Nurse Knows Best

Author: writter1

‘You going to stay clear of bikes from now on?’ Nurse Samantha asked me. It was an appropriate enough question I suppose seeing as I was lying in a hospital bed with one leg broken and both wrists fractured due to my latest motorbike stunt which hadn’t exactly gone according to plan.

‘No chance, I can’t wait to get back in the saddle.’ She gave me a half smile as she placed the bowl of water next to my bed. She was pretty, early twenties, dark brown hair swept behind her ears with her tight fitting uniform and she had a couple of cute little dimples in her cheeks when she smiled.

‘I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised,’ she said as she unbuttoned my pajama jacket, ‘Now are we going to have this bath or what?’

‘I didn’t realize you were going to join me,’ I smirked.

‘You know exactly what I meant,’ she said with a mock sternness as she tugged one of my arms free of the jacket, ‘Now are you going to be awkward or do I get Sister to do this?’ Sister was a huge balloon of a woman with a face that would make a Russian shot-putter look like a supermodel. I shut up and let nurse Sam get on with her job.

She took the soapy sponge out of the bowl of water and gently began washing my chest, ‘Nice fine muscles you have there Jack,’ she said.


To be honest I found it hard to concentrate when Nurse Sam was washing me. She got this sexy concentrated look on her face, the tip of her tongue just slightly protruded from the corner of her mouth and her brow slightly wrinkled as she scrubbed. Not just that but as she leant over me stray wisps of hair brushed against my shoulders and chest, like being lightly tickled with a feather, and the best part was that her top slipped down slightly and if I squinted down I could make out the top of her white bra and the rounded tops of her two small but nicely rounded tits. Okay not the most explicit sexual experience but when you’ve been stuck in hospital for what seems like ages without a fuck you get your kicks wherever you can.

‘Okay let’s wash your legs,’ she said, I mumbled agreement but to be honest I wasn’t listening, I was hypnotized by those soft boobs gently moving up and down in rhythm with her washing. The next I knew was her soft hands and warm sponge against my things, I felt a stirring in my boxer shorts. Shit. I could feel the beginnings of an erection. I tried to think of something not sexy, lists of the first records I’d ever bought, Superbowl winners in date order, even the hideous face of Sister but all the while the soft touch of nurse Sam’s fingertips around the tops of my thighs and my groin was so arousing that I couldn’t help it. Majestically my dick lifted its head slightly, dropped again and then shot straight up to attention as if saluting at nurse Sam. I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment.

‘Oh hello.’ Nurse Sam said to my bouncing dick, then she glanced up at me and smiled, ‘There’s no need to get embarrassed you know. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and it certainly won’t be the last! It’s part of the job, and to be quite honest I see it as a compliment rather than anything else.’ She patted the bed clothes down around me and picking up the bowl wandered off up the ward leaving me feeling decidedly frustrated, as I watched her full ass held tight by her uniform sway along.

The day passed by mostly in boredom, as your life tends to be when you’re in hospital, but then I wasn’t expecting what would happen that night. It was dark, the lights had been put out hours ago and I’d fallen into a drowsy sleep. It was the noise of the curtains being pulled around my bed that first awakened me and I looked out through bleary eyelids to see Nurse Sam standing by my bed. I blinked a couple of times to get the sleep out of my eyes.

‘Hi there Jack.’ She said quietly.

‘Wha??’ I mumbled but she raised a finger to her lips to tell me to keep quiet.

‘I’m not really supposed to be here,’ she explained, ‘So we’ll have to keep the noise down. It was just you looked so unhappy earlier, getting all excited and with no way to relieve yourself, I thought maybe I could help you out.’

Maybe it was because I was still half asleep I didn’t quite catch on to what she was talking about at first, but I soon understand when she pulled back the bed clothes and slowly stroked the front of my boxer shorts with her fingernails, gently raking my cock awake. It didn’t take much to stir it to it’s full hard eight inches, after all it had been quite neglected for some time.

