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My name is rohit. I am 23 year old. I would also like to share one of my many incidents that occurred in my life. It happened when I was just 19 years and just joined college to do my degree first year. I was not a virgin by then. But this is much different and unique in my life as I had two sexy women in my life. I live in a posh locality in Banglore. My neighbor was a sexy girl called geetha who was 30 years about to be married with a great figure. They also had a servant who was very sexy but not so beautiful but had a figure with a 28D ass.

It happened during my desera vacation when my parents went to a wedding to our village and the neighbours went to their second daughter who is in madras. They asked me as I was alone in house to stay with their daughter. She had asked me to stay in the house and had gone to her Office saying that she will be coming for lunch and asked the servant to cook for two of us. I said ok I have a chance here and got a blue film (we did not have a VCR then in our house) and put it in the VCR of geethas and started watching it. After some time I found that the servant was peeping from the hall door. I acted as though I did not see her and continued watching the movie and wanted took out my 6 inch dick and started rubbing it. After the first scene in the movie got over, I got up and found that the servant was not there so I went to the kitchen to see what she was doing.

I did not find her so I put some coffee on the stove when I heard as someone was having a bath. I just looked out and to my surprise the servant was totally naked and has just started her bath right below that window and was applying soap all over her body. her back was towards me and she was sitting on the floor with her knees bent. I could see her ass suddenly she got up and I had a clear vision of her nice ass she applied some soap on her hands and then bent down to apply it on her legs and I was able to see her asshole and bushy cunt lips. I got off the stove and pull my pants down and start masturbating my dick. she sat back on the floor to complete her bath and I all my cum on the floor of the kitchen. I immediately took my kerchief out and was wiping the floor when I heard some one open the kitchen door and it was the servant in a petticoat wrapped from her sexy boobs.

She shouted “Kya kar rahe ho sab?”. I was speechless and shocked to see her so fast over there. My pants and underwear where at my knees and my shirt was slightly lifted above. and she had a clear view of my dick. She understood what I was doing and just smiled back and came near me and sat in front of me and caught my dick and said “Kitne din isko hath me leke goomthe ho saab mai isko laganiki jaga dika thi hoon?” and she started sucking my dick. I came back to my normal and said “Muje mallum hai ise kaha lagana hai. Ab tak usi chees ko tum do rahi thi.” and my dick started raising again in her mouth. as i said this she just bit me lightly on my dick and I gave a sound haaaaa. I removed her petticoat and started pressing her boobs.

After some time we got down on the floor and she put a fingure up my ass and started finger fucking my ass. I was feeling and terrific and I put my fingure in the cunt and started doing the same to her. she let out a loud moan, aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa ooohhh. Then I took my dick out from her mouth. it was so stiff that it was paining for me and I put it in her cunt and started fucking. she started calling me names and that excited me even more. she started saying “phad de saheb mera choot phad de. Aj mera choot ko aisa chodho ki zindagi bhar yaad rahi use.” once I slowed a bit and she almost shouted. sali deere math kar zoorse maar aur zoorse. and thats it I started fucking her very hard and solid and I was about to cum. And she cummed before me and I could not resist and I cummed in her cunt and then fell on her. how long we where like that with my dick still in her. after some time my dick was up again in her cunt. I took it out and said I would fuck her asshole now. she was afraid but I said it was ok and took her to the dining table and asked her to spread her legs wide and bend and hold the table. when she did that I bent and looked at her wet cunt and then licked it for a while and she immediately cummed.

I went back to the kitchen back and applied some cooking oil on my dick and the brought some and applied on her tight asshole. I put my dick on her asshole and give a push to my dick and put it in her tight asshole and start fucking it. and put my hands on her boobs from back and start pressing it. after some time I take my other hand and then rub her cunt. we both were too busy to hear that someone had entered until I fell some one licking my asshole and put a hand on my balls and rub them. I see down and I find geetha only in her panties and and rubbing her cunt from her panties. seeing this I get more excited and all three of us cum together. then when I pull my dick out of servants cunt geetha took my dick and pulled me to the wash basin washed my dick and said “fucker I have been trying for you and you fuck my servant and not me now you see what I will do” and started giving me a blow job.

the servant was watching it and rubbing her cunt when geetha shouted at her “rascal don’t stand there and rub your choot come here and prepare my cunt for the fuck”. Obediently she comes and sleeps on the floor and takes her panties off. her cunt is wet and hairless. she started sucking her cunt then once my dick is up and raring to fuck again I pull it out of geetha mouth and make her sleep on the floor and I start fucking her by kneeling on the floor. the servant got on top of geetha and put her tongue in between and started licking my dick which was moving to and fro out of geetha’s cunt. geetha started licking servants wet cunt which was filled with her love juices and mine. and all three enjoyed the next two days and bathed played and cooked and ate naked. none of us wore any clothes for the next two days. This went on for a while and then we had a four some when geetha’s sister arrived from madras but that’s a different story folks. I will tell next time.

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