Better to receive, the give

Author: Heather Towne

My roommate and I were about to get dressed up for a night of bar-hopping when she suddenly slapped my bare ass with her bare hand. “Hey!” I yelled. “Watchit, bitch!”

We were standing in front of the huge mirror in our bathroom, nude and lewd. I glared at Holly, pretending like I was angry. She’s a small girl, in height, with a sun-burnished body, auburn hair, and a pair of heavy-duty tits that cry out, ‘Grope me!’ I, on the other hand, am lean and long, with raven hair and small, firm tits. My body is shockingly pale compared to hers.
“I am watchin’ it, girl,” Holly said, staring hungrily at my ass.

I turned my butt to the mirror and looked at the red mark on it. “How’d you like it if I smacked your ass around, you little slut!?”

She wrapped her arms around my chest, pressing her big tits into my back, her hands squeezing my own pert hooters. “What a great idea,” she enthused. “You ever had it up the ass before?”

I blushed. Her busy hands worked over my super-sensitive tits, plucking at my nips until they were red and thick and long. Holly’s a wild one, but that’s what I love about her – that and her ‘fuck-me’ body. “Uh, I thought that we were going out?” I said.

“I didn’t think you had,” the sex-crazed kitten said, a smile on her pouty lips.

We stared at our hot bodies in the mirror, and I knew that the drinking and dancing were going to be put on hold for the time being. Holly wanted to try something new, and when that green-eyed, tit-heavy cunt-licker wanted something new, I wanted it too.

She whacked me on the bottom again and stared fiercely at my reflection, the lust smoldering in her eyes. I held her eyes, my blood beginning to boil, the internal and external temperature suddenly soaring along with our mutual desire. She slapped my ass again, and again, and again, fanning our flames. She spanked one fleshy butt cheek and then the other, over and over, faster and faster. My butt and pussy tingled with her abuse, and I moaned as she walloped away on my ass.

She grabbed up a long, red dildo that lay on the counter – her favorite toy. “Spread your legs, ‘ho!” she commanded. “And your cute ass!”

I glanced back at her, hesitating, but she shoved me forward.
“I’m gonna ass-fuck you, baby! Your anal cherry is mine, girlfriend!” Her face was red, her eyes frenzied.

I spread my hands on top of the counter and bent over slightly and pushed my butt into the air. My pussy was drenched, my body quivering with the anticipation of shattering yet another taboo.

“That’s more like it,” Holly murmured, then stuck the eight-inch dildo in her mouth and sucked on it. When it was good and wet with her hot saliva, she pulled it out of her mouth and stuck it in mine, then rubbed it against my bare pussy.

“Yeah!” I gasped, my knees buckling. I swallowed hard and stared into the reflection of my feverish violet eyes. My long black hair shimmered under the lights, and my white, tight body seemed to glow, heated with equal parts anxiety and excitement.

Holly grabbed my ass and played the dildo over my crack. “Ready to be butt-fucked, sweetie?” she asked, her jade eyes flashing, her huge mounds heaving with excitement. She grinned wickedly at me, and I nodded.

She shoved the dildo into my moist cunt, and I jumped. She began fucking me with it. “That’s just to get it even more wet,” she said, her breath hot against my ear. She plunged the plastic cock in and out of my cunt for a long while, then pulled it dripping wet out of my snatch and pressed it against my tight pucker.

My body quivered. “Yeah,” I urged her, bending over further, standing on my tip-toes and abandoning my virgin ass to her wanton desires.

She pulled my butt apart with her left hand, her right hand clutching the dildo. I felt a short, sharp pain, and then, as the sex toy pushed through my starfish and plunged into my ass, a warm, heavy feeling of pre-ecstasy flooded my super-heated body. My legs trembled and my arms grew goosebumps as I watched Holly work the dildo up my butt. She was biting her lip, a look of intense concentration on her gorgeous face, determinedly steering that man-substitute into a place where no cock had gone before.

“Just a little more, baby,” she grunted.

“Shove it all the way in, bitch!” I screamed, my passion bursting into flame. “Fuck my ass with your cock!” I was already teetering on the brink of a massive orgasm, the unexpected ass plundering rocketing me to the dizzying heights of towering ecstasy a whole lot quicker than I’d expected.

Holly sensed my gathering storm and slammed the last couple of inches of the pleasure tool in between my butt cheeks. “Your ass is mine!” she cried out, staring wildly at my ecstatic reflection in the mirror.

“About time,” I groaned defiantly, sweat dappling my smooth skin. The hardened cock felt good in my ass, like it belonged there. I grabbed my left tit and squeezed, pulled desperately on the inch-long nipple. “Fuck me!” I gasped, finding it hard to catch my breath with that cock up my ass.

“With pleasure,” Holly responded. She pulled some dick out of my butt, and then plowed it right back in. She quickly picked up a rhythm, her hand working furiously, and I closed my eyes and surrendered my body and my senses to the erotic, electric feeling of her anal intrusion.
She slammed the dildo in and out of my ass, pumping my butt with it, violating me over and over, faster and faster, her hand a blur, my mind a blank. She swatted my cheeks and it all became way too much for me.

“I’m coming, baby,” I moaned. “I’m coming!”

She smiled grimly and drove my ass all the harder with her wicked cock-stick. She whacked my burning bottom and plundered my flaming asshole until my entire body was consumed by fire, and I erupted with a mammoth orgasm.

