A holiday sex

Author: LOVELY

During our married life I had I soon found out how excited he became when other men showed an interest in me. There were several occasions when his friends made a pass at me and he still loves to make me tell him about those times when we make love, but this experience happened on our first Spanish holiday together.

We had spent a lovely hot day on the beach and he was so thrilled to make me go topless in front of so many other people, I only have little breasts but he says they are very pert and he loved seeing me getting them all nice and brown in the sunshine.

Later that evening we were in the hotel bar and a middle aged couple came over and chatted to me while Brian was getting some more drinks. They said they had bought some pretty clothes for their niece and they asked me to try them on, as I was apparently just her size. I am a size 10, slim, long legs and they easily managed to talk Brian into it when he returned.

I was a bit nervous as they took us up to their room, but I could tell that my husband was excited by the situation and he was gently urging me to be a good sport and to help the nice people.

They introduced themselves as May and Ian and they had a lovely apartment.

May showed me the clothes and I was so shocked, they were not at all what I expected, they were such skimpy outfits and the little sun dresses would hardly cover my bum, and one silky white dress was so thin that you would be able to see
right through it. May asked me to strip off, and I hesitated nervously, but she said that I had probably been almost naked on the beach and Brian eagerly agreed that I had, so it was really sexy to be pressured into getting undressed in front of two complete strangers, but May started to help me take my little sun dress off as I blushed bright red.

I was not wearing a bra of course, I was on holiday and Brian hardly ever likes me wearing a bra anyway, he loves to say that my pert little breasts done need any support anyway.

May eagerly tugged my dress down and Ian handed me one of the skimpy outfits, but May was telling me to take my little panties off as well and I was almost trembling as Ian said that none of the outfits were designed to wear anything under them.

It felt so naughty to be naked in front of them both, but Brian was encouraging them to strip me properly, and the look on his handsome face was a picture as Ian knelt in front of me and tugged my little knickers down my long legs.

He made a cheeky comment about my neatly trimmed blond pussy and I was glad that I had had a few drinks to help me overcome my shyness because I didn’t want to spoil the excitement that my husband was obviously enjoying.

May said that I was very pretty and they told us about a nude beach just up the coast and Brian
said we must visit it the very next day.

I was still standing there as they looked at me and talked about how lovely I looked totally naked and I couldn’t help grabbing the little dress that Ian was holding to cover my blushes.

The dress didn’t cover much of me and I felt so self conscious as they made me parade up and down in front of them as they patted me and complimented me on how sexy it looked.

Ian sat down and said that he could see my bare bum, and Brian chuckled as May cheekily reached down and patted my arse cheeks.

Brian handed me my drink and I gulped it nervously as they handed me another little sun dress. It felt so naughty allowing my husband to parade me in front of this older couple and Ian started helping me on with the dress and his hands cupped my bare breasts a few times as May chuckled eagerly.

I was feeling quite tipsy by now and when Ian kissed me on the lips I didn’t resist much.

His kiss was a bit too eager, but it would have been rude to have pushed him away, and after a few moments he cupped his hand over one of my little breasts and it seemed o k to allow him to fondle me for a few seconds I guess.

Brian was almost shaking and it was so sexy to see how excited he was, and I knew I was in for a good love session later on, and I suppose that made me even more reluctant to stop this cheeky old man from stroking me.

May handed me another stiff drink and I just giggled as I sipped it as Ian sat down and pulled me onto his lap.

May said that it was nice to se me being such a good girl and Ian pulled my little dress up a bit and started stroking his finger lightly over my blond pussy. I looked up at Brian and he was nodding eagerly as Ian gently eased my legs a bit further apart.

May said she didn’t want the dress getting creased and she ordered me to lift my arms up and she quickly stripped it off me, leaving me totally naked on her husband’s lap.

Ian still had his finger stroking me and May handed me back my drink and I carried on sipping it as Ian played with me.

Brian had his mouth open in delight as I studied his face as this old man fingered me right in front of him. I ws so dizzy by now and I knew that I was unable to make any attempt to stop him as he got me so worked up, I was so wet and I closed my eyes as May leaned over and kissed me. I am not Bi at all, but it felt nice and I was almost unaware that Ian was lifting me up and May was helping him, but I suddenly felt them lowering me onto his erection and I gasped as he slipped easily up inside me as May pushed me firmly down on to her husbands throbbing cock.

“Oh god, that is soooooo sexy” Brian gasped and I whimpered helplessly as Ian began moving deep inside me.

“Do you like seeing your pretty young wife being fucked by some one else in front of you” May whispered to him while taking my husband’s hard cock in her hands and Brian nodded eagerly as Ian came inside me. I felt his cock pumping his hot sperm as he firmly squeezed my aching nipples and I felt such a dirty tart as May chuckled.

He stayed inside me for a few moments and then May took my hand and I was so wobbly on my feet as she helped me into the bedroom and switched on the shower, I was so shaky as she soaped me all over and Brian and Ian came and sat on the bed and watched as she helped me out and wrapped a towel around me.

May handed me yet another drink and she sat me next to Ian on the bed and he put his arm around me and cuddled me for a few moments as she watched.

I felt Ian laying me back on the edge of the bed and he spread my legs open and lowered himself on top of me and I felt her guiding his cock inside me again, May said that her hubby wanted me again and she said that was so beautiful to see him so hard again already.

Brian held my hand as Ian fucked me again, he lasted so much longer this time and he even made me climax as he thrust his powerful old cock in and out of my dripping wet love passage.

I nearly passed out as he made me cum and I felt him emptying his old balls inside me again as he finally reached his orgasm.

I lay there totally shattered as May wiped my leaking pussy with a soft tissue and after a few moments she helped me to get dressed. She ordered me to wear the thin white dress, she said it was made for me, but she wouldn’t allow me to wear any panties with it and I felt so shy all over again as we all went back to the bar.

I desperately wanted Brian to take me back to our room and make passionate love to me, but I know he was enjoying the hot looks that I was getting from several of the men there, so he was in no hurry.

I felt so naked walking to the lift later on and Brian was stroking my pussy long before we got up to our room, and that was just the first day!

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