My Cleopatra

Author: Dan

It was my mother’s birthday and dad had organized a huge fancy dress party to be held at an old mansion just outside of town! I came home from the city to attend it and I was looking forward to seeing the folks again and catching up with old friends. Dad’s parties were always outrageous and usually went on for days.

Dad and I got ready together deciding that a colored sheet, a bit of junk jewellery and garlands made of leaves and flowers would suffice nicely. I had a good tan and rubbed myself with oil to show it off as my toga started at my waist and I wore only a heavy gold chain above it. Dad asked if I had a date but I had just split up with someone and told him I had sworn off women for a while, because the bitch had left me in a really bad way.

I had made the decision that I was finished with young girls. They were cheeky little trollops that cost you a fortune and treated you like shit most of the time.

The party was all it was meant to be and Mum was really happy and Dad had hired a couple of male strippers who were also employed to entertain and serve the ladies with drinks etc. It was all hilariously good fun and the older women were having a real ball being treated as if these hot young studs lusted them after.

I was enjoying myself too, eating, drinking and charming the older ladies with my wit and with my muscular body. There was one lady there who had really piqued my interest in a variety of ways. She was tall and lean, about 50, I guessed, and she wore a most revealing costume of red silk that showed off her curves and her beautiful breasts.

She looked like Cleopatra and her dark, heavily lashed eyes followed me around the room as I greeted guests and shared a drink or two with old friends. I noticed her watching me and decided that I if she wanted to flirt I would see just how far she would go. I made my way over to her and she watched me approach with a sexy seductive smile on her lovely face. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Clare and that she was very pleased to meet me.

We found a place to sit together and she told me that she thought I had a gorgeous body and wished she were twenty years younger. I looked her in the eye and said that if she was I wouldn’t be interested as my tastes drew me towards more mature women these days. This seemed to amuse her and she was slightly shocked I think when I suggested we take a walk around the old mansion and see if we could find somewhere more private where I could prove it to her.

I took her by the hand and she came willingly as I led her through the crowd and we climbed the stairs to the upper floors. As soon as we were out of sight I backed her up against a wall and kissed her passionately and she responded by pushing herself up against me taking a sharp deep breath.

She was totally aroused and she reached down and touched my cock and balls through my toga and they responded instantly. “Let’s find a bedroom,” she said and we unlocked from our embrace and quickly found what we sought.

I picked her up and carried her over to the large four-poster bed and laid her down gently. I ripped off my toga and underwear and began to undress Clare from her costume. Her top consisted of a long red silk scarf and I realized I could use it to tie her to the posts on the bed and she didn’t protest it seemed to arouse her even more.

She lay with her arms restrained while I kissed her from her mouth all the way down her throat and finally to her voluptuous heaving breasts. I was as much in awe of her as she was of me. Her body was breathtaking! She was the epitome of womanhood and feminine sensuality.
She thrust her hips up against me urging me to go lower and I slowly obeyed her unspoken command. She had shaved herself and her mound jutted upwards and her pussy lips were plump and full and she smelt like roses. I pushed her legs up over my shoulders and began to lick and nibble at her bright red hard little clit.

Her cunt was wet with slippery juice and I parted her legs further so I could fuck it with my hard strong tongue. She rolled her hips around underneath me and thrust herself hard towards my face more and more urgently as I relentlessly devoured her luscious pussy. She loosened herself from the silk scarf and clutched at my head as her orgasm gripped her and she came in my mouth sending jets of warm liquid flooding over my tongue.

I crawled up her stunning shuddering body and inserted my cock firmly inside her very wet slippery hole and fucked her passionately as she gazed into my eyes with something that looked like love. She slithered around beneath me scratching and pawing at my back, and she felt like velvet inside, soft and sleek and so magnificently hot and wet.

We came together in a crushing, thundering storm, our bodies locked together and rocking in complete sexual indulgence enjoying every last excruciating throb of our plundered loins.

It was the most erotic sexually fulfilling event of my life and I will never forget my Cleopatra. She showed me how amazing sex could be with an older woman and I continue to seek them out and bed them as often as I can.

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