Mature Desire

Author: missclassy

Its a beautiful day as I pull up to my fathers home. I had a great relationship with my father despite the fact my parents were divorced. He lives in a cozy little community in a quiet little neighborhood.

I have just turned twenty and finished my second year in college .I’m fairly attractive with a shapely figure. size 38 bust ands a very nice rounded and tight ass, I have never had trouble getting the attention of boys but have a rather strange taste for older men, I would day dream of my professors and thought it was a faze I would work my way through. I was still a virgin and often wanted the taste of hot sex and romance, I just needed the right moment and the right hungry man to be presented.

I got out of my car and walked to the front door, there seems to be no motion in the house, Dad must have been out of town again for work. not surprising, I didn’t tell him I was coming home I wanted to surprise him, I should have known better.

I was tired and decided to take a shower and lay down for a bit. It was a eight hour drive to my fathers home from school and I was very tired. I lay on my bed and thought of the times I had there as a child, two years absence made me feel like a stranger in my own home.

Next morning I awoke and called my father, he was out of town and would be back home within the week. I decided to make the best of the day and wash my car. I put on my very high cut shorts and a white tee shirt that was cut off at my waste.I knew that dad would not like me wearing it so I took the chance while he was gone. The day was hot and I enjoyed the sun, and being wet with by the spray of the hose not noticing that the neighbor Mr Griss was watching. The wet tee was almost showing my bear tits and when I reached up to the top of my car the bottom of my tits were bobbing around. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I had no idea there would be an someone watching.

He was an older man of about sixty five, partly balding and had tattoos on his arms. I knew that dad had said he was in the Marines when he was younger, and he seems like he had been a career man with his discipline and manners. He was not a bad looking man, I am sure he must have been hot when he was younger. His wife had passed when I was twelve, and he never remarried. He stood there with his arms crossed watching me. He had a dark blue tee shirt on and a pair of jeans, I suppose he was headed to the Nook for breakfast when he saw me in the driveway.

“Hello there little Missy,” I almost didn’t know who you were, you have grown up so much”

“Oh hello Mr G” how are you?

I’m standing there dripping wet from the sponge and the hose rinsing my car.

” your father didn’t tell me you were coming home”

he said with a smirk, looking over my perky tits as I stand there. I didn’t notice that my tee was wet and my pink nipples were showing through my wet cut off shirt.. That explained the smirk.

“Well, it was suppose to be a surprise but I didn’t think he would be away on business.”

” Well, I’m sure he will be surprised no doubt as to how you have grown up.” oh, you missed a spot right on the top of your car over there”

Thank you Mr. G”

with that he turned and got into his truck and headed off.
I was a bit embarrassed at my appearance looking through my mirrors on the side of the car when I noticed that my tits were almost bare through the wet tee shirt, but also felt a little excited and a bit naughty that he saw me like that.

I completed my car wash and decided to go shopping for a new bathing suite. Dad had left the pool open and I could tell he had just had it cleaned. I did not have anything that was new in some time, I bought myself the cutest black string bikini to wear in the pool, I think that Mr Gris might have had a little to do with the purchase. He lived close enough to our home that we could see in each others window so I was certain he would be able to see me pool side. It might be fun to see what happens, and besides Dad wont be home till the end of the week, it gave me four days of play time.

That night I walked into my bed room and opened my window I didn’t turn on the light and I could see Mr G sitting at his chair in the living room. He was masturbating. I was so surprised to watch him take his shaft and slowly milk it. I watched for at least ten minutes till he came in a burst of pleasure and his cum was shot all over his tee shirt. I lay in my bed and slowly fingered myself thinking how erotic that sight was and how I wished that I was able to do that for him. I wondered why he didn’t close his shades, could it be that he wanted me to see his actions? An erotic thought none the less.

The morning was hot and I wanted a dip in the pool before I ate breakfast. I put on my black bikini and oiled myself with lotion I lay there on my lounge, I could see Mr G’s kitchen window from my lounge. Through my sun glasses he could not tell that I was watching him watch me. I took the lotion and worked it into my skin under that cup of my top around my tits and I would run the oil all over my legs and up near my crotch. Mr G came out to his back yard. walking up to the fence and leaning over it

Good morning Missy,
starting the morning off right I see.

Oh hi Mr G, yea I love the pool but I need a tan, I’m to pail

well you sure look great I must admit.
cant get over how grown you have become.

“need help he asked”?

“well if you don’t mind, I cant reach my back,”

he opened the gate door and sat down on the lounge as I lay on my stomach, he rubbed the oil all over my back and then my bare bottom, I caught myself moaning he never let on and continued to oil me, I knew he must be getting excited, but I didn’t turn over to see till he stood up, what an impression he made, I could not help but notice his buldge.

I thanked him and he walked into his house all I could do is think about him touching my bare ass. I was excited to say the least. I could not get over his self control and I felt a little bad for taunting him but I did like the feeling of control, and me having the edge.

I lay there for several hours, and I knew the mail man was about to come, I ran to the box as I head him approach and told the man that I would deliver Mr G’s mail being that he wasn’t home that day, the mail man gave me his mail and I went into my house. I grabbed a robe from my closet and proceeded to my neighbors house.
I knocked on the door and he opened it with a surprised look on his face, looking both sides of the door, wondering why and who might be watching this young woman enter his home.

