If I were a Carpenter?

Author: Michael Shuler

The office did the initial paperwork, so I didn’t meet her until I arrived at the door. She answered the door in a bikini. I was stunned. Hell, she must have been all of 40 years old and she was one of the hottest women I have ever seen. My God, she was beautiful.

I babbled for a moment and finally told her I was there to refinish her kitchen, as I stood in front of my truck with a 10 by 20 foot sign advertising kitchen refinishing. She laughed, then said I could come in. My eyes never left her body for the first few minutes. She was a fucking beauty. And single! I expected a Martha Stewart type, not somebody like this.

I worked on that kitchen for three days, and I followed her every move, when she was in sight. In that time I found she was soft spoken and sweet, she had a killer ass, and her breasts were absolutely perfect. They looked like cones of rock. When I wasn’t looking at her I was thinking of her, even when I went home at night to my tiny apartment. She was on my mind constantly.

So the one time when I wasn’t thinking of her, and she came up behind me, startled the hell out of me.

“Almost finished?” her voice came from over my shoulder. I was installing a hinge with a phillips head screwdriver. She scared me shitless. I stabbed my thumb with a screwdriver and yelped. The screwdriver went clattering off across the floor and under the cabinets.

“Fuck,” I swore, then gasped and looked at her. “I’m so sorry,” I said, sucking my thumb.

“Forget it. I had a husband who liked to swear.”

“You’re divorced?”

“Sure, twice.”

“I can’t believe any man would leave you,” I said offhandedly. She paused, in the act of folding a dishrag. “Thanks,” she said with a curious smile. I wasn’t trying to hit on her at the time, I was totally serious. As it turned out, it was all the invitation she needed.

She approached me and grabbed my hand, turning it so she could see my thumb. “I’d better fix that or you will bleed all over my new kitchen,” she said. My eyes were fixed on her golden, rounded breasts showing through in the top of that satin blouse. She stood and disappeared into the bathroom. I looked at the long gouge on my thumb and shrugged. I’ve had worse.

She put some gunk on that made it sting so it must be good stuff, then a large bandaid which hugged my thumb nicely. I didn’t want to tell her, but it would fall off as soon as I resumed my work.

As it happened, I didn’t resume my work. As she fixed my thumb I stood fascinated by her face. I had not seen it close up before. She was so… blonde, I thought to myself. Even her skin was blonde. She glanced up and noticed that our faces were mere inches apart. She looked at the serious expression on my face, then sent a startled glance at my mouth. I waited for it, I knew it was coming. All women gave a sign in such a position. Either a sign of rejection, or an invitation.

She looked at my mouth again and licked her lips. That was it. I opened my mouth and tipped my head slightly. She simply waited. Her mouth opened just before I touched it. Her lips were soft, eager, and so damned warm.

As we kissed, breathing harshly through our noses, she began backing from the kitchen and pulling me out into the hallway. I fumbled with the buttons on her silk blouse. I had to see those fabulous breasts with my own eyes. They had been driving me crazy for days. As her blouse fell open we had arrived at the stairs. It would probably be impossible to negotiate those dark, wooden stairs while kissing, so I contented myself with kissing her neck and ear. She was not deterred by a simple set of steps.

Walking backwards, and pulling me forward, we somehow negotiated those stairs without killing ourselves. Upon reaching her bedroom I celebrated by filling my mouth with the most incredible, firm, and nicely tanned breast I have ever seen.

It was perfect. From that moment on, any breast I saw would be mentally compared to this woman’s breast, and they would be found lacking. There was nothing fake about them. They were all her.

We reached the bed and I slid off her blouse and tossed it on a chair. Next came her knee length skirt. It too fell on the chair, followed by her panties and stockings. I wanted her completely naked. Once again I reminded myself of just how perfect her body was.

I fell to the bed and held out my hands. She crawled up onto the bed, and with a smile that lit her eyes, as well as her face, she straddled my head and lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. As I filled my mouth with sweet pussy, I was thinking of just how fucking lucky I was. I was eating a woman who should be a queen or a princess. She was fucking perfect. And there I was, sucking on her pussy and drinking her juices. How strange was that.

The face that looked down into mine was a vision of loveliness. As the afternoon sunlight lit her face like a madonna, she gave me that feisty, and beneficent smile that made my balls tingle. I knew I was the luckiest guy on Earth.

She tasted delicious, slightly salty, a little fishy, but sweet and aromatic. I fluttered my tongue up through the folds of her pussy and she emitted a little kitten cry that turned me on. I filled my hands with ass and licked until my tongue hurt.

With a satisfied smile on her face, she laid back against my legs. I continued to eat her luscious mound. It was small, delicate, and hairless. Absolutely perfect, just like the rest of her.

I probed her vagina with my tongue. She moaned and mashed her own tits when I tongue-fucked her. She was getting hot, real hot. I knew she was close to an orgasm. Good, I wanted her to cum on my face the first time.

