Poppy and Her Broken Down Car

Author: paul

Driving on a rainy motorway Danny is feeling the urge for sex.

Something naughtier than sex.

Out of the corner of he’s eye he sees a girl broken down on the side of the road and decides to pull over to help her.

He pulls in in front of her car and she walks up to the window.

He can see from he’s wing mirror that she is a beautiful.

He winds down the window.

“Thanks for stopping for me” She says “Do you have a mobile phone I could use?”

Danny stops and thinks about this.

He wants to get her in the car with him.

“I don’t have my phone with me” He says” I can run you to a service station if you like?”

“Thanks a lot. That’s real nice of you. Do you mind if I ride in the back?” She says.

“No. Not at all” He says.

She opens the back door and gets in and shuts the door behind her.

Danny indicates and pulls out on to the motorway.

He takes a glance in to the rear view mirror and sees how young and pretty she is.

very young.

She sees him looking.

“My names Danny” He says.

“I’m Poppy” She says.

“You look quite young to be driving” He says.

“I’m 18. I just passed my test and got that old banger and now it breaks down and I didn’t know what to do” She says.

Danny looks back in the mirror and tilts it down a little.

Her skirt has ridden up and he can see her suspenders holding up her tights.

Danny can feel his cock hardening at the thought of lifting her skirt to see if she is wearing any knickers.

He hopes she’s not.

Poppy leans in between the front seats.

“Pull in over there” She says.

She takes a look down at Danny’s trousers and see’s he has a stiff cock.

She smiles to herself.

Danny pulls the car in and finds a place to park.

“Why don’t you climb back here and bring that hard cock with you” She says.

Danny can’t believe he’s luck.

He climbs back and sits next to her.

“Why don’t you undo your trousers and pull them down for me?” She says.

He pulls them down and he’s cock pops up.

“You have a nice big hard cock, Danny” She says.

Reaching down to it she pulls hard on Danny’s foreskin.

Harder than he likes.

“Not so hard Girl. It’s not a toy” He says.

She pulls on it even harder.

“You fucking idiot. That hurts” He says.

With that, Poppy pulls out a knife and holds it to he’s throat.

Poppy starts wanking he’s cock hard and fast.

She can sense Danny’s fear and she can feel her pussy start to moisten.

Wanking he’s cock faster and faster he starts to moan a little.

With a twitch of he’s cock he shoots a massive load all over her hand and on the front of he’s shirt.

Poppy puts her hand to he’s mouth.

“Lick your cum off my hand” She says, pushing the knife in to he’s throat a little harder.

Danny licks his cum off her hand and winces at the disgusting taste.

“Horrible, isn’t it” Says Poppy letting out a little laugh.

“Now, I’m going to get out of this car and you don’t move big boy” She says.

She opens the door, gets out, stabs the knife in to the back tire and runs off leaving Danny in shock with he’s cock out and the taste of cum on he’s lips.

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