My Fantasy: To Get Mary Pregnant soon

Author: marcosurbina

Maria had begun to experiment something new with this sugar daddy, dog-tired though, for so much fucking! She was now a new baby, happy, full of joy, oh, her pussy had been eaten for the first time ever, making her climax such strange with gorgeous sensations!! Don Marcos, on the other hand, had begun to get on his feet, so taking her off the table and carry her to his bed room, nestled, cuddled, in his chest, to lay her on the bed.

The old guy stripped off his clothes slowly; no hurry and Maria could glance at his naked body, making involuntary comparisons, contrast and evaluations between Marcos and her couple: the first turned out to be athletic, vigorous, contrary to the general belief a grown up person can’t have a sinewy body. Jose didn’t have a body like this to exhibit, having only his youth as his only advantage. Oh, she thought, Marcos is superior by a great extent!!

Maria was longing to continue with this. Next, she thought, the cocksman, or the good cock hound, would be the ardent copulator here. She didn’t wait to beg Marcos to fuck her, and no longer faked she was an innocent girl.

Suddenly, she stopped to consider the monster cock, in fact, thicker and longer than her young husband’s. It looked too hard, and tried to imagine how possible this piece of meat would poke inside her pussy, once he had her legs spread wide. Should part her cunt labia for Marcos to see the pink pussy?

The sugar daddy wasn’t rude at all; grabbed the rod, starting to brush Maria’s labia with the bulbous, swollen cock head. Mary shook her hips trying to get inside her, full of lust… until Marcos slid the hard cock. First he diddled her a little. He found it wet, while Maria sighed deeply, with each centimeter going inside her flesh.

Finally, they both succeeded: connected as they were now, their tummies had full contact. This man had reached to far points never touched by any man. She enjoyed that, not shyly, but rather a spontaneous natural girl, feeling more comfortable than coupling with her husband, uttered words, she even swore for the first time in her life:

“Oh, yes, like that. Oh, baby, plunge it deeper into me, oh, God, what a delicious cock, Jim-dandy!!”


These recurring sounds didn’t mean Maria was pretending. On the contrary, they reflected wholly a natural girl. Marcos also accompanied her, moaning, and tried to smother his moans, notwithstanding a big pleasure. Maria, on the other hand, was about to reach another orgasm, her body squirmed deliciously, thinking the old man would come soon. Probably had already come?

As Marcos noticed the girl’s slowing down her rhythm in her hips, and breathing was no more erratic, took his chance to withdraw. He got Maria’s body turned around face down, slowly, to part her legs. He again introduced his piece of meat within Marias’s wet cunt after had positioned the chick on doggy style with her ass in the air. She took action at once, with her cunt fighting back with more energy and pushed backwards, trying to match his strokes, thrusting against the cock sliding in and out herself, touching her clit at the same time.

Again, Maria began to scream, those screams were heard all over Marcos’ property.
Nonetheless to say, they both were enjoying, and the vagina being rammed by the old man relentlessly, given that she still begged for more. Marcos poked a finger into her anus and this made her to get another gorgeous climax. She looked as if passing away, but the smiling bitch was apparently being fucked wonderfully by the old man.

Marcos laid her on her back, again, and poked his thick finger into the cunt and sphincter at the same time; her long legs resting on his shoulder, when suddenly, she closed her eyes. She was wondering where the hell an old man with silver hair got such strength.

Definitely, her husband’s love had been too poor, compared to this dude. Her couple only fucked only once a week and rarely made her getting an orgasm.

Don Marcos continued to stroke her ass cheeks, as the chick gave up… oh, she felt a sharp pain inside her ass and rushed to open her eyes with urgency to see what this was… “darnit!! This fucking old guy is nailing my asshole!!” She thought. “I can’t endure this”, but Marcos suddenly stopped and said:

“Hey, look at me, you’re my woman now, don’t you see, darling? I’m gonna give you something less than a turnkey job.”

Mary replied: “Oh, yes, please, sugar daddy.”

She articulated these words like a whisper, speaking softly:

“Oh, it hurts, take it out!”

Marcos didn’t pay any attention to this demand. He began to stroke the labia instead, yet the rod didn’t move in or out. This was aimed at distracting her, apart from saying:
“Listen sweet heart, do you know what shocked me first time I saw you so divine?”

This question was the cause for a great confusion on Mary and replied:

“Oh, yes, my beautiful eyes, of course.”

She said: “I’ve had beautiful eyes since I was a child.”

Marcos reproved: “Sorry, dude. What first gripped my attention was your gorgeous fat, bubble ass!”


Don Marcos didn’t insist on penetration and thought he didn’t need to stick his finger or penis inside the rectum any more to give her pleasure. He simply subbed Maria’s anus then licked it. Maria said:

“Oh, Don Marcos, oh, sugar daddy, probably this will hurt like a bitch!!”

