Sam’s Bhabi(Part 1)

Author: sam

Sam’s Bhabi (Part 1)

-by Sam

I am sam from Dhaka , Bangladesh. Now 22 years of age. I am telling the story which happened when i was 18 years of age. The name of the characters are changed due to confidentiality.

I started masterbating at the age of 15. So I wasquite frustrated of being a virgin at the age of 18. I was desperately looking for a lady to loose my virginity. I have a private tutor Rashed sir. He used to teach me chemistry. We were four friends at the same class used to get tution from him. very often, we would give exams to our sir. Sometimes this exam occured in Rashed sir’s house. There I was meeted with Arpita bhabi, Rashed sir’s wife. She was in the age of 36. She was a little bit chubby. Her skin colour was a bit of white complexion. Face is rather sexier than cute. Her figure will be 36-32-38. She got a big ass. And I love her ass more than any parts of her body. When she walks, her big boobs and ass just vibrates too much. I always get a erection to have a look at her ass.

After some days , we became very close friends. We started to talk erotic convesation very often. I came to know that she is not sexually satisfied with her husband. Even after long years of marriage they got no children. So bhabi was getting more and more frustrated. One day I went to her house. And she was alone in the flat. After some chatting I decided, today I am gonna lose my virginity. She was making some tea in the kitchen. I got her from behind. My already erected cock pressed aginst her ass. She startled a little , but at once moved around and caught me with a heavy pressure and started kissing my lips very hungrily. She puts her tounge in my mouth and started sucking my tounge passionately. Our saliva transferred into each other. She was wearing a red nighty. I lifted her nighty from her toe to head threw it away. Now she was showing her glorious beauty just wearing red bra and panty. Her body got some fat but it fascinated me more. As I got a strong physique. I just lifted her and carried her to her bedroom. I put her onthe bed and started sucking her from toe. Ii got near her panties, I quickly inserted my hand into her panties and was delighted finding a hairy and heavy mound. Instantly I threw the panty with my another hand. It was really a hairy cunt. At first I was a bit nervous but now I am charged up to mesmerized my lovely lady. I inserted my two fingers in her cunt. Inside the hairy jungle it was pink in colour. I got her clit and gave it a hard squeeze. She cried out in ecstacy. I unfastened her bra and threw it away. I started fondling her lovely breasts.Then I sucked each of her breasts and sometimes give her boobs a little bites. Whenever I slightly bites boobs ,she gives a little moan. Then I started to suck her earlobes. now she wanted to see me. I removed my shirt , pant and underwear. She was impressed with my quite thick and averaged length dick. She got hold of my dick and gave some squeezing. She want now to play some 69. I wanted it too. I opened her labia and inserted my tongue in her cunt. I was moving my fingers in her cunt hairs and pulling the hairs a little.

She was sucking my cock very roughly. Now I reversed her and started fondling and sucking her heavy ass mounds. I was giving her ass little bites also . She loved it very much and wanting more and more. She got some beautyspots in her back. I sucked those spots passionately. Then I sucked her neck. I pushed my hands inside her armpits and smelled it. I liked the smell very much. It was a bit dark in colour and some moulding meats. I started to suck her armpits. She was pulling my hairs in ecstacy. She became restless to have my dick in her. I reacted positively with her demand. I inserted my dick in her started fucking her powerfully. She got her orgasms and cried out loudly. I increased my speed. I lifted her from bed and caring her with holding her ass. She was getting strong pumps from my dick and shouting “Fuck me hard ,Fuck me”.

Now I set her in the bed in missionary position and started fucking her from back. She got her second orgasm and became a little tired , but I turned her again . I took her legs over my shoulder and her cunt became wide open. I was thrusting my dick very hardly. Her cunt became very sloppy and our fucking was generating ‘phoch phoch’ sounds. She cried out that she was having another orgasm. This time I wanted to have my ejaculation with her.
So I started fucking her with more speed. We both started to shouting and came together.

After along session of having sex ,we fell on the bed. I sucked our mixed juices and cleaned her cunt . It was very tasty to me. She also cleaned my dick and scrotum. Then we have a shower together.

It was my first encounter to have sex.

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