‘Poor thing,’ Nurse Sam said as she pulled down my shorts and allowing my dick its freedom. ‘It must be feeling so hard and full of cum, I just thought I could help out. After we are supposed to look after our patients however we can.’

She gently perched beside me on the bed and unbuttoned her top, at last I could see her bra freely without sneaking peeks down her top. She licked her finger ands ran it across the tops of her breasts leaving a silver streak of saliva over them. ‘Do you like these?’

I nodded and reaching behind her back she unclipped her bra and let them free, two light brown soft mounds that she pushed towards my face, her dark nipples pointing towards me.

suck them,’ she said, it sounded like an order. Struggling without the use of my arms I pushed my head forwards and managed to get one of her nipples in my mouth, she pushed forward further, burying my head between them as I licked and sucked at her soft skin. I felt a cool hand on my dick again, the lightest of touches sliding down the shaft and then with her fingernails she gently tickled my balls. It felt like heaven, my cock was lurching and straining for more action, but her exquisite ticking of my balls was keeping me hard and hornier than anything.

She lifted her leg and swung it carefully over me so that she was straddling me. Her short skirt had ridden up over her thighs showing the tops of her black stockings and the straps of her suspenders. She began to rub my cock head against the soft nylon of her stockings. It was such a weird feeling, not being able to move my arms and hold her, it was like she had me totally in her power, for all I knew she would suddenly run off into the night and leave me with a raging hard on and no way of relieving the tension in my balls!

‘You must be dying for a fuck.’ She said and I nodded, my throat was so dry I couldn’t find my voice. Raising up slightly she hitched her skirt up to her waist revealing a pair of lacy black panties, ‘I wore these specially,’ she told me as with dark red fingernails she peeled open the split crotch in them revealing the most beautiful pussy. She had long labia that hung just slightly below her dark pubic hair which she parted with her fingertips revealing a glistening pink interior. So slowly she inched her way down my cock as I watched it sink into her cunt. The feeling was heavenly as she started to ride my cock, her small tits bobbing before my face. From time to time she would lean right forward so that her nipples brushed against my lips and my open mouth would try to snatch them and suck them, like bobbing for apples as a kid.

‘I bet you wanna cum so badly.’ Nurse Sam said, wrinkling her nose at me, ‘You’ve been cooped up in here so long without even being able to jack off, those balls of yours must have one whole truck load of cum in them.’ As she spoke she reached behind her and gently squeezed them. I had to stop pumping her cute pussy for a moment as I thought that was going to push me over the brink. I nodded meekly at her and slowly she stood up and my dick felt the chill of the cold night on it as she got off it. I looked down at it still throbbing, glistening with her pussy juice and the helmet of it bulging bigger than I’ve ever known it do before.

‘I wanna see you cum,’ Nurse Sam leaned down beside the bed and took it gently in her hands, rubbing my foreskin up and down between her thumb and forefinger, ‘I want to taste it, shoot all that cum into my mouth.’ Then her sweet lips went down on me, engulfing my dick in her mouth. I sank back into the pillow as her tongue whipped around the head of my dick as her head went up and down on it, faster and faster, one hand yanking it behind her mouth, the other gently cupping my balls, rolling them around in her warm palm.

I let out a low moan as I felt my balls spasm and a jet of spunk shot out of it and hit the back of her throat. Swallowing she took her mouth away and jacked the rest out of me with a firm hand. Wave after wave went through me and cum poured down the side of my cock. When I’d finally finished pumping it all out she licked it clean, white sperm coating her tongue and spilling onto her cheeks.

When she’d finished she stood up, buttoned her top and straightened her skirt, wiping the final few drops of come off her face with a tissue. She tucked my cock back into bed and kissed me on the forehead before sneaking back out again. It wasn’t the last night that Nurse Samantha visited me, and I soon found out from the other male patients that I wasn’t the only one to receive her special attentions as a sister of mercy. One day I might write down the other things I heard about Nurse Sam.

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