legs. When he got to her skirt he pulled it up and stripped her panties off while another guy removed her top and skirt. As she was being dried off Candy was busy on her own grabbing dicks and stroking them. The guys started stripping and everyone ended up naked. Candy grabbed a dick and began sucking it. She had two more dicks, one in each hand and a guy sucking on each tit. Sheri was on her knees giving a guy a blow job while she fucking a guy laying underneath her when another guy came up behind her and jammed his eight inch dick up her ass.

“What’s going on?”, a sleepy voice from the hall asked.

“Oh my God” thought Sheri. She had forgotten about her eighteen old sister, Tanya and her friend Carla who were home from college on spring break. Tanya and Carla came out to the patio area in their baby doll pj’s. Neither one had anything else on and as their outfits were quite thin all the guys were able to see their pussies and titties quite clearly. They were immediately surrounded by four naked guys.

“You girls want to join in?” asked Mark, a tall guy with a nice sunburn and a nine inch hard cock.

Tanya looked at him appreciatively and then at Candy who still had dicks in every opening and was hanging onto two more. Tanya wasn’t a prude but she had never indulged in group sex. “What the hell” she thought to herself as she grabbed Mark’s dick and peeled his foreskin back and began giving him a blowjob.

Another guy already had her pj’s off and was eating her pussy. Meanwhile Carla had been “attacked” by two more guys who quickly removed her pj’s. One guy picked her up and set her down on his rigid dick which slid in her cunt very easily. The other guy rammed his pecker in her ass. By the time the evening was over each girl had been fucked by at least three different guys and given blow jobs to several others.

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