Author: mmm

My name is Christie, and I recently became a lesbian’s lover. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. Well, Heather made it happen. It happened while I was in a girl’s school for five short, heavenly months, but we’ve stayed in touch since then. In the weeks to come I will relate my stories as I have the time, and the nerve. My family brought it all about, although making love to another girl is so great I would have gotten around to it eventually.

Being sent away to a girl’s school didn’t help, I was angry and confused at my parents, and rebellious. This frame of mind certainly added to my confusion, but pure lust became my downfall.

It started on the very first day, when I moved into my room. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t alone.

There was another bed and another girl in the room. When I slammed open the door, with an armful of luggage, she saw bolt upright in the bed, wearing only a pajama top and a tiny pair of panties. By the way that she quickly rearranged her panties and hid her hand, I knew what she’d been doing. I do it myself occasionally. I was amazed to find that other girls do it too. Somehow I thought I invented that little finger trick. She saw my gaze and stiffened, then gave me a knowing smile.

“Hi,” she said brightly, then yawned and stretched.
I couldn’t help but notice that she was young. Her stomach was firm and slender, like mine, and her breasts were perfect grape fruit halves, also like mine. In fact, a stranger might mistake us for sisters, except I’m blonde and she has brown hair. She glanced up shyly and saw my admiring glance. With a giggle she jumped out of bed and made her way to the adjoining bathroom. She didn’t bother closing the door. The sound of her peeing was loud in the room. I tried to ignore her and unpacked. It was 10:00 o’clock and I was tired.

Luckily it was Friday night and I wouldn’t be expected to attend any classes in the morning.
“My name’s Heather,” the girl came strutting back and extended her hand.
I took it suspiciously, not knowing if she’d washed it or not. The chill of her flesh and trace of moisture
assured me that she had.

“I’m Christie,” I shook her hand firmly.
She gave my hand a quick squeeze before sitting on my bed next to my pile of suitcases.
“Can I help you unpack?”
“God no, I’m just getting out the stuff I need. I’ll unpack after I’ve slept for 15 hours. Thanks for the offer though.”
“No problem. Is there anything you need?”
“A new family would be nice.”
“Bad, huh?”
“Are you here for the duration, or just the semester?”
“I don’t know. My parents had a big fight, started talking about divorce, and BANG, I ended up here before I knew what hit me. Hell, I’m an 18 year old high school senior, what was so important that they couldn’t let me finish school at home? I’ll be going off to college in five month anyway.”

