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Author: LOVELY

This all happened three weeks ago. We met this couple ( Ty and Jan) last year at a local hunting function. They had just moved into town and were looking to meet people. Both are attractive in looks and were in their last forties. We are not the Ken and Barbie type – but can hold our own in that department. Shelly, my wife, is 5’6, 140 and 38 DD. Jan is 5”8 – 135 – with 36 C – Ty is 6’ 2” and about 200. I’m 5’ 7” – 185. Since Ty had no place to hunt – I took him bird hunting a few times – Shelly and Jan spend time together quilting.

We started going to dinner and movies with them every couple of weeks during the winter – this eventually became an every weekend thing – and we found that we missed being with them if we did miss a weekend. Shelly and I had talked about swinging for a couple of years – but she felt that she could not do it. In the back of my head I felt that Ty and Jan would be the perfect couple to swing with – we had so much in common. On a few occasions we all joked about going skinny dipping in our pool when the weather became warmer.

Once we were in our hot tub for an hour – and joked about getting naked – Jan said she would if Shelly would. Well, Shelly said no way. In my heart I was also wishing if I could get Jan and Shelly naked together. Later Ty and I talked about getting the woman naked – he confessed that he want to see Shelly as bad as I wanted to see Jan nude. He then said something funny about “a sharing friendship is a wonderful thing”.

At many occasions later we continued to get together for some time in the hot tub every weekend. Ty and I would take off our suits – but we couldn’t get Shelly to take off hers. Jan was ready too but she wouldn’t take hers off if Shelly had hers on. With the pump running – you couldn’t see anything anyway. The Ladies usually got out of the hot tub first and let Ty and I get out after they went into the house. The first time I saw Try’s dick I was speechless. It was as big as mine when I was hard – only his was soft. I told Shelly about the size of Try’s dick one night while we were making love – she got real interested, but nothing more was said after that night.

A few days ago, we decided to cook out – drink martinis and hot tub it. The kids were gone – so no one was around to bother us. We all had 3 martinis by the time we got into the hut tub. Shelly was feeling no pain – and after she had her fourth martini – she stood up and removed her bathing suit – and asked Jan to do the same. I again was speechless – here is my shy wife of 28 years age – naked in front of our friends. Jan removed hers and my dick jumped to attention – her pussy was shaved and her lips were long and beautiful. Shelly asked Jan if she minded if Ty stood up – because she wanted to see his big dick. Jan said “You can see and touch it if you want – I want to play with Bob’s dick”. Ty stood up and his dick was hard – about all nine inches of it. Shelly said – “Now that is what I call a cock”. She smiled at me and proceeded to stroke Ty’s dick.

Shelly said she wanted another martini to celebrate her new “self”, so I got out of the tub and dried up and went into the house to make us all another drink. While I was in the house – Jan came in to help me – she left her towel outside the door and came in – in her birthday suit. She walked over to me and kissed me hard on the lips and then got on her knees and began sucking my dick. She said she like normal size dicks – Ty’s was too big to suck it all the way into her mouth. I knew I wouldn’t last 5 minutes with her sucking on me – so I took her into the living room and laid her on the floor and began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t even think about what was happening in the hot tub.
I was thinking with my little brain at that time. Jan was one hot woman – she came twice before I did.

After I came – I said – “Oh •••• – Shelly is outside with Ty”. Jan told me not to worry she was in good hands. We made the drinks and went back outside to the hot tub. When we came around the corner – Ty was sitting on the top of the hot tub and Shelly was giving him one hell of a blow job. Shelly stopped and looked at me and said “I need that drink before I finish blowing Ty – his cock is so big”. She looked at Jan and then said, “Hope you took care of Bob – because I’m going to take care of Ty for you”.

Jan and I got back in the hot tub. Jan sat on my lap and we both watched Shelly try to deep throat Ty. I was playing with Jan’s tits while watching Shelly blow another man. I didn’t feel any jealously – it was turning me on watching this woman I’ve been married too for 5 years making love to another. Heck – I just made love to another woman – and loved every minute of it. Shelly is not one to shallow cum – but Ty starting cuming and Shelly couldn’t get him out of her mouth fast enough. She had cum – coming out of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Ty was holding the back of her head and bucking up and down. When he finished – Shelly said “I guess cum isn’t too bad”. “ Bob get me another drink I need to get this cum out of my mouth”. We all laughed and decide to get out of the hot tub. I had a hard-on at that time from Jan sitting on my lap and watching Shelly.

