Pick Me Up

Author: Steph

Leeann sat at the bar, forehead in her palm, staring at her almost empty glass of wine. Despair ran through her body like her own blood. She brushed back her red hair and closed her eyes tightly to keep from crying. The job was no high flyer, but she didn’t want to go back to waiting tables. She clenched her teeth. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

She heard someone sit down and felt a presence beside her. She knew better. She didn’t want to go home with any old dick just for some quickie to take her mind off her troubles. No, Leeann knew that it could only lead to more problems.

“You want a refill on that, sister?”

Leeann hesitated for a moment. It was a woman’s voice asking her, not some stud trying to get her on the rebound. Oh she could use that drink and a little girl talk. “Yes, please,” Leeann replied. She opened her eyes and looked over. The woman who sat there looked vaguely familiar. Her name was :.

“Shauna,” the woman said with a smile. He teeth were white and even.

She was a large woman: tall even sitting on the bar stool, sporting what could only be described as a long, thick, brown, mane of hair.

It was as if she had read Leeann’s mind.

“I noticed you sitting here. You worked at the store too, right? seasonal and household goods?”

“Yes, that’s right. I knew you looked familiar.

“I think we mostly worked opposite shifts.”

The bartender put a second glass of wine in front of Leeann.
She took a sip. “This isn’t usually my scene, you know, in the bar after a bad day, but I got it from both sides today.”

“You got your pink slip?”

“Yeah, and when I got home I found out that my man had traded me in for an ex-cheerleader.”

“Awe, Darlin’ that hurts.” Shauna draped her arm across Leeann’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, we’ll sit here and have a few drinks and a few laughs and put it all behind us.”

Leeann drank and they talked about the store. She felt the warm glow of wine as their conversion became more personal. “He was good in bed,” she confessed. “And he was excellent with his tongue.” Leeann put her hand over her mouth, and then giggled. “Oh, I can’t believe I just said that!” She took another gulp of wine.

Shauna smirked, “He was that good, huh.”
“You couldn’t even begin to imagine.”
Shauna leaned closer. “I don’t know about that. I’ve gotten some good head in my time.”

“Really? You’re the first woman I’ve met in a long time who thought her man was even competent at giving head.” Leeann giggled again. “I swear, I am so not like this, talking about my sex life.” She slapped her hand on the bar and leaned closer to Shauna. “Was there something your man did that just made you wild?”

Shauna put her hand gently on Leeann’s. “I never said it was a man.”
Leeann froze, then slowly looked at Shauna.

“Look, all I can say is that never a man was born that could lick pussy the way a woman can lick a pussy. A man just can’t know.”

Leeann found herself aroused at the thought of having another woman’s soft, knowing mouth guiding her to orgasm. She felt her cheeks get hot and her pussy tingle.

Shauna leaned in close, putting her mouth close to Leeann’s ear. “Darlin’ I only even mentioned it because you look so down. I thought a real expert licking would a real ‘pick-me-up’ for you.” She gave Leeann’s hand a little squeeze. “I didn’t mean to offend you, and I won’t be offended if you say no.”

Leeann looked back at Shauna. Being with a woman wasn’t something that she’d ever thought much about except in her most intimate fantasies. She realized the generosity and selflessness with which Shauna made the offer. She knew it was just what she needed. Leeann pulled her hand out from under Shauna’s and placed it on top, giving her hand a little squeeze.

Shauna met Leeann’s gaze. They locked eyes for a moment, both sensing what was about to happen. “Please,” Leeann said. “I could really use a good friend with a good tongue.”

Shauna smiled and nodded. She tossed some money on the bar to cover the tab. “Stop in the ladies room.”

Leeann did as she was told and went right to the ladies room with Shauna following close behind. Inside, Shauna cocked an ear, listening for anyone else. Determining that it was empty, Shauna motioned to the last stall. “In there,” she said.

