Afternoons with Mrs K. Ch. 2

Author: Jay_Lloyd

This story follows on from an encounter between Jay, a young English naval officer home from service off of the Iraq coast, and Mrs Hazel Kellerman, a neighbour of his aunt, who is in her early fifties. I’ve written it as a split narrative; relating the tale first from Jay’s then from Mrs K’s perspective.


I woke up after a short sleep of an hour or so. My head had moved from its resting place against her big soft breasts and was now against her tummy. Mrs K was stroking my face; it felt good. Better still was my memory homing in on what had happened.

“Hello sleepyhead, looks like I wore you out,” Hazel said, laughing, and then smiling broadly.

“Hello my beautiful lady,” I replied.

I wriggled up her body and we shared a deep kiss. Then I gently nibbled her ear-lobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her huge pink nipples and sucked. It hardened beautifully in my mouth. As I feasted on her, Mrs K resumed stroking my face. I felt my cock press hard against her leg, and I ran my hand through her lustrous, thick, dark pubic bush and teased my fingers over the increasingly slippery wetness of her pussy. We lay like this for a while.

“Ahhhh, the vigour of youth,” she almost purred. “Jay, make love to me again.”

I removed my mouth from her breast and kissed her, slipping my tongue past her teeth. As I did this, Hazel held my cock tenderly and guided it inside her. She was just so wet and warm. I rode on top of her with our chests and stomachs joined and our mouths and tongues playing together. I fucked her slowly at first, with deep but gentle strokes. It was heaven.

Firstly, I clenched then pushed alternatively with one then the other of my butt-cheeks, so I was probing all parts of her vaginal tunnel. I felt her react to this instantly, her hips rose to meet my strokes and I revelled in the warmth of her body. Then I shaped my hips and drew a figure-of-eight inside her pussy with my cock.

I was balls deep inside Mrs K, and moving very slowly. I broke our kiss and sucked and lightly bit on the flesh between her neck and shoulders. Her breathing became ragged, and in a quiet but husky voice she rasped out:

“Oh fuck, fuck me hard, fuck meeeeeeeee.”

My mouth met hers again. I started riding her straight on… quite fast, then very fast and deep with each long thrust. Sweat was wet on my face. Hazel was moaning now, and repeating more loudly:

“Surrender, sweet surrender.”

I was holding off from cumming with a huge effort of concentration. Finally, feeling her body tense and almost spasm, she flowed juice onto my balls, and I released my restraint. My sperm flew out of me, splattering inside her pussy with force.

We lay together in a tight hug, smiling at each other between kisses. My stomach then began rumbling which caused her to form a mock frown, before she laughed.

“Well Hazel,” I said, “you’ve certainly satisfied my cock’s appetite, but my belly tells me I’m starving.”

“Jay, I’m sure we can rectify that problem if we try; go back to your Aunt’s and shower and get changed lover, while I do the same, then I’ll treat us to a meal.”

I left. Under the shower, once again I found it curious how Mrs K’s voice fluctuated so much. During foreplay or the actual act of sex, it was girlish, gigglish, and very youthful. But in normal conversation, it was deeper, riper, and almost authoritative. I found both forms affecting.

As well as her being a wonderfully expressive, sensuous lover, I had to admit that I found the big age gap between us, maybe as much as nearly thirty years, a huge turn on. I’d always had girlfriends of my own age, or slightly younger; and while I had some good times with them, I just seemed to find a heightened sensuality with this mature lady. Whether it was some sort of power thing, or maybe even a form of repressed guilt, I neither know nor care. It was hard to define, but it was oh so delicious to experience.


I showered and dressed. I wore a pale blouse, black skirt and high heels. I took care with my make-up. I felt good, better than I had for a long time. I had a lovely warmth in my stomach; that exquisite feeling I have known in the past after I’ve had long, satisfying sex.

I called a favourite restaurant and ordered a table, then rang for a taxi; I didn’t want to drive; I felt like sharing a drink with Jay. I went and knocked on my neighbour’s door. Jay seemed to answer almost immediately. He looked so gorgeous. In ways he reminded me of my son. He looked so tall and handsome; with a kind, yet very vaguely sad face, and beautiful eyes.

Jay smiled and invited me in. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and put his hands on my breasts.

“No,” I said, removing his hands, “plenty of time later for that though, lover.” Although, in truth I was really turned-on at his touch. The taxi came and drove us to the restaurant. Jay paid the driver and ordered him again for later.

I told him this meal was on me; he accepted this graciously. It was an Italian restaurant and the food was sumptuous. I enjoyed it but ate rather sparingly. Jay, in contrast had an enormous appetite. We had starters, and then a glorious beef dish accompanied by a fine bottle of red wine.

