the rain

Author: ric&annie

The rain never seems to stop. I feel depressed on days like this – restless and bored. I am sitting around in my red gown thinking I shld go wash my ass, take a shower. But then I look outside and see the rain and remember the last time Ric came home and I hadn’t washed my ass yet….

•   Frank Morey was playing on cd; I was acting a fool and dancing naked in the living room to the sultry sound of this blues man. I was on my way to the shower after taking a massive shit so I made quite the vision for my husband as he walked thru the front door with his colleague from work…
•   “Holy shit, Ric! You gotta call me wen u r bringing home ppl!”, I yelled as I was trying to cover myself with the throw pillows from the chair.
•   Ric moved fairly quick to stand in front of me and his friend turned to face the wall, embarrassed I am sure. (Its not everyday that u c a dancing ssbbw with shit all over her ass!) “Baby”, Ric said apologetically, “I thot u’d be out today….”
•   It was then that I looked at him and back to his friend, who was now looking very nervous and timid. “Wat’s going on, Ric?”
•   “Baby, this is my friend Nolan.” Nolan turned and nodded at me and said, “Hey.” Hummmm, I thot. This Nolan is a nice looking black man… shaved bald, creamy skin, mustache and goatee, about 5’9” and muscular; but why does he seem so timid? “OH fuck!!! Ric!” that’s wen the light came on for me. “Excuse us plz, Nolan.” I said as I tugged and pulled Ric to the other room. “I thot we were going to do this together? You brought him home to fuck him; didn’t you? Becos u thot I’d be gone today!! Ric how cld u do this without me?”
•   Ric always knew how to calm me down. That Portugese accent murmured low in my ear while he nuzzles my neck gets me every time! “Mama, plz… I knew u’d walk in before we’d finish and u’d just join in… plz don’t be mad, my Queen; u know u r my earthquake of lust.”
•   A kiss and a look btw two lovers who know each other very well was all the communication that was needed to finish wat Ric had started. He opened the door to tell Nolan to come join us in the bedroom but stopped and stared at the sight he found instead.
•   Nolan was bare chested laying back on the bench press, lifting Ric’s weights. Muscles were bulging, pecks were flared, sweat was flowing and neither Ric nor myself cld tear our eyes from the sinful taste of paradise that awaited us.
•   Finally he noticed us and just grinned. After putting the weights away, he just laid back and patted his chest for us to join him. “Annie, show Nolan wat he needs to clean.” Ric told me. I hesitated only a moment before straddling Nolan’s face. His tongue immediately began cleaning the caked on shit from my ass; his hands grabbed my fat rolls and began kneading them like dough.
•   Ric got undressed and knelt btw Nolan’s legs. He began licking and stroking the huge black cock. I leaned forward a bit to watch closer as I twisted and pulled my nipples. Ric’s mouth was sliding up and down the cock, devouring it like a popsicle. His hands followed suit stroking and playing it like a fine instrument. And, oh!, wat a concert it played…
•   The excitement got me worked up and I began feeling gas pains. I leaned forward and grunted. A big turd escaped me. I cld hear Nolan trying to consume all I gave him but he was a bit breathless cos all my weight was bearing down on him. I stood up and looked at his face, now more brown than wen he’d walked in the door. His hands moved to his face and wiped two handfuls away. He sat up and smeared the shit on Ric’s face as he suckled the cock. Ric’s tongue tasted my shit from the edge of his mouth and a growl escaped him! Nolan smeared some on his cock and Ric devoured it, sucking harder and deeper. Nolan’s back arched and head leaned back a bit as he howled. cum exploded from his volcanic cock as Ric pumped him dry….

Ah, back to reality. There’s Ric’s car and I am still in my nightie at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. But, wait, who’s that getting out of Ric’s car? Has he brought me another surprise?

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