Experienced Marcos was aware there are two sphincter muscles in Maria’s anus. He placed his finger inside her about inch deep and then pressed against the side. He felt them, less than an inch apart. He only tried to control the external sphincter though. Maria said:

“Oh, my boyfriend has never given me anal, only had my pussy. I once bent over for him to put it in me. I once wanted to try a plug!!”
Marcos said:

“Yes, Maria, this bad form of sex will sag your beautiful ass so you’ll remember me forever. It will show in your hips the shame of being an idiot prostitute!!” He then said:

“Doing something nasty has always appealed to me. This is uniquely different from anything else, Maria. I’ll reward you with good feelings as I’m stimulating your ass.”

Marcos slid one finger in slowly, letting Maria to adjust to it. He took his finger all the way out, then pushed it back in again to get her anus time to get used to his activity. He slid a second finger in, considering his penis was too big for Maria.
Marcos always talked to her said this to keep Maria astray, sliding his rod inside her anus slowly, staring at the beautiful asscheeks. A pair of tears began to run down Mary’s cheeks.
Marcos speech was intended to relax Mary, and during this period she should assimilate pain, then a progressive movement of the dick would enter her inch by inch. His testicles were blocked as pressed between his body and woman’s buttocks: only the balls were left outside.

Marcos made a break and stood still for a while, but later kept on stroking the girls’ cunt wholly, with obstinacy. Well, we should interrupt here and figure out the strong pain this chick had to bear or support; the prostate girl was obviously crying, and two more tears, had began to run down her cheeks.

Marcos was an experienced veteran sugar daddy that had began to stroke the girl’s to distract her, without more ado; it was more important a cunt being caressed so no to ruin everything. Still more minutes passed and they were motionless, the rod buried completely within her motionless, only the balls left out, and the old man waiting for a better chance to resume. Suddenly, she gave a signal by hustling about, and the dick started its job. The guy played it cool. “Shake it baby” he said.


Mary had a rod buried to the bottom, yet her butthole happened to block a deeper incursion within her, a source for pleasure, not unbearable pain. She couldn’t control her hips and he shoved his manhood into her asshole inciting this slutty more. This hairy cunt would receive its prize by the man who made her see stars.

New orgasms made her an addict; she submitted to her lover as well as enjoying a pleasure herself. She said aloud:

“Oh, Marcos, can’t you stop fucking like a… oh, my Jim-dandy!! Oh, my old daddy!! Oh, yes, keep fucking like that, oh yesssss!!”

Finally, Don Marcos got to his summit, a point where he cummed and Maria felt a jet cum ejaculating within her delicious ass. The old man had already devoured her. She tried to feel the hot cum into her entrails, so made sure this hot stuff was running within her. The sugar daddy slowed down his rhythm until coming to a halt, then, slowly, drew his penis off the hard young woman. The bulbous penis head snapped and a flow run down the asscheeks.

She no longer hated the old man; he left a pain reminder around the sphincter though. Mary cuddled on her new husband chest, and they slept for hours. They got to the bathroom grabbing each other hands, and Maria sat on the bidet to clean herself up, thoroughly. She watched herself squirting.

Maria wasn’t by no means ashamed; had other plans: She met the old man at the shower, after she cleaned up her ass and buttocks and the old man had now wiped his body, the girl pretended the soup had slipped off her hands, and mischievously ducked to pick it up slowly, just as the man’s dick got dangling in front of her face. It was no longer hard, rather limp, but she began to study it wondering how this stuff had managed so well to make her enjoy on that day afternoon.

No preamble; she instantly grabbed the manhood and gobbled it. Even though Marcos hadn’t requested her to give head, Maria’s beautiful lips had already engulfed the monster cock. You would think she was a pro, sucking relentlessly until the man cummed into her mouth. They soaped each other, and the man fucked finger the girl to a climax.

They dressed up and met at the hall. She asked:

“Oh, Don Marcos, I’m too worried, about all this stuff; I’ve cheated my husband making a cuckold out of him. I’m so embarrassed now that I’ve realized I still love him. I think I’ll confess everything.”

The old man replied: “Well, don’t you ever attempt to tell these events to him, or he might kill you. You’ll harm everybody, ruin your marriage, and we won’t see again. Want to lose me?”

Then continued:

“If your husband would file a suit for divorce after he’s heard about this, this will be enough: it’s adultery; I’m giving you support to get you out of this … but Jose is not in anymore.”


Jose still works in the plant as general manager after he got a promotion, while Mary is pregnant. A woman cannot become pregnant as a result of anal sex directly, so the only explanation for this was a sperm leaking from the anus and entered the vagina, so this pregnancy could occur. Don Marcos thought anal sex was the best way of avoiding pregnancy on a long term basis, but he was damn wrong!!

Marcos asked to be the godfather but actually… he’s the newborn father. He is now more committed to Maria, his mistress. Jose never suspected or supposed the baby wasn’t his. Marco’s sperm are incredibly vigorous swimmers, and they had leaked out of Maria’s rectum and could swimm through her moist genital tissues, entered the vagina and resulted in pregnancy. It may not happen often but once is all it takes.

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