“That’s tough. Well if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or… anything,”
she said significantly, “just let me know. I’ll do my best to please you.”
“Great, thanks. Is there anything you need?” I asked, then kicked myself for leaving such an opening.
“Do you have any “c” batteries?”
“You know, the small round batteries that go in a vibrator?”
“I… wha… Heather, I’ve never even seen a vibrator before, much less owned one.”
“Too bad, it helps you get through the nights. Well, if you want to borrow mine, just yell. I’ll get a supply of
batteries tomorrow. I guess I’ll just have to finish up with the ole finger for tonight.”
“Heather, you’re a pervert,” I said with mixed outrage and humor. I had never seen a girl like her before.
“Of course I am, everybody knows that. But I’m a cute one,” she said,
batting her eyes at me, then jumping up to go to her own bed. “Nightie-night,”
she called and turned off the light over her bed.”
“Night, Heather,” I said absently as I took out the camel shirt I used for pajamas. With Heather in the room
I suddenly wished I had more to wear. Maybe my sweats… no, they would be too hot. I turned off the light
before I changed into my own clean underwear and the shirt. Even then I felt that Heather’s eyes were probing
the darkness to watch. I quickly jumped into bed and pulled the light blanket up to my chin.
“Heather, I come from a broken home, I pop pills to sleep, so if the building burns down, please drag me out.”
“No problem, I take sleeping pills sometimes too. I think it goes with the territory around here,” her voice
said thoughtfully from the darkness.
I decided that she was a pretty level-headed girl when she wasn’t trying to be a pervert.
“I’ve… I’ve never been in a girl’s school before, is it scary? I mean, I’ve heard it’s like a reformatory.”
“Naw, hell no. The girls here are fine, well most of them anyway. There are always a few sluts around wherever
you go. We have our share, I guess. But I’m pretty much left alone, to rough for most of them. You know
what I mean?”
“I guess.”
“I grew up on a dairy farm, I could pound a 1500 pound cow into the cement for kicking me, and not bat an
eyelid. Compared to that, these girls ain’t much. You just stick with me until you learn your way around, and
don’t join any groups, you wouldn’t know what you were joining until it was too late. Trust me on that.”
“Ok,” I said, too tired to ask questions. The pills were starting to take effect.
I had wonderful dreams that night of warm, soft lips caressing my body, exploring the private depths of my womanhood in a careful, knowing way. In my dreams it was a handsome brown-haired boy. He kissed his
way down my chest to my privates, then began probing my inner depths with his hot, stiff, tongue. I
withered under his ministrations, feeling an orgasm building in my loins until I exploded in his mouth. He held his
mouth over my pussy until my orgasm died, then gently licked my inner thighs and left. I couldn’t ever remember
having such realistic dreams before. I woke up happy and totally fulfilled.
“Boy, you’re chipper this morning,” Heather said as she came out of the bathroom, drying her hair. She
was wearing a very respectable linen bathrobe. She looked nice, with all her makeup washed off. Kind of
young and fresh.
“I had wonderful dreams and a wonderful night’s sleep,” I said enthusiastically. “If I can sleep like that
every night, I might actually enjoy it here,” I said as I tossed a pile of jeans on the bed near my pillow.
I took out my underpants and stockings, carrying them to the top drawer. I kept out one pair for changing after my shower. I turned and found Heather’s bare ass staring me in the face. She was pulling on her panties. She turned
and found me staring open-mouthed.
“I’m… I’m not used to changing in front of others,” I stumbled over my own words, trying not to blush so hard.
“You get used to it around here. Besides, we are roommates, where else can we change, in that little stall they call a bathroom? I’ve had suitcases bigger than that.”
“Oh, it’s all right, I just wasn’t expecting it. I’ve never seen a girl’s bare… well, you know,” I said in embarrassment.
“Yeah,” I admitted, turning completely red and turning away quickly.
“Relax, this is the land of pussies. No men allowed here, nothing but female flesh for a far as you can see. I like it.”
“I’m sure I’ll get used to all this, but I led a rather sheltered life.
“Boy, what a shock,” I said with a half-laugh.
“I’m famous for that. Shocking people is my trademark.”
“What are you doing today?” I asked, trying to cover my embarrassment.
“Shopping. I can’t survive without those batteries.”
“You were serious about that?”
“You bet. How do you survive without a vibrator?”
“Don’t Heather me, you’re 18 so how do you manage?”
“I take long showers and let the water hit me down there, sometimes,” I felt like dying for admitting it, but she
was so persistent.
“And you don’t use your finger? Well?” she asked after a long pause.
“Yes, I use it sometimes,” I roughly admitted as I grew a little angry.
“So why not try something much better?”
“They might catch it in my drawer.”
“Who, the matrons around here? I can take you to any of their rooms and show you a vibrator in each dresser.
You don’t believe me? I’ve seen them, I used to clean rooms here when I was new.”

