First night with Melissa

Author: Scottydelight

I ended up staying at the same place together. It was mid summer and hot. She had the only other fan and said I could sleep in her room to stay cool. I agreed and had plenty of room on the bed. I gave her plenty of room not wanting to make her uncomfortable. As the night wore on I moved closer and closer to her. I got as close to her as possible without touching her. She laid on her side facing away from me. She must have known I was close and stuck her ass out against me. She did it more until she was firmly against me. I only pressed back in response to her. Our sleepwear gave us a good feel with little restriction. She began to grind her ass on my dick. It got me rock hard as we grinded on each other.
She had a big butt and tits. I rested my hand on her hip for grip. After awhile she grabbed my hand putting it under her shirt. She had no bra on so I felt bare breast and nipple. She reached back grabbing my dick. She played with my dick and I began to rub her bush. I began to grind on her and grabbed her hip under her panties, prompting her to take off her pants. She had only a tshirt and panties on now. I started going into her panties making my down her bush to her lips. I felt her plump mound and ran my fingertip up and down her slit. I wanted to go for her hole but needed her nice and wet first. It took at least 20mins until I felt her slick with wetness. I continued on till she was thoroughly soaked. I fingered her hole furiously.
She felt it was her turn to please me back and sat up over me. She took my cock in hand. She then leaned over taking me into her mouth. She gave me porno style head showcasing her skills. She did this thing with her tongue making me twitch. She asked if I was gonna cum and told her I twitched from the sensitivity. She sucked me up for a half hour or so. She laid back down to grind some more. It had been hours by this point and we talked and gently grinded. She said she was impressed with how long I have been able to play. I kept grinding away to which she expressed her pleasure for. We had started in the middle of the night and been at it for hours. It was getting daylight out. Honestly I was impressed with my performance as well.
We grinded through her panties with my bare cock. She stopped me saying she had a better way to play. I waited unsure what she meant. She slid her panties off making my mind race. She got in the same position we were grinding in. She guided me into place. I pushed into a fleshy and wet place. I stroked sliding in and out trying to figure out what was happening. I just stroked and she began to ask if I was gonna cum. I said no and continued stroking. I realized I was in her plump lips sliding in an out. She asked if I was gonna cum a few more times. She asked if I wanted a sample. I did but had been at it so long and was very horny unsure how much I had left. I just planned to hold on as long as I could. She laid me on my back and threw her legs over me poised above my hard dick. She slid onto it, sinking it into her pussy. She arched her back and began to buck her hips as hard and fast as she could. I was taken back by her all out effort. She held back nothing and came out the gate full throttle. I just held on as long as I could before cumming. Within a few minutes I was there. I expected her to jump off like most girls did. I said I was gonna cum and she groaned out me too!
I was shocked and reached orgasm inside of her at the same time she did. I writhed from orgasm as she bucked her hips. We climaxed and rested on each other talking about how incredible to finish with simaltaneous orgasms. I told her I wish she got to cum more. She then confessed a secret to me. I made her cum several times playing with her pussy. It was a memorable and greatest first time sex!!!

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