At one point the waitress began flashing Jay a flirty smile. I felt my face flush. I was surprised at my level of jealousy. Jay did smile back at her, but only in concise politeness; and then, bless him; he gave me his full smile and briefly held my hand.

He looked so handsome in his crisp button down white shirt. I was aware that a few women dining there gave him a distinct look, so to speak. I thought to myself that someone might think I was his Aother or Aunt or something. I told him this, which made him laugh.

After the meal we ordered coffee and brandy and chatted some. I asked Jay about his career in the Navy and the Iraq situation. He admitted that he had got frustrated and was considering his options; he was thinking of leaving the Navy when his service period was up; but that he had two more years before he could do so. He seemed patriotic though, which is not that common a trait in the young English these days. He didn’t say much about Iraq, and I didn’t push it.

When I’d made love with him this afternoon I had noticed, what appeared to my untrained eye, to be two healed-up bullet wound scars in his left thigh. I do vaguely remember his Aunt, my neighbour, Cathy, telling me about her visiting her nephew Jay in a military hospital one time. I’d have though it more usual for those serving in the Army rather than the Navy to have such wounds. Again though, I figured if he wanted to tell me about his experiences then he would in his own time.

When we returned to my house, and Jay had paid the taxi driver, I poured us both a large glass of brandy. We sat on the settee, sipped some, and kissed; then I took Jay’s hand and led him upstairs. Inside my bedroom we fell lightly onto the bed. I was feeling horny; I wanted his hands on me and his cock deep in me. Yet, I wanted somehow to prolong the feeling of expectation, while he, young and eager, was obviously aroused and ready for action, as it were; his penis was straining hard against his trousers, forming a funny, but at the same time sexy, tent shape.

Although he was clean and smelt wonderful, I asked Jay to go into my shower, and to “get fresh please young man, before you get sweaty and dirty with me.” Although he looked reluctant, he went. I wanted a few minutes alone.

I stripped naked and for once was brave enough to look into my full-length mirror. I felt amazing, desired, and confident. I was glad I was active and exercised regularly. Yes, my big breasts did hang lower than in my youth, and my tummy was gently rounded instead of flat; but I still felt good. Hell, I looked good.

I’ve been blessed with good skin, and although I’d no doubt be considered about fifteen to twenty pounds overweight by a body fascist, I was happy with my shape. Above my full hips my sides did curve in to make a long shallow ‘C’ shape up to under my arms, and I have always been proud of my quite long, shapely legs, which were tanned by summers days spent outside in my garden. My bottom is quite large but it is fairly firm.

Contrary to fashion, I’ve always kept a very full thick bush above my vagina. I like its look and feel. My late husband Alan loved it, and so does my young lover, Jay.

For myself more so than Jay, I slipped on a pair of loose black silk panties; I loved the feel of the silk on my skin, and I put on black suspenders and black stockings. I touched up the make-up on my face and put on more lipstick. I pushed my boobs into a brief black semi-transparent wonder bra. My God, they did look enormous and high like that. My nipples were jutting out hard in anticipation. I grew impatient for Jay to return from the shower; I longed for another ‘Sweet Surrender.’

I walked towards the shower. Behind the curtain I could see his young body in silhouette. He was so athletic; being slim but broad-shouldered. He moved sideways, and the horny young guy was sporting a very big erection. Mmmmmmmmm.

I returned to my bedroom and idly traced around my clitoris with my fingers. I was getting wet with anticipation now. I heard the shower noise stop, and resisted the temptation to go and dry him myself.

After a very long minute, Jay returned to my bedroom. He was dry except for his hair, which looked damp and was sticking up slightly. There was a wonderful fresh scrubbed, clean aroma coming from him. Jay was totally naked; his toned body and long limbs were tanned and beautiful. As he walked towards me, his half-erect cock swayed from side to side; I saw his body’s muscles work easily beneath his skin. His grey-blue eyes met mine and he smiled.

He stood in front of me, tall and commanding. I reached up and placed my arms around his neck and we met in a kiss. Our tongues explored each others mouths. He ran his hands up and down my sides, from beneath my arms to my knees. His touch was electric. Then he kneeled and slid my silk panties down and off my feet. He left the suspenders and stockings alone.

“Wow,” he said, “you are just so beautiful, Mrs K.”

“Well thank-you young man,” I repied, in mock politeness.

He called me Mrs K from time to time, instead of Hazel. I just knew he found the age gap between us a turn-on. If he wanted to play up to me being his senior to heighten his thrills, then that’s fine with me. For my part, having sex with such a younger man is both flattering and oh so enjoyable. Maybe I should feel some sense of guilt about it – he is younger than my daughters – but I don’t.

I lay back onto my bed with my legs loose over the end. Jay parts my legs wide. He inhales audibly and deeply, and then his warm tongue and mouth dance over the folds of my pussy. Lord, I’m wet and writhing lightly immediately. I run my fingers in his hair as he zones in on my clit. I feel as though I am almost on fire. His strong hands unclip my bra, and then his fingers roll my nipples; which are both hard and sensitive.

