Afternoons with Mrs K. Ch. 01

Author: Jay_Lloyd

This is a story relating the beginning of an affair between a young Englishman and a much older widow. Apart from the names, it is true.

Do you find that in this sometimes painful sometimes wonderful world of ours that life’s pleasures are best enjoyed when they come unexpectedly? I do. That’s how it was with me and Mrs Kellerman. Unexpected, and fine, very, very fine.

I met Mrs K when I was staying at my aunt’s house one summer. At the time immediately before I met her, I was in a kind of down-hearted frame of mind. Shortly after I met her I was flying high on my own personal cloud. Now, I have a precise, precious memory of this beautiful, curvaceous woman of, I’d guess around her mid-fifties (it is rude to ask I’ve been told), with a warm smile and a kind heart, not to mention a ripe full figure and accommodating wet and warm mouth, pussy, and asshole.

Mrs Kellerman was a neighbour of my aunt’s. I hadn’t stayed at my aunt’s for many years; she and my uncle had a large, rambling property in the West Country of England and my visit was not out of choice, it was a necessity. I’m in the British Royal Navy; I have been for the four years since I left university, struggling in vain so far to rise from my junior officer rank. I’d just finished a five month tour of patrol duty with no leave in a frigate around firstly Gibraltar, then the Gulf and the coastal waters off Iraq, not far from Basra. Not fun. Routine, mundane stuff, but with just enough possibility of violent encounters to never relax properly.

When leave finally came I headed back to my flat in London and looked forward to a couple of months relaxing playing sports, drinking with my buddies and making up for lost time with my girlfriend Fiona. This was not to be, however. Firstly, Fiona, who seemed to have lost about twenty pounds in weight in my absence making her appear drawn and skinny rather than the full-figured girl I first fell for, gave me rather a cool instead of warm welcoming home, and announced that she had got a “great” new job with an American publishing company and would be working in New York for several months, starting immediately; and secondly, and equally depressingly, a mere 24 hours into my leave I got a call from my ship’s captain outlining the charming fact that in one month I would be skippering a motor patrol boat between the dangerous Iraq-Iran waterways for at least six months, and that as from the next day I would be on a three-week intensive Arab language course at a college in the West Country. It was not very welcome news, to put it mildly, although I’d do the best I could.

After one night with Fiona and an unsatisfactory, quick fuck, which for me was just a brief release of tension and for her a quick break from talking about her bright future, I threw some clothes into a rucksack and caught the train West after my car, my very expensive car, whose rash purchase had left me flat broke for the immediate past and future, had refused to start. With my expenses to be paid, in true fashion, “at a later date,” I rang my Aunt, who fortunately lived near the college and I arranged to stay there.

My aunt and uncle were due to leave for a weeks break in Ireland the day after I arrived which meant I’d be alone with time to reflect on my dissatisfaction with my naval career and my clearly failing relationship with Fiona. Too much time for introspection, is not often a good thing, I’ve found. The college I was to attend, although a regular civilian, not military one, was on its summer break, so there were not even any fine eighteen year-old girls to admire. Instead, there were only a few language summer courses being run, and my time there was spent in a class with a dozen middle-aged male government employees brushing up their language skills for brief, lucrative postings in the Middle-East. The teacher was an annoying Algerian guy with a particularly sarcastic sense of humour, and I found learning the Arab language simultaneously both tedious and difficult. All in all it was a chore and a bore.

The town itself was small and insular in outlook; the nightlife where I could spend the little money I had seemed to consist of a couple of pretentious, expensive wine-bars full of couples, and scruffy pubs largely frequented by groups of late teenagers resplendent in their baseball caps and gold sovereign rings, swearing and sometimes dancing to loud garage and rap music. Neither entertainment was my thing. It seemed a few really dull weeks were likely, especially as the first weekend found me too short of money to even scrape the train fare home. Saturday passed studying and watching sports on the TV, and eating a bad microwave meal, followed by a couple of hours drinking alone in the local pub.

