A strange night after a strange birthday

Author: Diletta

That evening I was in a restaurant, with some old friends of mine. It was Patrizia’s birthday, and she invited me and all the others “old girls” of the group. It was been a long time we didn’t met all together: marriages, working troubles, a lot of things that made our friendship a little difficult. But this time, Patrizia wanted to invite all of us to have a nice evening all together, drinking and eating in a beautiful restaurant after all this time. So I wanted to appear as best as I could, and I decided to wear myself just like I was going to a meeting with a lover: my favourite black and white dress, short on my knees with the zip from the neck to the lower edge, my special jeans coat, my black boots, and my “Valerie” stockings, with black bra and black transparent panties, a gift of my husband for my 31’s birthday: I love that lingerie!!! The food was great, and the wine was better, even if I am not used to drink too much, and my friends were very very glad, and they started to joke as usuall, telling me: “Brunetta, you are still the same old whore! Take a look at how you are wearing!!!” , or “Brunetta! It’s Patrizia’s birthday, not a sex party! Let some men also for us!!!” and things like these: it was like to go back to some years before!!!. But I know that my friends Patrizia, Cristina, Barbara, Simona and Daniela loves to drink a little more. And they also likes to have fun dancing. So, after the restaurant we went to a disco, keeping on drink again and being happy and funny for our meeting and for Patrizia’s 32 years birthday. It was finally late, Barbara and Simona, that came with me on my car, were disappeared by a lot of time (with who??? Oh, well, Simona is married, Barbara is not, but they will never stop to have fun!!!), it was time to go home, and I went to Patrizia and the others to say goodbye.
-Are you feeling okay? Have you drunk too much to drive???- She asked me, but the problem was that she was more, more drunk than me! Effectivelly, I don’t like to drink too much, even if sometimes I like to be a little (nothing but a little) more drunk.
-Don’t worry, Patry, I feel very good!! Take a look at you and the other girls coming back, see you soon!-
So I left the Disco, a little tired, but also very happy to have met my old friends, and also a little excited: old time remembering, when we used to go out dancing and having fun, and none of us was married and had any troubles in meet some nice guy and know him.
By the way it was time to go back home to my husband, so I started my car and drove thru the countries, with my head a little light.
Suddendly, my car begins to go slower, I don’t know why, there’s a strange noise and I think that maybe it’s better if I find a place to stop. It’s a country road, and I finally find a little parking on the side, so I stop my car, and as I try to start it on again, the car seems like dead, and don’t want to start again! I’m not a good mechanic!!! What do I have to do, now? It’s three o’clock in the night, my home is far and I’m alone on a road where there is no traffic!!!!
I take my mobile phone, and decide to call my husband Daniele. The phone rings, and rings, but he don’t answer. Finally:
-Hey Amore! What happened??? Where are you???-
-Oh, Dan ! Are you sleeping??? The car is broken! I’m alone and I don’t know what to do!!!-
-Ok, don’t worry! Where are you? I will come to take you and to see what happens to the car!-
-Oh, thanks, Dan!!! I am…. Ops…. Where am I????-
– Brun, Where are you???? Are you drunk, maybe????-
-Oh, no, my dear…. Not too much…. But you know how am I! I never remember the roads and I don’t know how to explain!!!!-
-Ok, try to explain! Where have you been???-
-At “Rincao Gaucho” discopub….-
-Oh, just like as the old times…. You and your old friends…. Ok, never be jealous, it does not work! And then???-
-Then nothing! I was coming home from the disco, but I don’t know where I am now! I’m in a little parking near the road, but I don’t know where. And trust me: it never happened, I only danced, no reasons to be jealous!!!-
-Ok, ok!!! Let me wear something, and I will come to find you, ok? I will call you if I don’t find you, but I need at least 30-40 minutes to come there!-
-Ok, my love, I wait for you!!!-
Everything is a little strange, but the night is clear and not cold, so I remain of my car, waiting for him to come.
I hear a car coming from the direction I was going too, and then I see that car passing by, but then breaking, and driving back to stop nearby the parking. The driver opene his car window:
-Hey, do you need some help?-
– Oh, thanks! My car is broken, I don’t know why. I’m not a good mechanic….- I answer, but after 1 second I think that maybe it’s been not a good idea: a country road, late in the night, a stranger… I am alone… It’s not a good situation!