We hit the town, shopped, and had a leisurely lunch in a little cafe. It was a nice day and Heather was acting
like a human, for a change. She only seemed to become a pervert in our room. I wondered if she might be a
lesbian, but since I never knew one, and didn’t know exactly what a lesbian was, I had no way of knowing.
We ate at the school cafeteria. It was filled with girls from 8 to 18. I had never seen so many girls packed into
one small room before. Heather said it was surprising to find so many girls still at school on a Saturday. After
eating we went back to our room. I was totally exhausted from a day of nearly non-stop walking. For the first
time in years, I decided that I wouldn’t need a sleeping pill that night. Exhaustion would be all the pill I needed.
After the exotic dreams of the night before, I couldn’t wait to get to sleep.
“Night, Heather,” I said as I snuggled under the sheets and felt my eyes drooping.
“Night, sweetie. Did you take your pill already?”
“Yeah,” I lied, to tired to discuss it with her. Besides, it really wasn’t any of her business.
The dreams began again, shortly after I fell asleep. I distantly remembered Heather calling softly from the
darkness, but I was too tired to respond. Before I knew it, I was feeling the soft lips caress my inner thighs,
moving up to my warm mound in teasing little kisses. When the mouth made contact with my panties, chewed
and sucked gently, my eyes flew open when I realized that it was more than a dream. There was a real person
between my legs, mouthing the wet crotch of my panties. I could feel the cool air on my body, so I knew I had
kicked the blanket off in my sleep. Or they had taken it off. I gasped slightly in horror, about to cry for help,
but I realized that if I cried out girls would come running into the room and find me in this compromising situation.
I didn’t even want to wake Heather, because if I did I would never hear the last of it. I slowly turned my head
and looked at Heather’s bed. It was empty! It didn’t take much to figure out where Heather was. The little pervert
was between my legs. I bit my lip, restraining my moans of pleasure. It was all I could do to keep my body still
while her hot mouth sucked on my panties. Heather suddenly paused and a careful finger plucked at the crotch
of my panties, pulling the crotch out and aside. In a moment her mouth made full contact with my pussy.
I felt electric shocks run through my body from the soft warm kiss on my mound. It was the most wonderful thing
I had ever felt. It reminded me of the pleasant dreams I had the night before. Then I realized that those dreams had
probably been real too. Heather had eaten me in my sleep, then calmly went shopping with me the next day as if
nothing had happened. The little bitch! Heather’s tongue began to play in my wet folds of flesh and I arched my
back in pleasure. Her tongue snaked through my wet envelope, then plunged deep inside me. It wiggled around
for a moment, then began plunging in and out like a small prick. I had the terrible urge to spread my legs wider
and hump my mound against her mouth, but with much restrain I managed to lay still. The sound of her licking me
was loud in the room. I bit my lip and endured the loving attack on my crotch in silence. Heather moved up slightly
and began flicking her tongue over my clit. I restrained a scream of pleasure, tensing my muscles to keep from
moving. She suddenly stopped. I felt like screaming and forcing her mouth against my pussy, but I waited in silence.
“How long have you been awake?” she suddenly asked and pulled the sheet up off my feet until she was free of it.
She sat up and looked at me in the darkness. I could see the contours of her face by the light of the distant
street light coming from across the road. She suddenly reached out and turned on the light.
“Since the beginning. How did you know?”
“Because you went wild in your sleep last night, you haven’t moved tonight, but you’re juicy as hell. You
didn’t take your pill, did you?”
“No, I didn’t need it, I was exhausted.”
“Damned. Are you mad?”
“No, I’m horny as hell. I hate to be impolite, Heather, but can you finish me before I take a stick to you?”
“Sure,” she laughed and slid back between my legs. “But it won’t be as much fun as raping you in your sleep.”
It was more fun for me, because I could move around and moan as much as I wanted. She plunged her tongue
up inside my loins and sucked at the entrance of my vulva. I realized she was drinking my juices. This seemed
both vulgar, and very erotic. I squirmed under her loving tongue and warm lips. In a moment she concentrated
on flicking my clit. My body jerked with each flick of her tongue. I reached down and rumpled her hair, while
pulling her face tighter into my crotch.
“Is this called… eating?” I managed to asked.
“Yeah, sweetie, it sure is,” she paused for a moment, then plunged back into my pussy.
“Do I taste good, Heather?” I panted with my head thrown back and eyes closed. I don’t know why, but the
question seemed important at the time.
“Absolutely delicious,” she sighed, then nibbled at the lips of my pussy, pulling them out with her lips.
“The sweetest little virgin pussy I’ve ever tasted.”
She moved to the very top of my pussy and licked my pee hole. I never realized that it was so sensitive.
“Yes,” I gasped into the darkness. “Oh yes, do it some more.”
She licked my pee hole for a long time, then moved her lips to encompass my clit and sucked savagely. I gasped
and humped my sex against her face. She clamped onto my thighs with her hands, spreading them wide and
opened her lips wider, engulfing my entire pussy. Then she sucked and licked my clit at the same time with my
entire pussy filling her mouth. She stopped suddenly and I cried out at being abandoned at the brink of orgasm.
“Turn over,” she commanded.
“Turn over, I want to do your ass.”
“My ass? Are you sure?” I asked, slightly revolted.
“Either turn over or I go back to my bed,” she said, beginning to get up.
“Ok,” I said quickly. I pulled one foot forward to I could get it around Heather. She waited and began her
oral attack while my ass was still in the air. I could feel her tongue probing my sensitive, puckered little hole. I
screamed into the blankets as I clenched the blankets tightly in my fists. Her tongue was just beginning to
penetrate my tight little ring when she switched and began licking my pussy again. A gasped and panted, mashing
my sweet ass back against her busy mouth. She clamped her lips onto the bottom of my fleshy little envelope and
sucked brutally. I knew I would have a hickey there in the morning. I was being marked by my lesbian lover.
The mixed pain and pleasure was just too much. The boiling waves of orgasm stuck me suddenly. I felt myself
stiffening, then I jerked upright on the bed and mashed her face between my legs as my crotch jerked. I suddenly
threw myself back on the bed and thrashed. Her loving mouth stayed glued to my pussy until my orgasm finally
slowed and died. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move. She kissed her way down my thighs, then down my
leg to my ankle and reluctantly stood, looking down at me.
“You look like a sweet little angel,” she said with a warm smile.
“I feel like I’m in heaven,” I said contentedly.
“Let me know if I can do anything else for you,” she waved and went back to her bed.
I felt I should repay her kindness, but I wasn’t ready for that yet.
In a moment I heard the unmistakable sounds of a vibrator coming from her side
of the room. She was taking care of herself.

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