After a lazy Sunday morning spent reading the newspapers, followed by some lunch, I decided to do some work on the property outside, partly to ease my boredom and partly to catch some sun on a rare hot day. I started by checking the wooden fence which ran at the back and one side of the property, both adjoining a field and separating my aunt’s garden from her neighbour’s, Mrs Kellerman’s. The fence was in fairly good condition, it just needing some panels renailed, and a small section of it begged some fresh paint. I found some tools and paint in the garage and set to work. After a while I began to get the satisfied feeling I have found before when working with my hands, and as I was only wearing a pair of denim shorts I was also enjoying the feel of the hot sun on my body. I was in a welcome kind of contented, dreamy mood.

I became aware of the sound of someone working close by on the other side of the fence, and moving to a part of it short in height I gazed over the panels and saw a very shapely female form tilling the soil of a vegetable plot. I recognised her as Mrs Kellerman, who I hadn’t seen for years. I recalled my aunt telling me that her husband Alan had died a couple of years previously, and that her children had now left home. I guessed she must be fifty at least, but believe me she was in seriously great shape. She had that kind of body that carries a few extra pounds well. That is to say, she was a medium height curvaceous lady with very big breasts and a large, though shapely backside, with proportionately fairly narrow waist. She had a seriously sexy mature womanly body, a real old-style full hour-glass figure, which, as she was dressed only in a rather too-tight pair of shorts and a sleeveless close fitting T-shirt, was on glorious display.

My eye-feast was broken by her sensing my gaze and turning to look at me. She had shoulder length fairly wild dark hair with loose curls, and a smooth looking face, which was both very pretty and suggested intelligence. After a second’s summing me up she recognized me from my childhood.

“Hello, it’s Jay isn’t it?” she enquired with a light smile on her face.

“Yes. Hi, Mrs Kellerman, what a beautiful day.”

“Indeed it is, and please call me Hazel” she replied, and I became aware that she was looking at my face and bare upper body in an approving manner.

My eyes met hers, which were a deep, dark brown, and her full lips formed into a really affecting smile, which I returned. My face then felt slightly flushed, and felt a familiar swelling in my shorts, as it hit me that there was obviously a mutual connection between us, a kind of lust at first sight.

We chatted away for a while, a light inconsequential conversation, but one which flowed effortlessly. All the while I could feel my cock, concealed as it was by the fence, hardening as I stole glances at her kind, high-cheek boned face and her ripe, full body. I realised I was turning into a fully fledged milf fancier. Normally I’m not much of a conversationalist but with Mrs Kellerman, things seemed easy and natural.

Eventually our chat was broken by the sound of a phone ringing somewhere inside her house, and she excused herself, but not before inviting me to come inside in a while for a cool drink.

“Oh, I will,” I virtually shouted out at her retreating figure.

She glanced back over her shoulder and threw me the most killer sexy smile. I idled the next few minutes away, in absent minded fashion tapping in a few nails, receiving one sore thumb and two sore fingers for my lack of concentration. I knew there was chemistry between us, and fortune favouring the brave, I intended to ‘try it on’ soon.

After what seemed an age, but in reality was probably only a few minutes, Hazel appeared by her back door and gestured me in. I followed her into a tasteful drawing room and sat as directed on a soft leather sofa. Hazel joined me but sat a frustrating couple of feet away. We chatted for a minute or so and to my delight she was coyly stealing glances at my groin. Her expression suggested she liked what she saw.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot myself, what would you like to drink?” she asked.

“Oh anything would be good, but a cold beer would be great.”

“I’ll join you,” she said, and I noticed her voice had taken on a girlish, slightly giggly form.

Hazel moved from the sofa to a tasteful wooden drinks cabinet at the far side of the large room to get the drinks, which allowed my eyes to take in those full, ripe ass-cheeks which filled out the cotton material of her shorts so nicely, and swayed seductively as she walked. It was warm outside, cool inside and burning around my crotch, as I felt a familiar light fluttering in my lower stomach and a hardening in my shorts.

I was close to making the move, and a sense of anticipation coupled with a kind of ‘naughty boy’ mischief, thrilled my senses as the chance of having sex with a curvaceous woman who was about thirty years older than me was close. After popping the tops she returned with two near ice-cold bottles of Becks lager. Hazel’s face was now coming out in a kind of blush and I noticed her eyes again fleetingly gaze at my swelling bulge. I was feeling confident, and in a way both chilled-out, but with now heightening senses rising, especially as I noticed her nipples, huge and erect, straining beneath the material of her T-shirt. I knew what I wanted, she knew what she wanted, and it was showing.