We went into the house and they sat around naked while I made another round of martinis. Hell – we were all wasted at that point. Shelly took sip of her martini and then said – “I’m going to be sick” and passed out. Jan and Ty helped me put Shelly in bed and said they had better be going. They wanted to get together on Sunday and talk to both of us about what had happened. I said it was OK with me, but I was worried about Shelly and what she would say when she woke up. I always heard be careful what you wish for – because you might get it.
Shelly got up at 2 am and ran to the bathroom. She started throwing up all of the martinis and everything else she had I her stomach. I asked her if I could help and she said NO and for me to go to bed. I woke up at 7 with a hang over and found Shelly in bed. She woke up at noon with one hell of a hang-over. She wouldn’t look me in the eye and I knew I had fucked up royally. Ty had called at about 2 pm and ask if it was OK to come over – Shelly said that she would rather do it some other time – as she was going back to bed. Well – Shelly didn’t talk to me on Monday or Tuesday. After dinner she would go to upstairs and quilt until she knew I was in bed – asleep. On Wednesday – I knew we had to talk – so I came home at 2 in the afternoon and found her in the kitchen. I told her WE HAD to talk at last Saturday night.

Shelly broke down and began to cry – She said she was sorry for what she did and could I ever forgive her. She said she didn’t remember everything – but she enjoyed giving TY a blow job and wanted to do it again, but she wouldn’t do it if it meant our marriage was over. I was stunned – I told her that I loved everything she did and I wanted to see her with Ty. I wanted to make love to Jan again too. Shelly smiled and said she didn’t know that Jan and I made love. Then she took my hand and asked me to make love to her. It was a wonderful 2 hours in the bedroom. After we finished dinner she called Ty and Jan and asked if we could come over their house and talk.

We got to their house at 7 and when we came in – Ty and Jan hugged us both. Shelly began to explain her actions on Sat night – at which time both Ty and Jan started to laugh and told her that they had been swinging for some time and had picked us as a couple they want to swing with exclusively. They wanted a couple that they knew didn’t have sex outside of their marriage and would not have been exposed to aids. We sat down and Ty offered to make martinis – shelly said with a big smile – “No martinis – they make my head hurt and leave a strange salty taste in my mouth”. She said lets forget the drinks right now and go to your bed room. I want to see that magnificent cock of yours with the lights on. We went into their bedroom and took our clothes off. Shelly grabbed Ty dick and said – “Oh my – I had all of that in my mouth’.

Ty placed Shelly on the bed and proceeded to lick her pussy. Jan was next to her and I went down on her. Jan has long pussy lips and a hooded clit. Her clit is about ½ long and about as big around as my pinkie. As I licked and sucked on her clit – she began to cum and cum and cum. I looked up once and noticed she had her hand n Shelly’s tit and was playing with her nipple. Shelly didn’t know it was Jan’s hand – or didn’t care because Ty was making her cum – over and over again. After 10 minutes, Shelly said she wanted Ty’s dick in her. She told Ty to get on his back because she wanted to ride him like a horse. Jan reached over and got a tube of KY jelly and gave it to Shelly and said “You are going to need this”.

Shelly lubed up Ty’s cock, which looked like a baseball between his legs and then slowly mounted him. She took about 4 inches before she stopped and then started slow up and down strokes. Each time she would take a little more of him. She was sitting straight up on Ty and riding him – very slowly. Jan and I lay on our sides watching both of them.
After 2 minutes, Shelly started cuming – and when Shelly cums – the whole world hears her. It was a beautiful sight, seeing my wife impaled on Ty’s cock. After she came 3 times – she had all of Ty in her – and kept saying how wonderful he felt. Jan reached over and got a small virbrator out of the draw and placed it on Shelly clit. Shelly was still straight up riding Ty at this point. Shelly came 2 more times, before she collapsed on top of Ty. Ty had not cum at this point – so he started to thrust in and out of Shelly until he flooded her with his cum.

We had lain in the bed for another half hour. Talking about the evening and making plans to get together on Saturday. Ty said they wanted to play a game with us and explained how it would work. It sounded like fun, so we agreed to be at their house at 7 that night.
I hadn’t cum, but I didn’t care – because I had gotten my wish. I had a hot wife – who was going to continue swinging.

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