My head feels giddy in the best of ways. It is the blood rushing around my pussy and my breasts no doubt. I feel my torso shudder, and I cum; I flow; his greedy mouth stealing the juice from my pussy. He frees his mouth from between my legs, rises above me and kisses me. The taste merely heightens my inflamed senses. His cock, almost iron hard and warm, presses against the valley between my now nearly closed, soft, inner thighs.

He’s kissing me deeply; his tongue is clever and teasing. I revel in the feel of his strong body moving against mine. I feel strangely simultaneously both fragile yet powerful under him. I feel so desired, so sexy knowing I can make this young man want me so: I will have his big cock deep inside of me; I will make him cum and pump his seed in my body.

I break the embrace and kiss my way down over his muscled chest and flat, firm stomach. I want his manhood. I just love the smell of his big cock; there is a sexy soap clean and sweet aroma. I start by licking his full balls.

“Ahhh,” he almost cries out in delighted fashion. “Fuck Hazel, that is so good.”

I then suck on each testicle in turn, then take his shaft in my hand. God, he’s big. I lick and kiss the veins pulsing the blood to his cock’s head. Then my lips cover the head. I taste the tang of his pre-cum. I let my lips close over the swollen, mushroom like end. My tongue dances around it. Jay is moaning now:

“Hmmm, Ahhh, Ohhh.”

Now I draw more cock into my mouth, I suck him hard. His prick is magnificent. It is both thick and long. Jay swears now, and begins moving in and out of my lips. My mouth is being fucked, and I love it. Just as I am aware of my breathing being constricted, I feel a massive pulse in his cock, and he shoots his seed in me. The tang of his cum assails my taste buds, and I swallow deep, drawing that nectar into my belly.


Mrs. K feasted on my cum; she sucked it down and then licked the remainder of the end of my cock. As I pulled my cock free she held it and gently pulled it back to her mouth, and sucked hard for a few seconds more, then gave me just the most killer big smile.

“I love your cum, Jay,” she almost purred.

“Any time you like be my guest, anyyyyyy time,” I replied.

“I want the next load elsewhere though,” she said, and rubbed the full bush above her pussy, giving another huge grin. She was getting freer in her talk and expressions; more overtly confident in her sexuality. That was a big turn-on.

Having been ‘sucked dry,’ temporarily at least, it was surely now only the polite thing to do to return the favour again. Considering that Hazel has a very long silky pink-red pussy, a sensitive prominent clit and a really wonderful taste inside her vaginal walls, all beneath a lustrous full dark bush, it was the kind of chore I’d tackle willingly any day of the week, or minute in an hour, second in a minute, whatever. Put basically, she just had the kind of a cunt that draws a mouth.

I lick all around Hazel’s long pink-red slit. I love every fold. I tease her big sensitive clit with my tongue. Eating this fine lady quickly gives me another erection. I slide in and fuck Hazel’s pussy from the side as she raises one leg in the air. She loves this. She is sooooooooo wet.

Hazel then athletically moves her position and rides on top of me. I hold her big hanging, swaying breasts as she eases up and down on my cock. She is also using her cunt muscles to squeeze and hold my cock from time to time. I raise my thrusts to meet hers; a curious and wonderful stop start rhythm ensues. Hazel rides my length easy and slow, then fast and hard. I catch a nipple from her swinging breasts in my mouth and suck it.

Mrs K comes. Her chest and face flush a vivid red. I feel her body’s intensity. I want to cum now. I want to spread my seed in her silky, beautiful cunt. There is, though, somewhere else I need to cum in more. She is spent and exhausted. I lift her off of me and she lies beside me. I kiss her and hold her tight; I can feel the pounding, then gradually subsiding, of her heart’s beat.

With mock politeness, I ask, “can I have a play with your wonderful big ass sweet-heart?”

“Most certainly dear, enjoy yourself,” Hazel giggles out in reply.

Again I’m reminded of how her voice gets girlish when sexually aroused; it’s most affecting.

Hazel assumes a position: she gets on all fours and sticks those big buns right out. The fullness and firmish roundness of her buttocks surely is a fine sight to behold. Her hands spread her cheeks to show off her anus. For the second time my chest tightens at the glorious sight of her wrinkled, puckered ring……. Fucking fantastic. Her asshole is presented as an offering.

I quickly dash into her washroom. There are various creams and medicinal items in a wall cabinet. Among them I find some odourless gel. I return with some of it on my fingers. Down on the bed again I slip a finger in her anus and lube it. I drop down onto one knee so as to get my mouth to it at the optimum angle. I smell her unique smell; a very feint but attractive musky aroma, then raise my tongue and draw an ‘O’ around it, all the while pressing firmly. I’m eager as hell, but at the same time endeavouring to savour these moments.