Sitting next to me so closely that our thighs touched, I saw tiny beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead despite the room’s cool air-conditioning, and a vague slight musty sweet womanly aroma assailed my nostrils. I guess she was seriously horny. I took one good, very deep shot at the ice-cold beer and placed the bottle down. I stroked her tanned upper arm, and looked into the dark pools of her brown eyes. She was relaxed with my touch.

“You’re a kind of a good looking woman,” I said.

“Only a kind?” she joked, her voice now really girlish.

“My kind,” I countered, and I stroked her hair gently as we moved our mouths into a kiss.

Her lips were full and soft, her breath fresh and her tongue probing. We kissed deeply for what seemed a pleasurably long time. Breaking the kiss, I moved my hands under her T-shirt at the back, stroked her smooth back and then unclipped her bra, feeling her big breasts drop slightly against my chest. Trying to ease her T-shirt over her head I suddenly and surprisingly felt her stiffen very slightly. I paused and looked at her slightly questioningly.

“It’s been a long time,” she said, “two years since Alan has died, and he was sick for a while before. There’s been no-one else”

“Shush,” I said, “relax, everything is okay.”

I held her hands then stroked her cheekbones and kissed her once again. Now, with her assistance, I lifted the T-shirt over her head and freed her big womanly breasts. Beauty filled my eyes. I blatantly stared at them as her face flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and lust, and I lowered my head and firstly licked, sucked and very lightly nibbled on her huge distended dark red nipples, the sexiest I had ever have seen or tasted. Hazel emitted a low moan of contentment, and a hushed “yes” was repeatedly audible.

Without my guidance, Hazel stood and took my hand, pulling me willingly to her bedroom, which had a large four poster bed covered in pristine sheets. I sat on the end of the bed and she sat astride me, her legs either side of my thighs. She pulled my chest to her mouth and kissed my nipples as I felt my cock strain against my shorts, more so than ever when Hazel traced the outline of my cock gently with her fingers.

“Be my guest,” I invited.

“Well, if you insist,” Hazel replied, now with mock coyness. She slid the shorts down and my cock reared up hard, full and throbbing, pre-cum seeping from the head.

Her eyes widened slightly, “Big,” she muttered, “Alan was…”

“Shssssh,” I interrupted.

She gazed up, those dark eyes deeper and blacker than ever. I nodded toward my groin and she dropped her mouth and sucked at the cock-head, rimming around the glans with her tongue and cupping and very gently squeezing my full balls in her delicate hands. I lay back and savoured the delicious feeling as she slowly, languidly feasted on me. Her cunning mouth gradually took more and more, until it felt like most of my large tool was wedged down this mature beauty’s silky throat.

“Ah, fuck, fuck,” I groaned as I knew I was about to come.

“I’m going to shoot,” I said, which merely induced Hazel to suck more frenziedly as my balls tightened beneath her grip.

“Fuck!” I almost screamed as I climaxed massively, shooting wave after wave of cum into that pretty mouth.

Gamely Hazel sucked most of the love-juice down, but as she rose and smiled some fluid dripped delightfully from her full lips. I lent forward and lifted her on top of me and as I eased her up the bed I tasted myself as we were entwined in a deep kiss. I was hardening again within a minute.

“Thank-you Mrs Kellerman,” I stated, my mock formality turning into a spontaneous heart-felt laugh.

“You’re most welcome, Jay,” was her giggled reply.

I was temporarily lost in a glow of utter satisfaction; while Hazel looked lustfully at me. Moving above her, I kissed those soft lips again, and then lightly traced a line down her throat to her rounded belly with both soft and strong kisses. Her pussy was giving out a strong, wonderful aroma. She raised her butt for me as I slowly pulled her shorts and silk panties down her legs and off her feet. I threw them across the room. Her bush was dark and full; her slit was long, pink-red and glistening with moisture. I placed one hand on her right breast, rolling a huge nipple and from my other hand put two fingers in her mouth, which she sucked. Hazel spread her legs very wide. Her clit was large and prominent. I traced its outline gently with my tongue as her body heaved. I rolled her big clit with my right fingers as I inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into her flowing wet pussy. I finger fucked her in a way so as to almost stroke her clit from the inside. Hazel was rocking to meet my fingers.