“Fuck, yeah!” I hollered, blindly dancing around in the throes of ass-centered ecstasy. My torso shuddered as orgasms tore me apart, my arms and legs shaking with white-hot joy as Holly’s relentless ass-banging drove me to the blissful precipice of near-unconsciousness.

I sank down onto the counter, my mind reeling, my body quaking, as Holly continued to unrepentantly hammer me between my bouncing butt cheeks with her eight-inch boyfriend. “Goddamn it,” I murmured into my folded arms, as a final orgasm churned through my wasted being and left me exhausted.

Holly eased up on the anal plunger, then slowly slid it out of my stretched-out bum-hole and into my dripping pussy. She swatted me one last time on the bottom, bent down and kissed and bit my ass, and then pulled the dildo out of my cunt and sucked on it. “How ’bout givin’ me some backdoor lovin’?” she said.

I gazed at her teasing smile through bleary eyes, then cautiously stood up and turned around to face her. “Sure thing,” I said quietly, my ass sore, but content.

She tried to hand me the bitch-pleaser, but I brushed it aside. “I’ve got something better for your sweet little ass,” I told her, and walked, stiff-legged, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

When I quickly returned with a strap-on fastened to my hips and pussy, Holly’s eyes bulged with surprise. “When’d you get that?” she asked, her voice breaking a little.

“Oh, I picked it up a couple of days ago. As a surprise.” I grabbed the ten-inch black cock that dangled dangerously between my legs and pointed it at her, stroking it. “Think your little ass can handle black beauty here?”

The sexed-up vixen excitedly nodded her head.

“Good. But first, why don’t you lube my monster cock with that talented tongue of yours?” I barely had the words out of my mouth before she had the dick in hers.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, on her knees, her mouth crammed full of cock. She sucked up and down on the prick prosthesis like it was the real thing. Her ultra-pink tongue snaked out and bathed the underside of the cock, then teased the head of the ebony snake. She gave me the kind of suck-job that would’ve had me blowing plastic semen in under a minute, had that been possible.

As her head bobbed up and down on the ever-hard erection, I felt pressure start to build within my steaming cunt – the sight and friction of her dick-gobbling was setting my pussy to tingling all over again. “Okay, that’s enough,” I gasped, yanking the glistening rod out of her greedy mouth. “You’re making me jealous.” I pulled her up off the floor and mashed my mouth against hers.

She aggressively stuck her tongue into my open mouth, using it for something a whole lot more practical than cock-polishing. We slapped our tongues together, twirled them against one another, fought a ferocious battle that was interrupted only briefly when I sucked up and down on the slimy length of her tastebuds, as she had done on my artificial manhood.

I gripped her massive tanned tits and squeezed, then bent down and sucked on her swollen brown nipples. I bounced my head back and forth between her gorgeous twin globes, feasting on the sensual ripeness of them.

suck my titties, baby,” she moaned, running her fingers through my silky tresses, desperately seeking fulfillment from my savage mouth.

But I knew just how sensitive my sexy girl‘s rubber-tipped mounds really were, so I soon broke mouth and tongue contact with her gigantic hooters and snapped, “Assume the position! Time for some payback.”

She spun around and leaned up against the counter, waving her tight little ass around in front of me like it was a red flag, urging me to gore her with my huge black horn. “Fuck me up the ass,” she said unnecessarily.

I slapped her ass around, getting it nice and red and hurting, reveling in the squeals of delight my handiwork elicited from her. Then, when her butt cheeks were good and sore, I lubed up the waist-mounted pleasure pole and steered it towards her tight, pink opening.

“Oh, my God!” she cried, as I stabbed the swollen black head into her resisting pucker.
“Here it comes, ass-whore,” I gritted through clenched teeth, recklessly pushing the monster prick into her tiny bunghole.

I just about had the massive hood inserted into her anus when she suddenly thrust ass-backwards and buried half of the dick in her bum. Holly didn’t like to wait for her pleasure – she took it. I grabbed her narrow waist and pushed my hips forward. The hardened cock slid into her ass like it had been there before and was anxious to return. I was quickly buried to the balls inside of her, splitting the little quim-teaser in half with my humungous tool.

“Fuck me!” she shrieked, her pink mouth hanging open, her eyes squeezed tightly shut.
There was no use being gentle; no fun in that, either. I pumped my hips and the black battering ram plunged in and out of her ass, slowly at first, then faster and faster and faster, until my thighs were cracking against her ass cheeks with frenzied regularity, and my clit-extension was slamming her anus with an awesome intensity. I tore her bum apart with the giant cock, over and over again.   

Holly groaned, then snapped her mouth shut and hung onto the counter with grim determination as I rode her rump like a cowgirl rides a bucking bronco. I showed her no mercy, banging her butt with abandon, my pussy responding with warm, wet feelings of its own.
Unbelievably, the ass-plastered Holly managed to yell, “fuck me harder!” and I desperately strove to re-double my already frantic efforts.

I pounded her ass like a drum, ravaged her bunghole with my joy-toy until she cried out in uncontrollable ecstasy, and her body convulsed with the first of her multiple orgasms. “Come for me, baby!” I shouted, a maniacal grin on my face as I pile-drove her ass and watched her being torn asunder by spasms of blistering sexual ecstasy.

Only when the last of her many, many orgasms had thundered through her bronze and broken body, did I ease the rock-hard rod out of her ravaged butt and tenderly spank her trembling bottom with it.

She turned her head to look at me. “Do you think that strap-on will fit me?” she asked softly.
“It just did,” I replied playfully. “The question is: will it fit me?”

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