Exotic Erotic Janaína

Author: Dan

As the music played in the background, Janaína, the lovely Brazilian babe and her partner slow danced together. Their bodies moved almost as one and from across the room a tall handsome older man looked on. Behind his glass of wine he admired them, the way they moved together, the way his cock tingled…

He wanted to share in their love, their pleasures…

Jeremy watched as Janaína’s white see through dress left nothing to the imagination, her curves were noticeable and her white satin thong showed through as the ultra violet lights shone across the room. On her feet where white stilettos protecting her sheer flesh coloured stockings. For some, white would be too much but for Janaína with her dark skin and lover, it highlighted her beauty and she shone above the crowd.

Rinaldo her partner was a very wealthy guy who knew how to look after his woman. He also knew how to indulge his fantasies and to live his wildest dreams. Many wonder how he met Janaína… it may have been when he fulfilled one of his lifetime fantasies but you never know…

Janaína is a very different woman. Her heart and her mind at peace, her love for sex is high, and she is willing to try anything especially for her partner Rinaldo.

With Rinaldo by her side she was a woman of pleasure, she new where her place was in life and it was to enjoy a sexually enhanced romantic life.

The music stopped but they stayed together, Rinaldo’s hands moved slowly over Janaína’s hips and held her ass, pulling her close to him as his crutch ground firmly up against hers.

The tall handsome stranger watched closely as the music started up again, Rinaldo and Janaína danced as one, their movements mesmerising the crowd as they dirty danced. Heated moments of passion on the dance floor…

Janaína stepped away from Rinaldo, her hand on his shoulder; she stood before him, her hips swaying with the music, his moving in time with hers…

Coming together again, Rinaldo held her head in his hands and kissed her gently as they danced the dance of sex hungry lovers.

The two lovers danced as one, the tall stranger came to them and holding Janaína from behind, he joined their dirty dancing. With a sparkle in Janaína’s eye, Rinaldo knew that they had found a guy who dares to trust the unexpected.

When the music stopped, he thanked them for letting him join them in their moment of togetherness. He invited them over to his private booth for a quiet drink of champagne as a thankyou.

The tall handsome guy introduced himself as Jeremy. He told them that he often sat here night after night watching them dance and was mystified at their presence along with the hundreds of dancers that came to see them.

Janaína smiled at Jeremy, so sweetly he almost melted on the spot. Rinaldo loved watching Janaína flirt with the guys they picked up especially when they think that they had picked them up.

Jeremy told Rinaldo that he had a very attractive woman, who looked like she could be a hot babe at the best of times… Rinaldo knew what he meant and said, “Yes, she’s so good at what she does, and she gives the best head job making you explode from your feet up.” Rinaldo was so cool when he said it that Jeremy almost choked on his drink…

“Would you like to try Janaína?” he asked.

“Janaína, give him one of your best,” he whispered.

Thank goodness for private booths Jeremy was thinking… he stood up and unzipped his trousers as Janaína knelt before him and released his straining cock. She knew it was big because when he rubbed up against her, she could feel his cock resting against her tight puckered hole.

Rinaldo told her to be gentle…

Rinaldo sat back and watched Janaína take Jeremy’s cock in her hand and slowly stroke it. She found his balls and played with them, gently squeezing and rolling them between her fingers. She checked him out without him knowing to ensure that he was a clean man with no hidden agendas before her tongue licked the shaft, taking in the taste of his manhood.

Jeremy’s cock was so big, she didn’t think she could fit it in her mouth.

It was so huge that Rinaldo looked twice when she released the throbbing monster from his briefs. She opened her mouth as wide as she could before closing her mouth down over the head. Her hands still playing with his balls making Jeremy moan from the wild sensations.

Rinaldo left them alone for a couple of minutes and when he came back the music had started, blotting out the moans coming from Jeremy as Janaína went to town on his prick.

Her mouth was wrapped firmly around his cock now and she was moving her head up and down sucking him as best as she could.

Janaína stopped for a second and sipped her drink, letting the ice slip in her mouth.

Jeremy did not see her with the ice and before he knew he she had closed her mouth around his cock again. The hot and cold pleasures teased him until he couldn’t hold off any longer…

“Uuuuunnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he screamed. “I’m cuuuuummmmminggggggg!”

He thrust his cock faster and faster into her tight mouth. He cried out as she slipped his cock from her mouth and with her hand wrapped firmly around him she stroked… With her other hand she grabbed his balls and squeezed tight until he exploded, his hot cum shooting out all over Janaína’s hands.

He lent back against the table breathing deep, trying to catch his breath…

Rinaldo smiled, Janaína slipped in beside him at the booth kissing him deeply as Jeremy organised himself and slipped in opposite them.

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