A Wedding Gift

Author: Cecilia

It had all happened so fast. I’d flown in yesterday to attend Bob and Sarah’s wedding. Less than twenty-four hours later, Sarah’s sister, Samantha, was sitting on the bed in my hotel room. Sam and Sarah both were noted for their blazing red hair, slender figures, healthy chests, long legs and pouty lips. Of course, being identical twins, they had a lot of similarities. To me, there were just a few important differences, Sarah had just married one of my best friends and she’d quit smoking for Bob. Samantha was single and still smoked.

I had booked this room shortly after receiving the wedding invitation. Being in the same four-star hotel as the reception hall cost quite a bit more than staying at the local Holiday Inn but had numerous advantages. Knowing Bob, I knew that the reception hall would be non-smoking. I had no intention of standing outside in the New England winter just to grab a smoke and, perhaps, share some time with some fine, smoking ladies. Well, maybe, I thought, I’d go out for one or two but being a quick elevator ride from my room was still a comforting thought and worth the steep price. If I’d realized then that I’d be in the room alone with Samantha I would have been willing to pay twice their outrageous rates.

The wedding went well and the reception was wonderful but a bit exhausting with the speeches and rituals. I was the best man. Samantha was one of the bridesmaids. Once our head table duties were finally over and we were free to mingle, we both headed to the bar. Samantha grinned at me as she lifted a double Scotch in a toast.

“To Freedom!” she laughed

We touched glasses and tossed down our drinks. I felt the warm rush of the liquor spread through my body. Samantha looked gorgeous in a tight fitting basic black dress that was cut low enough to show a generous portion of her milky white breasts and high enough to display her shapely legs. It certainly showed off her shape better than that silk sausage she’d had to wear as a bridesmaid. Tearing myself away from those feminine charms was going to be tough, but I desperately needed a smoke and figured there would be a good crowd outside.

“Wish we had the freedom to smoke,” I said, “I’ll be back in a bit. I’ve got to grab a cigarette.”

My heart started pounding when I heard her say, “Wait, I’ll get my coat. I’ve been dying for a smoke for hours! Gawd, it’s going to be cold out there. Sarah couldn’t wait until nice warm May or June. Nooo, had to be Valentine’s Day!”

She laughed and shook her head causing her red hair to tumble around her shoulders. She’d scrunched up her face, which accented her full lips and the light line of freckles above her button nose. I hoped I wasn’t being too forward.

“You know, I’ve got a room here in the hotel…” I started.

She looked at me, grinned and put on an absolutely horrible Southern accent.

“Sir, a lady nevuh would do such a thing!”

She turned and grabbed her pocketbook

“Unless, of course,” she continued, “she was afraid of freezing her tits off. Lead on, MacDuff!”

I gave her a smile, a bow and a terrible british accent.

“At your service, milady.”

When we got to the room she sat on the edge of the bed and reached into her pocketbook. She pulled out a pack of Marlboro Light 100s. I’ve always had a weakness for the long, white ones. I lit her cigarette and watched in fascination as she inhaled deeply, pulling the smoke down into her lungs and holding there a few seconds. Standing near the bed with my lighter still in my hand I smiled as she exhaled through her open mouth, the smoke curling around her cute face. My cock rose when she sucked the smoke back in with a deep snap and held it in her lungs several seconds before exhaling twin streams of twisting smoke through her nostrils. I was hoping my hands weren’t shaking.

She watched the smoke drift around her and looked up at me with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“I like to play with my smoke sometimes” she explained.

A short, nervous laugh escaped my lips. “And you do it well” I replied.

She grinned at the compliment.

“That was nothing,” she said as flicked an ash, “Watch this!”

She took another long drag, pulling it down deep, which had a wonderful effect on her cleavage. Her lips formed an open oval and I could see the pink tip of her tongue. A little smoke ring rose from her mouth, followed by a larger one and then another. The powerful sensations in my groin prevented me from counting but it seems she must have released, at least, ten successive rings. They drifted up to my face from her open mouth, surrounding me with their fragrant wonder. I sucked in her smoke, inhaling in appreciation of her abilities.

“Impressive” I murmured

Her blue eyes were sparkling. She ran a hand through her lush head of red hair, messing it up a little adding a touch of spice to the incredibly sexy sight of her sitting there in her black dress with the white cigarette dangling between her rich lips. It took me a moment to realize that she was suddenly staring straight ahead. Since she was seated and I was still standing, my crotch was at her eye level. She’d spotted my hard-on.

Without a word, she put her cigarette between her fingers and sucked deeply, inhaling a massive amount of smoke. She snapped the smoke down lower, held it and then slowly exhaled a dense cloud of smoke that surrounded my crotch. Her eyes looked up and locked on mine. She held the remains of her cigarette in her hand, a little grin played around her mouth.

“Is that for me?” she asked in a coy little voice.

She stubbed out her cigarette. I bent down to receive her open-mouthed kiss, the rich tobacco taste permeating my taste buds as our tongues tangled. It may have been Bob and Sarah’s wedding day but I already knew I had received the best wedding gift.

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