Here’s your mail Mr Griss, the mail man put it in my box by accident.
well thank you Missy would you like to come in?
well maybe for a moment.

I entered the house through the kitchen area and he had a friend there I was not aware of who this man was but was about the same age as him rather stocky man glasses and white hair.

“George this is Missy, Donald’s daughter” yes he looked like a George.

“well hello there, what a nice surprise, such a young one at that. you look great by the pool little girl”. Your name is Missy?

I was taken back a bit, here I was almost nude in my bikini in front of two older men.

I would sure like to see that bathing suite of yours up close and personal. the stranger said,

Mr G was smiling. Well I’m not sure if she’ll do that for us, maybe she feels a little awkward in doing that. Do you doll?

well I suppose I can show you what it looks like, I untied the robe and was standing there in front of two men with their eyes fixed on my tits. It was a crotchet bikini and the top just covered my nipples. It was created in a triangle shape, my bottom tied at the hips

Hell you hardly have enough there to cover your nipples, its enough to set any man crazy, and that sting goes right up the crack of that beautiful ass. Wow, I haven’t had ass like that in fifty years.

Neither have I said Mr G.

I felt a hot rush all over my face and a twinge in my pussy, I knew I was excited and I enjoyed the attention and hunger these old men .

Come sit over here on my knee little one, lets see this thing up close and personal. I sat on this strangers knee and watched as Mr G looked over his glasses at what his friend would do. he took his hand and rubbed my button, and played with the string. Mr G took my hand and lifted me off his lap and told me “I think its time you went home little Missy, I appreciate you bringing me the mail.”

later that evening I was sitting on my sofa watching a movie after I had changed into my short nighty’s. The door bell rang and as I opened the door and it was Mr G

I suppose the mail man is new because I have some of your mail too, he said with a smile.
I wondered just how that happened but asked him in.

“I just started a movie would you like to watch it with me, its kinda lonely here with dad gone. “

Sure that would be nice thanks, his eyes were all over me,” do you mind if I have something to drink?”

I knew he was still thinking about this afternoon. I poured him a scotch and poured myself one also. It was hard going down but it took the edge off of my horneyness and what I had done that past afternoon. I was thinking I was to brazen but never the less our neighbor was very nice to me.

I found myself dozing off with my head falling on his shoulder. His hand was on my leg which by now was under a blanket, I could feel his hand wander higher closer to my pussy as the movie wore on and I never gave attention of it. He softly stroked my leg and then in between my thigh, my pussy was aching by this time and I slowly opened my legs wider so he would have better access. He thought I was asleep, and his finger entered my pussy seeing that my hymn was intact and I was still a virgin. His breathing became more intense and his fingers went deeper into me. I could hardly contain myself.

I opened my eyes and his fingers were well embedded inside of my wet wanting pussy, he jumped and said

I’m sorry Missy, I should not have done that.

I took his hand and placed it back in between my legs, I wanted him to fuck me, and he knew it
I unleashed his cock, so large and so many vanes stood out, he put his hand behind my head and guided me to suck his shaft. I could barley get it within my lips. I slowly sucked up and down licked his head with my tongue, he just muttered and sighed,

“Oh damn I haven’t had head in so long, your mouth is so hot, oh yea little one, keep it up”
my pussy was wanting and I wanted him too, I would not let him cum when he wanted,

I straddled him and told him
“Your gonna fuck me old man, now, right now,”
” I want your cock and I have wanted it for three days.”
“I don’t think we should he said, but he had no choice I was in control at that moment and he knew it.
your a hot little bitch ain’t you, yes I am, and you like me hot, your hungry aren’t you old man, you want this young virgin pussy don’t deny it. so take care of business

he took his shaft in his hand and guided to the opening of my virgin hole. I slowly sat onto the shaft and he moaned and sighed with pleasure. his head moving side to side.

Damn your tight, oh shit, you feel hot
Oh your a tight fuck
that’s right slow, yea deeper that’s it, oh Damn, oh damn, he was moaning and shivering at the same time. I had this man in my control and I loved it. his hands pinching my nipples and him sucking on me as though he was a new born child. He was so hungry and so horney, I could not see that I had suck marks all over my tits, and had no time to care. I loved feeling his hunger.

Slowly I humped him till all seven inches were inside of my hurting swollen pussy, I could see a little blood, but I didn’t care I want it all. I was mounted up on him and could feel him shutter, I came in a furry and then he released his cum and I was in heaven. I felt like I was dizzy, and as I got off of him the cum ran down my leg. I stood over him and kissed his lips, he took his fingers and stuck them up inside of my newly used wet pussy. he took them out of me and brought them to my mouth I licked his fingers all filled with our cum.

he reached over and drank the scotch empty got up belted his pants and walked to the door.

What a piece of ass little one. You re something else.
Thanks for the scotch and ass little one

my please Mr G

As I fell alseep that night I knew then that I loved sex and I loved taking control of the hungry older men that need a good time. It was greater than anything I had imagined.

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