He get out of his car, coming to me: I can see that he’s a nice man, don’t seems dangerous, wearing a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, and his face is not so new for me, maybe I have seen his before, somewhere.
-Hi, do you want that I take a look to your car? Maybe I can help you.-
-Ok, thanks! My husband is coming to take me soon, but if you can help me, I could call him to tell that I can come back home!-
-Oh, sure, let me try to start your car.-
He try to start my engine, but it does not works, so he open the engine to watch it, and I try to help him with a torch.
-Mmmmm…. I’m not a mechanic too, but there is fuel smell, maybe you have problems with fuel filters or pump. I think you really need a mechanic, I’m not able to help you in this.-
-Oh, ok! Very thanks anyway!!!-
-You welcome! It’s always a pleasure to help a nice woman!-
The guy is nice and his ways are nice too, and my worries disappears.
-Oh, I’m Jim!-
-I’m Brunetta, nice to meet you!-
-You were at Rincao gaucho discopub, is that right? Now I remember to have seen you dancing there.-
-Oh, yes, I was there with some friends of mine, it was the birthday of one of them.-
-I know: a blonde one with turquoise pants and a tight flowered shirt, a dark haired with a purple miniskirt and a yellow jacket on, another dark haired one with small breasts but a very sunny smile wearing black pants and a red little shirt, a little girl with brown hair wearing jeans and a blue shirt, and another girl, with brown long hair, big breasts, tight jeans and shirt and a grey jacket on, with glasses!-
-Wow!!! You are a very fine observer, Jim!!!-
-Thanks! But you were the prettiest one of all the group! And also the sexiest one, expecially about wearing….-
I’m a little in embarassment, but his appreciations let me feel very fine!!
-Oh, well…. I don’t…. well, thanks!!-
-Can I tell you the truth, Brunetta? But I don’t want to hurt you… – He asks
-About what?-
-About stopping my car to help you….-
-Well, when I saw you there, out of your car, wearing so sexy, at first I thought you were there…. …for work….-
-Oh, what???-
-Yes, I thought you were a prostitute. A very sexy and beautiful prostitute. So I stopped to watch you better. Then I have recognized you as the nice woman I saw in the disco.-
I am still a lot in embarrassment, but now I also feels that something is turning me on, I don’t know why, and how…
I watch Jim’s eyes, perplexed about what to do. He come a little closer to me.
-I don’t want to offend you, believe me! But I saw a very pretty woman wearing very sexy along an empty road…. But now I know you are not a prostitute.-
-No, sure. …..and ok, don’t worry about offending me, I understand…..-
But something in my eyes probably betrays my real state of mind, and Jim come more close to me.
-By the way, Brunetta, you are very pretty and exciting….-
I feel his hands on my hips, and I try to get a walk behind, but there is my car, and I find my self with my back to the car.
-You are pretty and exciting, Brunetta…. And I think you are also a little excited!-
His hands blocks me, and he gets closer to kiss me. I’m confused, but also very excited, and after one second I feel his tongue into my mouth. It takes a very small time to abandon yourself when something really strange is happening! So I start to move my tongue into his mouth too, opening my lips in a very passionate kiss. His hands runs on my hips, tightening me hard, and moving up, looking for my breast, and I feel them insinuating into my dress and into my bra. I’m beginning to go out of my mind! His hands touch my breasts hardly, and I thrust my tongue deeper into Jim’s mouse, feeling his excitation growing up. Now his hands leaves my breasts and goes down, finding my legs, caressing my thights, finding the edge of my stokings and then my naked skin.
-Mmmm…. I love women who wear very sexy- Jim says – I watched your stockings while you were dancing… very exciting… –
His words are driving me mad: he seize the zipper of my dress and pull it down, revealing my body and my “Valerie” fine lingerie.
-You are very sexy, Brunetta! A very sexy and exciting slut!-
He start to kiss my breasts, moving his hands on them, and then caressing again my legs, finding my panties, bearing them a little to feel my wet pussy, caressing her, and finally fingering her.
His lips moves on my body, down, finding my belly, and down again, to my pussy. I feel his tongue stimulate my clit, and go deep, and deeper. I’m wet as never before. He lick me hard and gently, but now it’s my turn, and he knows!
