Best Friends

Author: Jimmy Bowes

Best friends forever or bff’s is how it’s put. A title which linked two people into a relationship far from family or friends a relationship which ment so much to one another they could both be one.

This title would soon become much more than a title; it would become a personal link from female to female. A link so strong it would be kept in each other’s mind and only told through a whisper in each other’s ears.

The story began with the result in two friends with a great bond in friendship. Two girls who both are single and extremely popular in the enviourment they live in, they will have to fight with society and make decisions that will determine the future of the girl’s friendship.
The start of a new year in school and people have already been talking, words have spread through people without a care in the world. This rumour was about Ashley one of the two girls in this experience. A rumour or plane old gossip no matter what about can have a deep affect on how people look at a person giving the phrase ‘a tongue is mightier than a sword’ it’s true meaning. The rumour of Ashley pleasures herself, an act which people knew she was not alone but at the time it was something you wouldn’t discuss with people or even let them know about.

‘Fingering yourself’ which made Ashley the hate of many girls somehow feeling threatened by this normal and enjoyable act. She wasn’t an outcast completely purely because of her previous popularity with the boys and her best friend Mary. The boys would still join in with the bickering but knew them-self that it turned them on so much the mention of it got them hard in an instant. However her friend Mary has slightly move further away from her as popularity has become a fight against friendship.

Still going to each other’s house the talking has become less and less as time goes on till Ashley breaks the ice with, “have you ever fingered yourself”. With the pause of thought, to go over the choices in her mind whether to lie to protect her or tell the truth hoping she would understand. “I… I ugh, well no I haven’t”. “Oh my god you’r missing out it’s the best feeling in the world, you start of slow thinking about the sexiest thing in the world and then maybe speed it up turning the sexiest thing into something your able to FUCK something that will lick you, and make you feel on top of the world”. Mary speechless half imagine the process of this act new to her and half try to keep up with what she’s saying.

“Look let me show you how to”. “WHAT no no no don’t its ok I understand”. “No it will be fine trust me we’ve both got pussies there won’t be much difference” Ashley saying this all while striping her bottom half now down to her panties. The last piece of the pussy cover has been removed and Mary is trying her best not to stare but as Ashley sits down crossed leg in front of her she can’t help but peak at the pussy of her best friend. “Ok first of all we want to get wet” said opening her legs. “The best way I find is licking your hand and slowly rubbing it like this” Ashley then licked her entire palm and slowly stroked her pussy with Mary new the difference between a wet pussy and a dry one. “Next is your own imagination, I won’t tell you what I’m thinking off but I’m sure you will be able to find something”. At this point Ashley had stopped mentoring and started to slowly her middle finger into her pussy whilst slightly massaging her clit with the lower part of her palm. She then took her hand out and licked her fingers once more whilst letting out a groan of pleasure, and then as soon as the groan ended the finger was back in joined by a second finger. Now the speed of pleasure has increased and Ashley was in her own world lying on her back clenching at her wet pussy with one hand and aggressively rubbing her breast with her other hand.

Mary at a peak of curiosity with jaw hanging low mesmerized by the sounds of Ashley having the time of her life was now considering with great intention on doing this fantastic feeling. She starts rubbing her pussy through her panties noticing a wet patch on her pants. She slowed down with hesitation and at that point Ashley had recovered and noticed Mary. “It’s ok that just means you’re getting wet, look let me help you” Ashley crawled up to Mary and slowly rolled down her panties uncovering her newly haired pussy. “Hmm looks like your almost ready let me just get you started” She put her two fingers into Mary’s mouth and then started to stroke her half wet pussy. “Your pussy is fantastic nice a tight” Mary hadn’t the energy to stay upright and had fallen on her back lying down just letting Ashley take her down a pleasure promised street.

“Oh yeah now you’re ready, ready?” “Umm for what?” “For penetration” with that little warning she put two fingers straight up her pussy and Mary let out a half pain and half pleasured groan which quickly turned into a full pleasure and long groan. Mary asking for more and more Ashley had to just get faster and add a third finger the party but this wasn’t enough for Mary, she was begging for more so Ashley rubbed her clit with her other hand which sent Mary wild with pleasure she let out a scream this time shouting “YES!”

Thinking she had finished Mary off Ashley pulled her fingers out and licked them till all Mary’s pussy juice was off her fingers, but then suddenly Mary said “NO I need more” and grabbed Ashley’s head and shoved it into her pussy whilst her mouth was open. Ashley not entirely sure what to do she started licking, licked and licked till she need air. She pulled away and looked at Mary with her mouth covered in juice (she looked like she had put on lip gloss badly). Ashley then dove straight back in and tried to get her tongue as deep as she could but without knowledge Mary put both hands on the back of Ashley’s head and shoved it even further into her pussy taking a dominant role telling her to “Lick it hard, come on drink up!” this wasn’t something Ashley was ready for but liked it and gave it all she could, suddenly Mary let out one last scream and almost collapsed into the bed covers.

“I’m done, I’m all juiced out I think Ashley”. “Ok Mary but now it’s my turn” She got up and crawled over to Mary much like the first time but she then turned round with her head facing Mary’s feet, she then sat on Mary’s head just as she knew her mouth was open. Pussy first into her face Mary was surprised but straight away started licking. Ashley started moving her hips in a circular motion to give her more pleasure and that it did, she licked her lips with passion having both hands free to rub her tits to maximise the pleasure. She moved much quicker to her climax than Mary did but wasn’t quite there till she started rubbing her clit with one hand. She knew this wasn’t the same as normal she felt different like she was about to explode but it was going to be a massive explosion and at that point hot steamy liquid sprayed out of her pussy into Mary’s mouth which flooded it and overflowed onto her breasts. Not sure what to do Mary swallowed most of the liquid before speaking “what was that?” “I.. not sure I think I squirted, but I do know it sure felt good. Sorry did it taste nasty I didn’t know I was…” she was interrupted “ No it was nice got me all horny again” “Oh good now I know what it feels like ill be able to give it to you more, well that’s if you want to keep doing it”. “Hell yeah, I’m sorry for not backing you up at school, but can this be our secret?” “Ok but on one condition, you need to help me out and tell people you’ve tried fingering yourself and it’s not too bad” “Ok deal I’ll let the girls know how nice it feels” “Ready for round two?”

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