Leeann entered with Shauna right behind. Shauna locked the stall and gently put her big strong arms around Leeann. “It’s going to be okay Darlin’. Everything is going to turn out all right. Just relax and let those job blues wash away; let me lick them off you.” She caressed Leeann, holding her close with one arm and with her free hand rubbing her breasts and thighs and ass. She kissed Leeann’s throat gently and then with a little tongue swirl. She kissed her way from the base of her throat to her ear where she began nibbling.

Leeann could not help but reacting. Shauna knew how to make a girl feel wanted and loved. She hugged Shauna tightly and began kissing her soft, powerful throat. A small gasp left Shauna’s mouth, letting Leeann know that she was on the right track.

Without speaking, they began kissing. Quietly, softly, gently, lips exploring the mouth of the other. Tongues reached out, flicked, licked, retreated and advanced again.

Shauna let her hands roam freely over Leeann’s body. She placed one hand wide across her back to keep her close. The other hand she used to unbutton her shirt. Within a moment she had Leeann’s bare breasts popped out of her shirt and bra. Her breasts were large and pale; her nipples were dainty, pink and erect.

Shauna cupped one breast in her hand and rubbed her nipple with her thumbnail. Leeann inhaled sharply, briefly wincing, then slowly relaxing. “Oh, it feels so good.” Shauna bent her head down and put her mouth to the redhead’s breast, sucking her nipple.

As she suckled, Shauna gathered up Leeann’s skirt and pulled it up around her hips. She put her hand on Leeann’s pussy and could feel raw heat. “I want to lick you now,” Shauna whispered. She pulled Leeann’s panties down to her ankles and had her step out of them. She put her hand on Leeann’s pussy. “Oh Darlin’, you’re SO wet.” Shauna maneuvered Leeann so that her back was against the wall. She squatted in front of her, then gently guided Leeann’s thigh up and over her own shoulder. She smelled Leeann’s pussy musk and began with soft kisses on her inner thighs while gently caressing her ass.

Leeann whimpered and trembled. She had never even imagined something like this.

Shauna pushed her face into Leeann’s wet, red curls; they tickled her nose. She gently spread her new friend’s labia and then started with gentle flicks of the tongue against her engorged clit. Slowly, she licked all the way from her clit down deep, digging with her tongue. Her nose was deep in Leeann’s cunt when she used her powerful neck to shake her head back and forth.

Leeann moaned and pressed her crotch into Shauna’s mouth. Every flick, every movement of her tongue was perfect. Shauna picked up the pace of her tongue thrusts, enjoying her excursion into Leeann’s velvety cunt.

Leeann’s whole body began to quiver with excitement and orgasmic anticipation. Her thighs quivered, her breasts jiggled, and deep inside, low, behind her pubes she felt a rising tension, a intensifying heat. She placed her hands on the back of Shauna’s head and pulled her face harder to her pussy. “Oh yes,” she whined. Shauna’s tongue was heavenly. It kept going and going and then Leeann could hold out no longer. She let out a long, low, loud moan; and another and another. He ass muscles were cramping. Her pussy was convulsing and she felt like she would end up as a puddle on the floor if this crazy woman didn’t stop licking her. She moaned loudly again and gushed. There was nothing she could do but let the sweet orgasmic release rip though her body like a tidal wave over a village.

Shauna paused her licking, knowing that Leeann was satisfied. But she couldn’t help herself. Shauna indulged in one more lick causing Leeann to grunt sharply. Leeann pulled at Shauna’s thick mane, trying to get that wonderful loving mouth out of her cunt while she recovered.

Shauna stood up.

Leeann kissed her full on the mouth, deeply. A tear ran from the corner of Leeann’s eye. “Thank you, oh, thank you. I needed that so much tonight.” Leeann kissed her again and again. “What do you want? Please, tell me,” Leeann begged. “I will do anything for you.”

Shauna grinned. “Don’t you worry. I have some ideas. She unlocked the door of the stall and walked out. “We can talk about them on the way to my place.”

Leeann put her breasts back in her shirt, her panties in her pocketbook, and followed Shauna out the door.

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