– You are wet, my sweet Brunetta! What about to let my cock feel wet too?- So he invites me to go on my knees, driving my head from the back, and pushing his hard cock into my mouth entirely. His taste is good and I suck his cock eagerly, while he pulls my head, holding my hair, making me feel like a real slut!
He wants more, so drive me to stand up, I put my hands on the car, he spread my legs, holding my hips from the back, and he finally penetrate me, starting to fuck my pussy gently, but then growing faster, and deeper, and more faster and more deeper!
We are abandoned completely, and we don’t notice, when a car stops close to that place. But we hear footsteps, and we see two guys who are watching, on the other side of the car, and they are starting to stroke their cocks.
I don’t know what to do, but Jim seems he don’t cares, and continues on fucking me hardly. I’m very confused, but to be fucked from the back and watching these cocks is driving me completely out of mind!!!
-Do you want to let them participate, Brunetta?- ask Jim suddenly!
I don’t know what and how to answer, and the only sound I can speak is something like:
-Oh, well!!! Come on, guys! This great whore needs more cocks!!!-
I’m out of control, this three guys starts to touch my body everywhere and everyhow, sucking my lips, my brests, kissing me everywhere, my mouth, my belly, my pussy, my ass, my legs, and I taste their cocks into my mouth, letting them penetrate me one by one into my wet pussy. Out of mind!!! They use my as a slut, fucking me hardly then gently, then hardly again. I don’t care when I hear the sound of another car stopping nearby, and when I see another man who stop itself a little far, in the dark. He stay there for some minutes, then he start to open his pants, and start to stroke his cock!
“Another one!- I think – oh, well, nevermind! This is how the things are going, so, ok!!!”
Now I’m spread on my car, with who’s fucking my mouth, and one guy who’s penetrating my pussy, and the other one who’s caressing me, while I stroke his cock. I don’t see the forth man’s face, but I see that he’s still stroking himself.
Jim calls him: -Hey man, don’t you want to use this slut too? It’s free only for tonight! She’s nice and pretty and sweet, and very sexy. But she’s also a very insatiable whore!-
-Okay!- says the man.
“Oh my god!” I recognize that voice!!! And Jim feel my jolt. –Hey Brunetta!! Any problems???-
I take a look at the man… – Jim….. he’s my husband Daniele……-
Jim start to laugh: – Oh, well, Daniele! You came to take your wife back home, and you find your wife in a very special but not too private party!-
-Yes, but I don’t want to break this party, so let me be part of it!-
I’m embarrassed as best as it’s possible, and try to tell something, but my husband come close to me, pushing his cock into my mouth. I look at his eyes, trying to understand if he is angry with me, but he watch me for a moment, whispering:
-Don’t worry, love. It’s nothing but a game…- and then with louder voice, so the others can hear him:
-What a surprise! I came here looking for a wife, and I have found a dirty slut!- Everybody laughs, except me, too much embarrassed to laugh, but also too excited to stop what I’m doing!!!
All of them fuck me one by one, I have one cock in my mouth and one cock in my pussy, and a lot of hands that tights me and caress me. They use me on my car for a very long time, and finally Jim drive me on my knees again, in front of the car. Someone goes to turns the car light on, and I have four cocks in front of me, with Jim who is caressing my hair:
-C’mon, Brunetta! Suck my cock again, for the last time!- He pull my head and I open my mouth again to receive his cock, while the other two guys and Daniele watching and stroking. So I fix my eyes into Jim’s eyes, letting him fuck my lips and watching his desire goes to the end. He take his cock off from my mouth and I watch his eyes while a hot spray of cum hit my mouth and my face, dripping down on my neck and my body. The other guys explodes watching that, cumming on me again and letting me feel like a dirty, satisfied slut! My husband, as the last one, come in front of me, watch me, and say:
-It’s my turn, slut! Close your eyes!- I close my eyes, he take my hair, I feel his cock on my cheek, and suddenly a new shot of cum hit my face, drenching my hair and my eyes!
I finally stand up, completely drenched, completely satisfied and completely happy, and start laughing. Also the others start laughing, and Jim says:
-Great night Brunetta! Hope we will meet you again in a disco. And, Daniele… Don’t buy her a new car!-

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