She panted ever louder as my tongue flailed her clit. She hissed, reaching for my cock behind her, but she couldn’t reach it. I sucked her vagina for a moment, then resumed my attack on her clit. She squirmed for a moment, breathing harder. Suddenly she cried out several times, growing ever-louder until she clamped her mouth shut and shuddered. The veins stood out in her face as the orgasm tore through her body. I could feel her pussy clenching on my mouth as I licked her. Her thighs nearly crushed my head. She gave a few cries again, then gasped and fell back on my legs again. When I tried to continue my feast, she rolled over on her side.

This was great too. I followed her ass around and began probing it from behind. She hissed and arched her back. I could tell she was enjoying it, especially after the stimulation of a good orgasm. I enjoyed it too. It was a rock hard ass with a lightly scented asshole just made for probing. I was so horny I would have done anything. As a matter of fact, this was the first reaming I had ever given anybody. I liked it… with her.

“Oh stop, Preston,” she said, startling me. I didn’t know she knew my name. Sure, she must have read it on the contract when she signed it. “It feels glorious, but I want to take care of you,” she whispered.

She crawled around beside me on her knees. I watched her naked body move like a cat would watch a canary. She looked so damned delicious. I wished my friends could see her… no, I didn’t want to share her with anybody. I wanted her all to myself. Suddenly I stiffened and glanced down. Her absolutely incredible mouth was around my cock.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe this,” I moaned as her sweet mouth traveled slowly up and down my throbbing shaft. “You are so fucking beautiful, so damned sexy,” I gasped. She gave me a delighted smile and continued my blowjob. I couldn’t believe that a lady like this would suck my dick like a common whore. It was just too much.

“I need to make love to you now,” I gasped, feeling my balls churning. She stopped without a word and climbed over my body. Guiding my cock into her pussy with a soft, hot hand, she sighed as my cock entered her sweltering vagina and slid all the way inside her. I was worried at first, I have a very long cock. But she took it easily. I realized that I had been fucking girls, but this was a woman.

Once my cock was fully inserted, she sat for a moment, then slowly began sliding forward and back on my cock. This was perfect. It was more stimulation for her, and less for me. Anything else would have caused me to orgasm instantly. I laid back and let her control our lovemaking. She was very good at it. Her pussy was extremely wet, and so hot I could hardly stand it. I had fucked a woman with a fever once, and this woman’s pussy was similar. The heat and moisture was just incredible. Her pussy made a wet, swishing sound as it slid on my cock. Her hairless pubes felt good against my pelvis. And those breasts! How could a woman be so perfect?

I pulled her forward and took her sweet breast into my mouth. She continued her gentle ride, as I nursed on first one incredible breast, then the other. I dropped her breast and found her stunning face looking down at me. I kissed her ardently. She responded with the same sense of urgency. Her pussy felt exquisite on my cock. Her soft body felt sinfully silky smooth on my own harsh work-hardened body.

Incredibly, I heard her sharp intake of breath. She looked down at me apologetically, then began panting ever louder. In desperation I tried to lift and lower her on my cock, but it was too late.

With her back arched and head thrown back, she shuddered and cried until her orgasm abated. I sat watching in awe and disappointment.

She tipped down her beautiful face and smiled. She kissed me briefly, then pulled off my throbbing cock. I cried out in disappointment until she turned on my body and lowered her ass to my waiting cock.

“This is all for you,” she mumbled over her shoulder. I saw the look of pain cross her eyes as my huge cock penetrated her ass. She held her body still until her ass widened enough to let me in. With a hiss of pain, she drove her ass down on my cock, then squealed and paused, waiting. Just feeling her hot ass on my cock was almost enough to make my cum. But I held off through sheer will. I wanted to feel that hot anus bouncing on my cock. I wanted to feel it shooting thick cum up into her ass.

“Oh,” she said uncertainly as she began riding up and down on my cock. I watched that perfect as between my hands.

I knew my cock was filling it to the breaking point. I couldn’t believe she was doing this for me.

“Oh, I kind of like that,” she said, turning her head slightly. “It feels kind of warm inside me,” she admitted. I watched the gentle sway of that mane of blonde hair. I watched the perfectly formed rounded globes of her ass, and felt the intense heat of her ass enveloping my stiff cock. It was the best fuck of my life. Suddenly it was all too much. My balls clenched, filled with fire, and exploded. I pumped my load of hot cum into her ass and she cooed like a baby. She arched her back and leaned back against me. I inhaled the fragrance of golden hair and soft skin. I touched her body, then moved my hands to her breasts. I suddenly realized, by her movements on top of me, that her fingers were circulating in her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to gain her third orgasm. She lay panting for a moment, then pulled off my flaccid cock.

“Oh my that was good,” she smiled and kissed me. I wished that I could take the credit, but she had done all the work.

She sat looking down at me and I realized that she actually glowed, kind of like an angel. I also realized that I was about to become husband number three. I couldn’t let a woman like this get away.

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