Hazel gives out a murmur, almost a deep purring sound. I widen her hole slightly with my thumbs, and then ease my tongue inside, very, very slowly. I lap her; stroking inside her ass with my tongue; the taste and sense I receive is gorgeous, and I am aware that my cock is pulsing, and I know it is releasing sticky pre-cum. While I enjoy this feast I very lightly trace around the outline of her clit with my right index finger, my left thumb goes under her to her mouth; she sucks it greedily.

Her asshole is relaxed and when I eventually withdraw my tongue it gapes open for a second. Illusory, perhaps, but her anus appears once to wink at me. I rise onto my knees, lean forward and whisper into her ear:

“Sweetheart, I want to make love to your beautiful ass.”

“It’s yours baby, but be gentle,” she replies, her voice betrays a mixture of anticipation and a tiny bit of anxiety.

I line myself up; the pulsing head of my cock presses against her ring, and I press steadily. The head enters the muscled anus and I slide on gently, through her lubed, tight tunnel. I push on very slowly, until my cock is balls deep inside her. Whether Hazel has been ass-fucked before I really do not know, but she certainly responds. Initially her body goes taught, but as I hold still in her, it relaxes.

“Sweet surrender,” she purrs, “Jay, lover, take your throne.”

At this I slide back slowly until the glans of my cock-head meets the sphincter, then I ease back in and fuck with as much restraint and tenderness as I can muster. Each part of my penis feels as though it is being squeezed by a cunning, slightly moist velvet glove. The feeling is just so delicious.

I’ve screwed a few young women in their asshole before. I’ve had rounded bottoms and slim waists in my hands, and relished the taper of their hips and the shudders and trembles of their bodies as I’ve watched and felt my cock pump in and out of their tight sphincters. I’ve revelled in their sighs of contentment and occasional gasps as pleasure and pain engulfs them. I’ve shot waves of cum in them and even on occasion had them beg me do it again, but never in my life have I ever felt as intense a pleasure as here, as this glorious creature; this mature, curvy, busty, big-bottomed lady writhes and groans in unadulterated pleasure at my pounding.

Hazel moves to meet my thrusts as the pace rises up a gear. My penis seems to me more than a mere physical organ; it is the outlet of all power and pent up physical and emotional desire.

“Your cock feels so good lover,” Hazel gasps out. Her breathing is ragged, and I am aware that her fingers are entering her pussy and rubbing around her prominent clit as we screw on.

I lightly spank one of her full butt-cheeks. Then again, slightly harder. I grab her generous wide hips firmly. Hazel groans. Now I am ramming my cock in hard and fast, balls deep on every stroke; riding that big rounded ass.

All the frustrations, angers and fears that I had felt in the last few months are being released as I fuck that fine ass deep and hard, and it feels great. Mrs. K shudders beneath me and with a probing hand I feel her cum; juice flows from her cunt. The tips of my fingers are damp with her fluid and I taste them…. delicious. I feel hypersensitivity in my whole body, as if it is electrically charged.

Slamming away with total and utter abandon, my forehead flowing sweat, I feel the rush begin way back up behind my balls; deep in my body. I erupt. Just as I feel the first cum flow from me I very fleetingly have a brief moment of semi-consciousness, the ‘small death,’ which occurs all too rarely.

Now I come in waves.

“Fuck, fuck,” I’m virtually screaming, “fuck it, fuck it, FUCK!”

My cock spurts white nectar into Hazel’s bowels.

I lay still with my chest gently touching Hazel’s back for a while, and I feel my cock soften, though not entirely. When I withdraw from her there is a crude audible “plop” sound. I lie beside Hazel, and kiss her mouth quickly. She pulls my head back and slips her tongue deep inside my mouth. Her kiss is firm, harsh almost; she then pulls back her tongue and bites my bottom lip hard enough for me to be aware, via a coppery taste, that she has drawn blood. It stings a bit but feels kind of good. My spent body rushes blood to my muscles and I feel a good warm glow all over my body, the kind you also get after a work-out when you are in good shape.

While I had been riding Hazel I had been fleetingly aware of various family pictures on the wall. Now I looked at them with interest. There was Hazel with her husband at various stages of their life together, and photographs of children of different ages. I remember her telling me that she had two married daughters and a son away at university.

On her dressing table were pictures showing her daughters on their wedding days and between them two of her son. In one Hazel and he were arm in arm together, both smiling broadly, and in the other he was clad only in a tight pair of Speedo swimming trunks, with a surf-board under his arm. He was tanned and wet; muscular and young. This photograph was larger than the others beside it, and had been placed slightly forward of them. My mind raced.

To be continued……….

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– Jay

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