“Fuck, now, fuck me now,” she commanded as her pussy gushed an orgasm which literally dripped down my fingers then my wrist.

I positioned myself and eased into her steaming, streaming pussy. Savouring the heat, I held my cock still, and then worked deep, slow strokes into her womanhood. Hazel worked her pelvis to meet my strokes in unison, and we mutually moved up a gear as I slammed home.

“Hard, deep, harshhhhhhh,” she almost screamed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck that cunt, fuck that cunt, God it’s fuckin good,” I gasped out in joy, as sweat poured down my face.

I felt Hazel’s pussy contract and her juice liberally coated my balls, as I came with her, shooting my seed deep in her love canal.

I pulled free and moved under Hazel on the bed. We kissed deeply and then just held each other very tight in a lengthy embrace. A while passed with our bodies entwined, I felt her body’s heat and her heart pulse. Gently fondling my balls and stroking my cock, Hazel twisted and rose above me, got me hard and eased my cock into her silky pussy. She rode me gently and for a long wonderful time, easing up and down with a contented, lusty look on her pretty face. I was content just to rise my hips in unison with her, savouring the pleasure as an orgasm wracked her heaving body.

I sensed I was going to cum, and I eased back. Hazel read this as a cue to lift herself off me. Gently, I motioned Hazel to roll onto her stomach. I put a pillow under her hips, raising her thighs and ass high into the air.

“Do you know what I want now Hazel?” I asked.

“My ass,” came her reply, which she followed with a contented sigh.

I kissed my way down her arching back whilst firmly fondling the big, shapely globes of her butt-cheeks with my hands. I felt great. Removing my mouth and gazing at the magnificent flesh, I felt a new heat of excitement; my mouth began to salivate, and my cock pulsed almost painfully hard. My eyes were drawn to between the valley of her magnificent full backside, as I spied her asshole. What a beauty! It was a duller, darker pink colour than her pussy, and was slightly puckered, with a tight mass of wrinkles. I was almost giddy-headed with lust.

Gently, I spread her ass-cheeks apart, and lapped around her glorious ring. Hazel’s breathing became laboured.

“Do it, tongue out my ass, eat my asshole,” she implored me.

I inhaled as much of the delightful, ever so slightly musky aroma as I could, then centred my tongue, as Hazel removed my hands from her ass-cheeks, replacing them with her own. She pulled her own ass wide apart and I slipped my tongue in the tight opening, as deep as I could. I licked around, almost stroking her bowels with my tongue.

Hazel’s sphincter tightened hard briefly, and then relaxed delightfully, loosening up my entry. Lapping inside Hazel’s puckered ring was so fine, so good. I ate her for a long, wonderfully pleasurable period, whilst reaching under her sides and playing with her two massive hard nipples. My feast was only interrupted by Hazel pulling free. I briefly feared she’d had enough, but instead she twisted slowly so that she was on top of me. She then turned and placed her pretty mouth on my cock sucking away as I was reacquainted with that wonderful pussy of hers, and we devoured each other in a sixty-niner.

I playfully lightly spanked her big butt-cheeks, all the while gorging on Hazel’s still streaming cunt. My cock was slick and pulsing in her clever, cunning mouth. Her tongue danced along my length, her throat contracted and loosed and her lips sucked at my flesh. I teased her clit, feasted on her pink-red folds and fed my fingers in her ass. Again I felt Hazel cum, her juices sharp and welcome to my mouth. I savoured her as my balls contracted and I fleetingly almost lost consciousness, giddy-headed in pleasure in the moment before I came, in wave after wave. Hazel moved around and we shared one long kiss, before, spent and utterly satisfied I fell into a sleep, my head cushioned against the womanly softness of Hazel’s big breasts.

To be continued……….

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