Day Of Pleasure

Author: Dan

It’s amazing what can happen when you least expect it. Katie and her friends headed to Dream World. It was the summer school holidays and the four of them had decided that they would discover this theme park and experience the daring rides and enjoy the thrills. However when Katie got there she found that she couldn’t cope with going on the roller coaster rides like the rest of them, in fact she felt quite ill, so she decided to stay with two feet on the ground and look at the side shows and other interesting shows available.

The day they picked to visit Dream World was really very hot and Katie decided she’d go and take a look at the water features, which was under cover, rather than stand out in the hot sun. She was watching the fish and sharks swimming in what looked to be cool water and was enjoying the coolness herself while her friends were enduring the hot temperatures outside.

So there she was with her nose pressed up against the cool glass she was transfixed as the underwater creatures swam nearby. Katie was standing up front with lots of people behind her and it seemed really strange but she had the feeling that someone was standing real close to her, but assumed it was just another person in the crowd…

Katie was right to think that but suddenly she was shocked when she felt a hand slide up her short dress, it was playing with her cheeky cute ass. She felt like turning around and hitting the person responsible but her heart was racing and she was enjoying the sense of not knowing and the feel of that soft hand….

When Katie finally turned to face who was responsible for almost seducing her in public, she came face to face with a very attractive babe who winked and smiled the most gorgeous smile. Katie found herself not knowing what to do next, so she did the next best thing and found herself smiling back at a young babe who knew how to make her pussy tingle just by looking at her.

She decided to turn around and watch the fish and as she did so she felt that same soft hand sneaking its way under her skirt, touching her ass, her fingers finding their way inside her panties….

Katie’s heart was racing and her pussy dripping knowing that she could get caught in this hot session with an unknown babe. Here she was in the middle of Dream World with lots of people around and suddenly realised that this was an adult only section of the park for people over eighteen and she was being felt up by a complete stranger. It was totally ridiculous and exciting, but at the same time she was getting hot and horny knowing that someone was taking advantage of her body in public.

The fingers playing with her found their way between her pussy lips playing with her dipped deep inside her cunt and for a moment her heart pounded and her mind raced with the anticipation that she may get caught, her whole body was on fire as she silently climaxed in front of the water display and the people gasping at the massive sharks. From behind her a hand came up and rested its fingers on her lips, pushing them into her mouth, they were wet, but the taste wasn’t her own.

She licked the fingers tasting the salty nectar that belonged to the mystery babe.

Katie turned around and suggested that they go somewhere a little bit more private, somewhere where they could get to know each other better…

The mystery babe looked Katie in the eyes and said, “Sure, ok, lets go”…. Katie smiled at her as she grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowd. She couldn’t believe she was allowing herself to be swept off her feet by the beautiful red head babe. They made their way out of the car park and the mystery young teen practically threw her against the car, locking her lips on Katie’s and tongue fucking her for what seemed like hours.

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