Museum Romp

Author: Steph

As I followed her through the museum I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was absolutely gorgeous. She could easily been a part of the museum and no one would think twice. We entered the ‘racy’ section of the museum. There have been several attempts to close it down, calling it pornography, lucidious and other ridiculous views. I admit I am not a huge fan of art. I mean, I like it and all but I don’t drool over stuff. There are displays that make me think about sex and before I know it, I’m horny. It doesn’t help that I’m always following her through there and staring at her hips sway back and forth as she walks. Her sultry voice filling the hallways, as she tells the tourists a little bit about each piece.

She works at the museum as a restorer, cleaning off sometimes centuries old crud and making the piece as vibrant as it was the day it was made and takes over the tours when the regular chic takes lunch. She loves it. I come over to take her out for lunch probably three times a week and every one of those times I’m forced to do the tour. And every time we pass the naked Venus and others my mind starts thinking about Casey and her body, the way she is in bed, the way she smells, the way her voice makes my body tingle and I end up really excited.

After the tour ended, a small eternity later, she thanked everyone for coming and showed them to the gift shop.
She turned to me and smiled. “You ready for some lunch babe?”

“Yeah, I could eat,” with that said I grinned from ear to ear. She got my point almost immediately.

“Mmmm Susan you really turned on?”

“You know I am Casey, I always am after that tour. How could you not be after seeing scenes of all those people having sex and posing for the artist?”

She giggled lightly and shook her head as she led the way to her small office in the far end of the museum. We’d never done anything about my frustrations while we were in her office before. She would sit down at her desk with me sitting opposite on the small couch and we’d talk about this that and the other. She always steered the conversation away from sex. It made her nervous just thinking about it at work. I don’t know what was different about that day, but as soon as she closed and locked the door she grabbed me and kissed me deeply.

After the shock had worn off I let my tongue dance with hers, tasting each other as our hands explored each other’s bodies. I went straight for the buttons on her blouse and she worked to get my pants off. I pulled the sides of her blouse apart and down her arms revealing her large breasts resting in her white lacey bra. Her blouse fell to the floor and she began tugging down my pants. I stepped out of them not missing a beat as I unzipped the back of her skirt.

As I lifted my hands from the waist of her skirt, for her to pull my shirt over my head, it fell to the floor in a rumpled heap. She stood there in front of me wearing her bra, panties and her thigh high stockings. “Damn she’s hot!” I thought as I brought my hands up to the front clasp of her bra. With a quick flick of my wrist her breasts were free. My mouth had a mind of its own as it found her nipples and began to suck.

As I teased her nipples with my tongue she removed my bra and tossed it on the back of a chair. She grabbed a handful of my red hair and brought me back up to kiss her, sliding her hands back down my body and working her fingers into the waistband of my panties. As our kiss deepened again, I felt my panties glide down my thighs and land at my feet. In no time I had removed her panties and we were both on the couch.

The leather was cold against my skin and made my nipples even harder. Her body on top of mine, our breasts rubbing against each other, our bush meshing together drove me nuts! I wanted her so bad. Sensing this she kissed me again and quickly pivoted her little body. I wrapped my arms around her thighs as she eased herself down from her knees bringing her pussy closer to my face. Her smell consumed me and I felt my mouth begin to salivate in anticipation.

I brought my tongue up to her wetness and quickly penetrated her slit finding her hard clit. Her moan filled the tiny office as I began to roll my tongue over and around her jewel, stroking every so softly, teasing her. I felt her warm tongue through my wet hair into my slit. She began to lap at my pussy like a dog, full length, and slow controlled strokes. I tried to squirm underneath her to press my hips against her face to no avail, her arms pinned me down to the couch as she bared her weight against my thighs.

I slid a finger deep into her tight hole as I wiggled my face from side to side against her pussy. I felt her squeezes tightly, surrounding my middle finger with her warm walls. Between her scent and what she was doing to me I lost myself. I rocked my hips against the couch and her as best I could as I felt my climax begin to stir. My moans were growing louder and more frequent, hers met up with mine as we both started to cum.

I felt her body shudder above me and her juices soon coated my face as I brought her over the top. Just after she started to come down it was my turn. I came hard! My entire body tensed up. I held my breath and squeezed tightly as she worked her tongue the length of my clit, her nose pressing against my opening. My climax swept over my body in waves as she continued to work at my clit. My body pressed upwards against her as my orgasm reached its full intensity. Slowly my body went limp as my climax subsided.

She kissed my clit one last time and climbed down to kneel in front of the couch. I rolled over to my side and kissed her firmly, our juices mixing in our mouths as our tongues entwined.

To this day I think that’s the best lunch I’ve ever had.

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